Notes for NEET Biology

Recent Notes

The formation of gametophyte from the sporophyte (without meiosis) is called [AMU 2005]
The part which is grafting on stalk of another tree is called [Haryana PMT 2005]
Carrot is micropropagate through [Haryana PMT 2005]
Stem cuttings are commonly used for the propagation of [BHU 2005]
In a type of apomixis known as adventive embryony, embryos develop directly from the [CBSE PMT 2005]
In which one pair both the plants can be vegetatively propagated by leaf pieces [CBSE PMT 2005]
One of the plants using 'Foliar adventitious buds' as method for vegetative propagation is [AIEEE 2004]
Grafting of tissue or organ between individuals of different species is called [Kerala PMT 2004]
Which of the following propagates through leaf-tip [CBSE PMT 2004]
The reason of formation of embryoid from pollen grain in a tissue culture medium is [CBSE PMT 2002]
To get haploid callus, one can culture [CBSE PMT 2001]
The development of gametophyte from the vegetative parts of the sporophyte without the intervention of spores is called [CPMT 1999; BHU 1999]
Development of embryo from the cells of the nucellus is called [BHU 1999]
The plant material which is widely used in the preparation of culture medium is [AIIMS 1998]
Formation of a sporophyte from gametophyte and vice versa is termed as [RPMT 1997]
Vegetative reproduction by layering is found in  [AFMC 1996]
Genetically identical progeny is produced when an individual [AFMC 1994]
The development of a sporophyte without fertilization from the vegetative cells of the gametophyte is called [BHU 1994; AFMC 1994, 2002; AIIMS 2001]
Reproducing new plants by cells instead of seeds is known as [MP PMT 1994]
After culturing the anther of a plant, a few diploid plants were found along with haploid plants. The diploid plants could have arisen from [AIIMS 1993]
Among the following which one is not a method of vegetative propagation [AFMC 1990]
A clone is a group of individuals obtained through [DPMT 1986]
Plants identical to mother plants can be had obtained from [CPMT 1975]
Which type of propagation is better for the plant
Juvenile and adult plants are
Nitsch was able to get strawbarries of curious shapes by
Micropropagation is
Apomixes in plant means development of a plant

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