12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2014 Delhi Set-III

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    What were Sophie's plan for her future? Why would you call her dreams unrealistic? (100-125 words)
    What benefits did Derry reap from his association with Mr. Lamb?


    Sophie was a day dreamer although she belonged to a middle class family. She was blind to the bitter truth of life. She dreamt of an imaginary life, in which she owned a boutique full of beautiful things. She also dreamt of becoming an actress as there was a lot of money and fame in that profession. She wanted to be a fashion designer too. It can be said that she wanted to lead a lavish and grand life which was not possible. Her dreams were unrealistic in the sense that ultimately she would have to work in a biscuit factory. She only thought of impractical things. The house in which she lived was also not very good and her father was working hard to earn bread for the family. They entertained themselves by watching the united team?s matches. Thus, she wanted to achieve the impossible.
    Derry had no association with the outer world till he met Mr. Lamb. His meeting with Mr. Lamb was a turning point in his life. He learnt to live a respectful life and also appreciated Mr. Lamb?s attitude and outlook towards people and life. He realised his true worth. Mr. Lamb inspired him to face the world in spite of his disability. Derry s thinking towards people and life completely changed and he became self-confident. Mr. Lamb successfully infused in him courage and self-determination. He advised him to ignore the comments made by people on his physical impairment and enjoy beauty of life and nature. That was why Derry went back to Mr. Lamb?s garden in spite of his mother?s refusal. Now, Derry had understood the importance and true meaning of life and understanding himself better than before.

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