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General Term of an H.P.

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If the H.P. be as \[\frac{1}{a},\,\frac{1}{a+d},\,\frac{1}{a+2d},\,....\] then corresponding A.P. is \[a,\,a+d,\,a+2d,\,.....\]


\[{{T}_{n}}\] of A.P. is \[a+(n-1)\,d\]


\[\therefore \] \[{{T}_{n}}\] of H.P. is \[\frac{1}{a+(n-1)\,d}\]


In order to solve the question on H.P., we should form the corresponding A.P. Thus, General term :


\[{{T}_{n}}=\frac{1}{a+(n-1)\,d}\] or \[{{T}_{n}}\text{ of H}\text{.P}\text{.}=\frac{1}{{{T}_{n}}\text{ of A}\text{.P}\text{.}}\].


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