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  • apply the knowledge of series completion and odd one out.
  • use coding decoding.
  • understand mathematical reasoning.
  • study mirror image and embedded figures.
  • use different patterns, number ranking and alphabetical tests.


Real Life Example

Beautiful patterns surround us. You can see them on trees, clouds, on bodies of water. You can even see them on plants, on animals and on our very skin. The very tips of our fingers prove just that. There is also no doubt that patterns are just as mysterious as they are beautiful. In fact, there are some patterns that are so perfect that they self – replicate.



Odd One Out

In odd one out we need to identify the odd one among the four options. Students can improve their aptitude skill by practicing the questions and answers on odd one out.

Coding – Decoding

Coding is a method of transmitting a message between the sender and the receiver that no third person can understand it. The coding and decoding one’s ability of deciphering the rule and breaking the code to decipher the message will be tested to know.

For example

‘bcd’ is coded as ‘def’ then ‘True’ is coded as ……

Answer: b – d (+2)

c – e (+2)

d – f (+2)

+2 letters are considered in this code.


Embedded Figures 

Finding common geometric shapes in a larger design this simple assessment helps in developing a sense of observation about many things around us. The Embedded figures test was developed for research, but it has now become a recognized tool for exploring analytical ability, social behaviour, body concept, preferred defense mechanism and problem solving style as well as other areas.



Patterns are all around us! Finding and understanding patterns gives us great power. With patterns we can learn to predict what will come next, discover new things and better understand the world around us. Many patterns we can see around us have Symmetry.

Other Topics

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