11th Class Chemistry Redox Reactions

  • question_answer 34) Refer to the periodic table given in your book and now answer the following questions: (a) Select the possible non-metals that can show disproportionation. (b) Select three metals that can show disproportionation reaction.


    (a) N, S, P, Cl, Br, I undergo disproportionation. (Reactions are given in text) (b) \[\text{Cu},\text{ Hg},\text{ Tl}\]undergo disproportionation \[2C{{u}^{+}}\to C{{u}^{2+}}+Cu\] \[Hg_{2}^{2+}\to H{{g}^{2+}}+Hg\] \[3Tl+T{{l}^{3+}}+2Tl\]  

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