1st Class Science Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals

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                                             Plants and animals



Plants are living things. These are of different shapes and sizes.


Type of Plants

Tree: Big plants are called trees.


Neem tree                        Mango tree


Small Plants

Herbs: Small plants which are weak are called herbs.


        Mint                              Coriander


Shrubs: Small plants which are strong are called shrubs.


    Rose                         Sunflower

Plants that "Cannot stand straight


Creepers: Plants that grow along the ground are called creepers.


       Pumpkin                             Watermelon


Climbers: Plants which climb up by taking supports of other plant, sticks or walls are called climbers.


      Money plants            pea plant

Parts of Plants


1.        Which one of the following is not a tree?

(a) Banyan tree                 (b) Mango tree

(c) Tulshi tree                     (d) Coconut tree

(e) None of these


Answer: (c)

Option (c) is the correct answer because tulsi has weak stem and small in size.



There are different types of animals in the world.

Some animals live on land as well as in water



      Crocodile                Frog               Duck


Some animals live only on land



         Cat                    Horse               Sheep


Some animals live on trees


       Monkey                   Woodpeker                         Koala


Some animals live only in water


         Octopus                       Fish                       Jellyfise



Insects are small animals


     Mosquito    Housefly         Cockroach


All the insects have six legs and some have wings which can fly.


         Butterfly         Ladybug       Dragonfly



Birds have two legs, wings and feathers Most birds can fly but same birds such as        and

Cannot fly.



Snakes, Lizards and Crocodile are reptiles. Snakes do not have legs. They can only crawl. Lizards and Crocodiles have four legs. The reptile, refers to creeping or crawling animals.

Identify the insect from the following.

(a) Spider                           (b) Milliped

(c) Centipede                   (d) Bee

(e) None of these


Answer: (d)

Option (d) is correct because it has six legs.

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