11th Class Chemistry Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

  • question_answer 83)   The energy of\[\sigma 2{{p}_{z}}\] molecular orbital is greater than \[\pi 2{{p}_{x}}\] and \[\pi 2{{p}_{y}}\] molecular orbitals in nitrogen molecule. Write complete sequence of energy levels in the increasing order of energy in the molecule. Compare the relative stability and magnetic behaviour of the following species : \[{{N}_{2}},N_{2}^{+},N_{2}^{-},N_{2}^{2+}\]                



    Species Total elect-rons Configuration Bond order Stability Magnetic nature
    \[{{N}_{2}}\] 14 \[KK\sigma {{(2s)}^{2}}{{\sigma }^{*}}{{(2s)}^{2}}\pi {{(2{{p}_{x}})}^{2}}\]\[\pi {{(2{{p}_{y}})}^{2}}\sigma {{(2{{p}_{z}})}^{2}}\] 3 Most D
    \[N_{2}^{+}\] 13 \[KK\sigma {{(2s)}^{2}}{{\sigma }^{*}}{{(2s)}^{2}}\pi {{(2{{p}_{x}})}^{2}}\]\[\pi {{(2{{p}_{y}})}^{2}}\sigma {{(2{{p}_{z}})}^{1}}\] 2.5 Less stable P
    \[N_{2}^{-}\] 15 \[KK\sigma {{(2s)}^{2}}{{\sigma }^{*}}{{(2s)}^{2}}\pi {{(2{{p}_{x}})}^{2}}\]\[\pi {{(2{{p}_{y}})}^{2}}\sigma {{(2{{p}_{z}})}^{2}}{{\pi }^{*}}{{(2{{p}_{x}})}^{1}}\] 2.5 Less stable P
    \[N_{2}^{2+}\] 12 \[KK\sigma {{(2s)}^{2}}{{\sigma }^{*}}{{(2s)}^{2}}\pi {{(2{{p}_{x}})}^{2}}\]\[\pi {{(2{{p}_{y}})}^{2}}\] 2.0 Least stable D
        D = Diamagnetic P = Paramagnetic      

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