Study Packages for 8th Class Mathematics

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Maths Olympiad Model Test Paper-10


Urdu - Playing With Numbers
Ganit Pradarshika - Playing With Numbers
Exemplar Problems - Playing With Numbers
Ganit - Playing With Numbers
Maths - Playing With Numbers
Urdu - Introduction To Graphs
Ganit Pradarshika - Introduction To Graphs
Exemplar Problems - Introduction To Graphs


Ganit - Introduction To Graphs
Maths - Introduction To Graphs
Urdu - Factorisation
Ganit Pradarshika - Algebraic Identities And Facto...
Exemplar Problems - Algebraic Identities And Facto...
Ganit - Factorisation
Maths - Factorisation
Urdu - Direct And Inverse Proportions


Ganit Pradarshika - Direct And Inverse Proportions
Exemplar Problems - Direct And Inverse Proportions
Ganit - Direct And Inverse Proportions

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