1st Class English Words Pairs and Odd One Out Words Pairs and Odd One Out

Words Pairs and Odd One Out

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This lesson will help you to

  • Recognize word pairs.
  • Take out the odd thing out of the other similar things.  



Word Pairs

The concept of word pairs means that we form word pairs between things that go together and things that are opposite. Like bread and butter, and opposite pair of life and death. It helps a child to develop his thinking and draw connections between things. When you solve word pair puzzle, your aim should be to find a word that completes the pair. Like for example for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Action and reaction form word pairs.  



Shoes and socks

Shirt and tie

Soap and water

Pen and pencil

Give and take

Lock and key

Husband and wife

Lost and found

Man and wife

Bread and butter

In and out

Cup and saucer

Thick and thin

War and peace

Jack and Jill

Salt and pepper

First and last

Ladies and gentleman


 ODD ONE OUT              

The concept of odd one out means that the person or thing that is different from or kept apart from the others that form a group.


It helps you to develop your logical side. The way to identify the odd one out is to first, arrange the things according to their similarities. Like for example in dog, cat, rat and man. The odd one would be man as all others are animals. Or take another example in January, march Sunday and November, Sunday is the odd one as it the day of a week the rest are months of a year.

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