12th Class Geography Solved Paper - Geography 2017 Outside Delhi Set-I

  • question_answer Review any five measures adopted to solve the problems of Indian agriculture.


    Measures adopted to solve the problems are:
    (1) Indian agriculture is totally dependent on monsoon. The crop production in the cultivated land is directly dependent on rainfall. Excessive rainfall causes flood and less rainfall causes drought conditions. For expansion of irrigation dams, rivers and canals have played a crucial role enhancing agriculture output in country.
    (2) The yield of the crops in country is low in comparison to international level. Output of most of the crops such as rice, wheat, cotton and oil seeds in India is much lower than that of USA, Russia, Japan. Use of modern agricultural technologies such as high yield variety or seeds, chemical fertilisers, pesticides and farm -machinery are introduced in India.
    (3) The inputs of modern agriculture are very expensive for the farmers to afford- So government is supporting - them by introducing the facilities like farmer loans, machinery loans at very low interest rates.
    (4) A large number of farmers produce crops for self-consumption. These farmers do not have enough land and resources to produce more than their requirement. Government is encouraging them to use high yield seeds, fertilisers and provide it in competitive rates.
    (5) Government is purchasing crops from farmers directly now-a-days. Government has setup a minimum purchase rate for crops. This make sure that farmers are earning good money with any exploitation of other agencies.

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