12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2016 Delhi Set-III

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    India is an emerging economy, we are rich in natural resources. Yet a significant proportion of our people is living below poverty line. One cause of this poverty is our rising population.
    Write an article is 150-200 words on 'How to keep a check on population.' You are Karuna/Karan.     
    Women feel unsafe on the road, at their place of work and even at home. There is an urgent need to change the male mindset in its attitude towards women. Write an article in 150-200 words on 'How to make women feel Safe'. You are Karan/Karuna.


    HOW TO KEEP A CHECK ON POPULATION             By Karuna             An economy requires the support of its population to function smoothly. The fact remains intact that India is extremely rich in its natural resources, yet incapable of sustaining its population. We often ponder over the question. Who is responsible for the imbalance? Is it the current government? Is it the lack of facility? Or is just ignorance?             The disproportionate distribution of wealth in the country is mostly an outcome of the humongous population, hyperbolically termed as the ?Population Explosion?. The government, at regular intervals, has introduced birth control schemes and programmer, such as ?Hum Do Hamare Do Such programs have failed tremendously because of the Illiterate and religiously guided notions of the people. The only way possible to curb the population is to educate the Indian population. The beliefs and desirability of having a male child also increases the population, which can be checked by understanding that it is better to facilitate the children in a manner to empower them.             I he government can work effectively only when the population understands the fragility and the need of the moment.
    'HOW TO MAKE WOMEN FEEL SAFE'           BY: Karan/Karuna             The safety of women in the modern society is increasingly becoming a grave concern each passing day it is no longer an issue of morals but of criminalist mentality of a majority of the male sector of our society. Ensuring security of women can never be possible by restraining them to their houses. It can never be the solution. It is said, 'to solve a problem effectively and efficiently, its root needs to be targeted' and in the same way, we need to put efforts into educating out boys and quite evidently, men as well, to respect the women. Rather than teaching a girl how to live with restrictions, we should teach a boy how to respect and accept the girl's wishes. This will help to reduce the cause a lot, but in order to eradicate the problem, severe legal measures are needed to be taken. The criminals should be punished severely and the legal procedures should be shortened. Domestic violence against women should not be tolerated and programs should be set-up to support women suffering in these scenarios. The aggressors in such cases need to be adequately penalized. The women should be trained the basic self-defense at an early age. Besides taking these measures, Special Forces need to be posted at all places where crimes against women are more frequent, like tourist sites and secluded places. Special help-line numbers need to be set-up and effective and quick aid should be provided to women whenever and wherever required.

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