10th Class Social Science Solved Paper - Social Science-2017 Outside Delhi Set-III

  • question_answer Analyse the role of opposition political parties in democracy.


    Opposition political parties plays an important role in democracy. They play both positive and negative roles.
                Positive Role:
    (i) They ensures that political party, in power does not, abuse or misuse its power.
    (ii) It exposes the weaknesses of ruling party.
    (iii) It keeps a close vigil on the bills and expenditure of government.
                Negative Role:
    (i) It targets the government and aims at lodging and discrediting the government for all the ills and troubles that people face.
    (ii) Through stalling the proceedings of the parliament, dharnas and gheravs, it curtails the progress of country.
    (iii) Sometimes, opposition party opposes every decision of ruling party wheather it is in the favour of the nation or not.


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