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Our Family and Neighbourhood

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  •                      A mother, father and child or children makes a family. Father and mother are called parent of the child. A family lives together in a house. Family can be big or small.
  •                       The member of the family love and care for each other. The children obey and respect their elders.
  •                      A small family consists of parents and one or two children. A small is also called nuclear family. A small family is a happy family.

  •                       A big family consist of father, mother, one or two children (i.e. brother, sister) and grandparents. A big family has many people living in one house. This type of family is also called as joint family.

  •                       A joint family has a lot of people. Parents, children, grandfather, uncle?s aunts and cousin live together in a family.
  •                       A family plays an important role in the society. Each and every family has its own customs, which all the family members follow. Our family and relative are the important part of our life. They play a vital role in physical and mental development.
  •                      Neighborhood is a place near our houses.
  •                        There are several houses in our neighbored? People who lives in those houses are called neighbored.
  •                        In our neighborhood there are many places which are useful for us post office, school, hospital etc.
  •                        Post office is a place where latters are posted. Various other kinds of facilities are gives here.

  •                        A school is a place where children learn to read and write.

  •                         A hospital is place where doctors treats the sick people.
  •                       A market is place where things are sold and various services are given.


  •                        There are various people in our surroundings who help us in different ways.
  •                        (a) Doctors\[\to \] Doctors treats people when they are ill.


  •                       Safety measures to be taken at home:

(a) We should not use sharp edged things like blades, scissors, knives etc.

(b) We should not leave things here and there on the floor.

            (c) We should not play with fire, matchstick.

(d) We should not touch electrical appliances with wet hands.

  •                    Safety measures at school:

(a) We should climb up and down the stairs carefully.

(b) No one should run in the corridors.

(c) No student should use knife in place of sharpener to sharpen pencil.

(d) Every waste should be thrown in the dustbin.

  •                     Safety rules to be followed on the road.

(a) We should follow the traffic rules.

(b) Never play near on the road.

(c) We should cross the road at zebra crossing or safe places to avoid accidents.

(d) We should walk on the left side of the road.



  •                     A habit means repetition of the same action in similar circumstances. All person have some habits, they can be good or bad habit. Habits are hard to quit.
  •                    Healthy habit can be describe as a kind of routine behavior that is beneficial to person?s mental as well as physical health. A healthy habit includes discipline and self-control.

Good habit: -   Rinsing up early in the morning.

                                    Doing exercise daily.

                                    Doing morning walk

                                    Wash hand before eating

              Brush teeth daily in the morning and before going to bed at night.    

  •                          Good habits lead to good environment and good citizens

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