6th Class Mathematics Understanding Elementary Shapes

  • question_answer 44) Match the following:
    (a) Cone (i)
    (b) Sphere (ii)
    (c) Cylinder (iii)
    (d) Cuboid (iv)
    (e) Pyramid (v)
    Give two new examples of each shape.


    (a) Cone A cone is a solid figure with a circular base. It has a flat surface at the base. A cone has no straight edge and its other face is curved. (b) Sphere A solid sphere has curved surface only, it has no flat surface and no straight edge. (c) Cylinder A cylinder is a solid figure, having two circular bases and a curved surface. It has no straight edge. A cylinder has two flat surfaces. (d) Cuboid A solid bounded by six rectangular plane faces is called cuboid, e.g. A box, a match box, a book, a brick. (e) Pyramid Pyramid is a solid shape with a polygonal base and having other faces as triangle meeting at a point. The matching is as under (a)\[\to \] (ii), (b)\[\to \] (iv), (c) \[\to \] (v), (d) \[\to \] (iii), (e) \[\to \] (i) Other examples are as follows: (a) Cone\[\to \] (i) An ice-cream cone (ii) A birthday cap (b) Sphere \[\to \](i) A cricket ball (ii) A tennis ball (c) Cylinder\[\to \] (i) A lawn-roller (ii) A road-roller (d) Cuboid \[\to \](i) A brick (ii) A book Pyramid \[\to \] (i) Pyramids of Egypt (ii) A diamond

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