11th Class Chemistry Redox Reactions

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    Which of the following species, do not show the disproportionation reaction and why? \[Cl{{O}^{-}},ClO_{2}^{-},ClO_{3}^{-}\]and\[ClO_{4}^{-}\] Also write reaction for each species that disproportionates.


    \[ClO_{4}^{-}\] does not disproportionate because it has chlorine in maximum oxidation state of +7, i.e., it does not show the process of oxidation. Disproportionation of other species may be given as \[\overset{+1}{\mathop{3Cl{{O}^{-}}}}\,\to \overset{-1}{\mathop{2C{{l}^{-}}}}\,+\overset{+5}{\mathop{ClO_{3}^{-}}}\,\] \[\overset{+3}{\mathop{6ClO_{2}^{-}}}\,\to \overset{+5}{\mathop{4ClO_{3}^{-}}}\,+\overset{-1}{\mathop{2C{{l}^{-}}}}\,\] \[\overset{{}}{\mathop{4ClO_{3}^{-}}}\,\to \overset{-1}{\mathop{C{{l}^{-}}}}\,+\overset{-7}{\mathop{3ClO_{4}^{-}}}\,\]  

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