11th Class Chemistry Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

  • question_answer 40) Compare the relative stabilities of the following species and indicate their magnetic properties \[{{O}_{2}},O_{2}^{+},O_{2}^{-}\] and \[O_{2}^{2-}\]


    For bond orders of \[{{O}_{2}},O_{2}^{+}\] and \[O_{2}^{-}\] refer to Q. 4.40 \[O_{2}^{2-}:KK\sigma {{(2s)}^{2}}\overset{*}{\mathop{\sigma }}\,{{(2s)}^{2}}\sigma {{(2{{p}_{z}})}^{2}}\pi {{(2{{p}_{x}})}^{2}}\pi {{(2{{p}_{y}})}^{2}}\] \[\overset{*}{\mathop{\pi }}\,{{(2{{p}_{x}})}^{2}}\pi {{(2{{p}_{y}})}^{2}}\] Bond order = \[\frac{8-6}{2}=1\] Stability order \[\underset{Diamagnetic}{\mathop{O_{2}^{2-}}}\,

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