12th Class Mathematics Continuity and Differentiability

  • question_answer 22) Discuss the continuity of the cosine, cosecant, secant and cotangent functions. 


    Continuity of cosine function : Let f(x) = cos x and , then                                is a continuous function.       Continuity of Cosecant Function :       Let f(x) =       Where g(x) = 1, a constant function is continuous and h(x) = sin x is continuous everywhere.        is the quotient of two continuous function.        is continuous in its domain (sin )       Continuity of secant function : Let f(x) = sec x  being quotient of a constant and cosine function, secant function is continuous in its domain.               Continuity of cotangent function : Let f(x) = cos       Since cosine and sine function are everywhere continuous, therefore being quotient of two continuous function, f is continuous (provided sin x  

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