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Food We Eat

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Food We Eat


Food makes us strong and healthy. It gives us energy to play and study.

Some foods help us to grow. For example, milk, egg, fish and pulses.


          Image result for milk png                Image result for eggs png





Milk                                          Egg


Some foods give us energy. For example, Chapati, rice, sugar, butter, etc.

Image result for chapati png



Some foods keep us healthy. For example, vegetables and fruits.


                                                                                                              Lady Finger                             Banana


Some of the common vegetables that we eat in our daily life are shown below:

                          Image result for tomato png              Image result for green bean png

                                                                                      Potato                                      Tomato                        Green Bean

Image result for carrot                        

     Carrot                                      Egg-Plant                     Lady Fingure


Generally we eat vegetables after cooking. But there are also some vegetables which we do not need to cook before eating.

Image result for tomato png                         

                                                                                         Tomato                        Cucumber                    Onion


Cabbage is also sometimes eaten as salad. Fruits are also eaten raw. Mango is known as the “king of fruits”.

Related image            Related image    Image result for papaya png

                                                                                               Banana                        Apple               Papaya

Related image      Image result for guava           

                                                                                             Strawberry                   Guava                         Mango


Apart from vegetables and fruits there are also some other food items which we eat or drink to fulfil our energy needs.

Image result for milk png Image result for butter png

                                                                                                                     Milk                              Better              


Image result for ghee png                 Image result for paneer png

                                                                                                              Ghee                                        Paneer


Among these, you need to boil milk to drink. Butter is eaten raw with bread and chapattis. Paneer is generally eaten after cooking.

There are some other food items that we all love to eat like pastries, chocolate, burger, etc. But we should not eat these food items on daily basis.

Image result for pastry png          Image result for patties png           Image result for ice cream png

                                                                                           Pastry                                      Petties                          Ice-Cream


Related image           Related image         Related image

                                                                                                Pizza                            Chocolate                                Chips


We generally take three meals in a day.

In the morning we take breakfast.

We take lunch in the afternoon.

And in the evening we take dinner.


Good Eating Habits

  • We should eat food regularly. Otherwise we will fall sick.
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits are good for health. So we should eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Oily and fried food is not good for health. So we should eat very less amount of such kind of food.
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water daily.
  • We should take healthy drinks like, lassi, lemonade and coconut water.
  • We should eat less sugar because too many sweets, toffees and chocolates can spoil our teeth.



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