11th Class Chemistry Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

  • question_answer 98)   Match the species in column I with bond order in column II.  
    Column I Column II
    (i)\[NO\] (a) 1.5
    (ii)\[CO\] (b) 2.0
    (iii)\[O_{2}^{-}\] (c) 2.5
    (iv) \[{{O}_{2}}\] (d) 3.0


      \[(i-c),(ii-d),(iii-a),(iv-b)\] \[NO:13\]\[KK\sigma {{(2s)}^{2}}{{\sigma }^{*}}{{(2s)}^{2}}\sigma {{(2{{p}_{z}})}^{2}}\pi {{(2{{p}_{x}})}^{2}}\]                                                 \[\pi {{(2{{p}_{y}})}^{2}}{{\pi }^{*}}{{(2{{p}_{x}})}^{1}}\] Bond order = \[\frac{8-3}{2}=2.5\] \[CO:12\]\[KK\sigma {{(2s)}^{2}}{{\sigma }^{*}}{{(2s)}^{2}}\sigma {{(2{{p}_{z}})}^{2}}\pi {{(2{{p}_{x}})}^{2}}\pi {{(2{{p}_{y}})}^{2}}\] Bond order =\[\frac{8-2}{2}=3.0\] \[{{O}_{2}}\] Bond order = 2 \[O_{2}^{-}\] Bond orders = 1.5

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