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There are double contractions too! For example she'd've for she would have.  



This lesson will help you to ·     

  • learn about contractions ·     
  • use correct form of contractions in your writing
  • identify the contractions  


QUICK CONCEPT REVIEW                

Contractions are words that are put together to form a smaller word. But they mean the same; the meaning of the two words does not change. In contractions an apostrophe takes place of the missing letter.

Like for example; should have is contracted to should've. The lion should have gone on a prowl can also be written as the lion should've gone on a prowl.                                


For example: I am thinking can also be written as I'm thinking.


Negative Contractions: When two words are put together to negate something, or to say no. No is contracted to ?n?t in the negative contractions. But the meaning does not change.               

For example: I will not go can also be written as I won?t go.   Negative contractions


Amazing facts

Though in most of the words when they are contracted the first word remains the same but in will not, it is not contracted to wills? the word changes to won't 

Words that ask a question are called interrogative words words. For example where, how, why, who, what.  


Interrogative contractions


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