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*      Other Devices  


*            UPS    

UPS is an uninterrupted power supply, also called uninterruptible power source. It is an electrical apparatus us which provides emergency power to a load when the input power source, typically the utility mains, fails. UPS keeps the computer ON for sometime even after the electricity goes OFF.  




*            Computer Cables    

Computer cables are used for supplying power and commands to computers.  




  • A laptop is a personal computer which is designed for mobile use and small and lights enough to sit on a person's lap while in use.                            
  • A laptop integrates most of the typical components of a desktop computer, including a display, a keyboard, a pointing device (a touchpad, also known as a track pad, and/or a pointing stick), speakers, and often including a battery, into, a single small and light unit.     



  • A device which is used for both input and output is called I/O (Input/output device)              
  • CD ROM is a storage device                              



  • CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of the computer.
  • Devices which are used for entering data into a computer are called input devices.  
  • Devices which are used for showing the output are called output devices.
  • The storage devices help to store data in a computer. Resources on Net: http://www.wikipedia.org  


*            Abbreviations

I/O                 -          Input/output

CD ROM       -          Compact disk read only memory  

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