6th Class Mathematics Understanding Elementary Shapes

  • question_answer 27) Measure and classify each angle.
    Angle Measure Type
    \[\angle AOB\]
    \[\angle AOC\]
    \[\angle BOC\]
    \[\angle DOC\]
    \[\angle DOA\]
    \[\angle DOB\]


    The measure of angle (by using the protractor) and its classification are shown as below

    Angle Measure Type
    \[\angle AOB\] \[{{40}^{o}}\] Acute angle
    \[\angle AOC\] \[{{125}^{o}}\] Obtuse angle
    \[\angle BOC\] \[{{85}^{o}}\] Acute angle
    \[\angle DOC\] \[{{95}^{o}}\] Obtuse angle
    \[\angle DOA\] \[{{140}^{o}}\] Obtuse angle
    \[\angle DOB\] \[{{180}^{o}}\] Straight angle

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