7th Class Mathematics Exponents and Power

  • question_answer 2) Express the following in exponential form: (i) \[6\times 6\times 6\times 6\]                               (ii) \[t\times t\]                                 (iii) \[b\times b\times b\times b\]                         (iv) \[5\times 5\times 7\times 7\times 7\] (v) \[2\times 2\times a\times a\]                              (vi) \[a\times a\times a\times c\times c\times c\times c\times d\]


                    (i) \[6\times 6\times 6\times 6={{6}^{4}}\]                 (ii) \[t\times t={{t}^{2}}\]                 (iii) \[b\times b\times b\times b={{b}^{4}}\]                 (iv) \[5\times 5\times 7\times 7\times 7={{5}^{2}}\times {{7}^{3}}\]                 (v) \[2\times 2\times a\times a={{2}^{2}}\times {{a}^{2}}\] (vi) \[a\times a\times a\times c\times c\times c\times c\times d={{a}^{3}}\times {{c}^{4}}\times d\]

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