11th Class Chemistry Redox Reactions

  • question_answer 45)   Thiosulphate reacts differently with iodine and bromine in the reactions given below : \[2{{S}_{2}}O_{3}^{2-}+{{I}_{2}}\to {{S}_{4}}O_{6}^{2-}+2{{I}^{-}}\] \[{{S}_{2}}O_{3}^{2-}+2B{{r}_{2}}+5{{H}_{2}}O\to 2SO_{4}^{2-}+2B{{r}^{-}}+10{{H}^{+}}\] Which of the following statements justifies the above dual behaviour of thiosulphate? (a) Bromine is a stronger oxidant than iodine. (b) Bromine is a weaker oxidant than iodine. (c) Thiosulphate undergoes oxidation by bromine and reduction by iodine in these reactions. (d) Bromine undergoes oxidation and iodine undergoes reduction in these reactions.


      (a) Bromine is stronger oxidising agent than iodine hence it gives different behaviour towards thiosulphate.

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