11th Class Chemistry Redox Reactions

  • question_answer 54)   The exhibition of various oxidation states by an element is also related to the outer orbital electronic configuration of its atom. Atom(s) having which of the following outer most electronic configurations will exhibit more than one oxidation state in its compounds. (a)\[\text{3}{{\text{s}}^{\text{1}}}\]                                       (b)\[\text{3}{{\text{d}}^{\text{l}}}\text{4}{{\text{s}}^{\text{2}}}\]                           (c)\[\text{3}{{\text{d}}^{\text{2}}}\text{4}{{\text{s}}^{\text{2}}}\]                          (d)\[\text{3}{{\text{s}}^{\text{2}}}\text{3}{{\text{p}}^{\text{3}}}\]


      (c, d)\[3{{d}^{2}}4{{s}^{2}}\]® J-block element, exhibiting variable oxidation state, \[3{{s}^{2}}3{{p}^{3}}\]® Phosphorus, exhibits variable oxidation state.

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