11th Class Chemistry Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

  • question_answer 106)   Briefly describe the valence bond theory of covalent bond formation by taking an example of hydrogen. How can you interpret energy changes taking place in the formation of di- hydrogen?


      s-s   overlapping   (Formation   of   hydrogen molecule): Each hydrogen atom has one electron in 1s-orbital which is spherical. 1s-orbital of both the hydrogen atoms approach each other closely and when they reach a point of maximum attraction by the two nuclei, they overlap and form a sigma bond. The bond has two electrons which have opposite spins. The probability of finding these electrons is maximum in the region between the two nuclei on the molecular axis. The electron density of the bond is distributed symmetrically about the molecular axis.     Variation of potential energy of interaction between two hydrogen atoms with the inter nuclear distance may be given as :  

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