11th Class Chemistry Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry

  • question_answer 45) In the following questions only one option is correct. Two students performed the same experiment separately and each one of them recorded two readings of mass which are given below. Correct reading of mass is 3.0 g. On the basis of given data, mark the correct option out of the following statements:
    Student Readings  
      (i) (ii)
    A 3.01 2.99
    B 3.05 2.95
      (a) Results of both the students are neither accurate nor precise. (b) Results of student A are both precise and accurate. (c) Results of student B are neither precise nor accurate. (d) Results of student B are both precise and accurate.


    (b) Results of student (A) are not only close to themselves but close to the answer hence both are precise and accurate.

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