11th Class Chemistry Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

  • question_answer 42) Predict the formulae of the stable binary compounds that would be formed by the combination of the following pairs of elements: (a) Lithium and oxygen (b) Magnesium and nitrogen (c) Aluminium and iodine (d) Silicon and oxygen (e) Phosphorus and fluorine (f) Element 71 and fluorine


    (a) \[L{{i}_{2}}O;\] Li - val 1 and O - val 2 (b) \[M{{g}_{3}}{{N}_{2}};\] Mg - val 2 and N - val 3 (c) \[Al{{I}_{3}};\] Al - val 3 and I - val 1 (d) \[Si{{O}_{2}}\]; Si - val 4 and O - val2 (e) \[P{{F}_{3}}\,\text{or}\,\text{P}{{\text{F}}_{5}}\]; P - val 3 or 5 and F - val 1 (f) \[Lu{{F}_{3}}\]; Lu - val 3 and F - val 1

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