12th Class English Solved Paper - English - 2014 Delhi Set-III

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    You are the Physical Education Instructor of All Saints School5. You had placed an order for sports goods with Bat and Ball Enterprises. When the items arrived you found that some of them were defective. Write a letter to the Manager, Bat and Ball Enterprises, asking him to replace the defective items.
    You live in a crowded area in Mumbai. Unauthorised parking of vehicles in your area is causing a lot of inconvenience to the locals. Write a letter to the Police Commissioner of the District complaining against the practice. You are Rohan/     Rohini of Sakinaka, Mumbai.


    All Saints School,             18th December, 20XX             95 Sadar Bazar New Delhi.             The Manager,             Bat and Ball Enterprises,           Subject: Replacement of the defected Sports items             Sir,                         This is to bring to your kind notice that one month ago our school placed an order for the following sports items: 5 Bats, 10 Balls, 3 Footballs, 3 Basketballs, 5 Badminton Racquets, etc. On the arrival of the goods, it was found that some of them were defective. The handle of the bats were cracked, the net of one of the badminton racquet was loose and the stitching of the football was not properly done. Therefore, I request you to replace the defective items as soon as possible as the sports week of the school is approaching and the children are required to do the practice. I would be obliged if you kindly understand my problem and arrange for the early delivery.             Thanking You,                                                          Yours Sincerely,                                                         Atul Sharma                                                            (Physical Education Instructor)
    Sakinaka,                                                               Mumbai,                                                         24th August, 20XX                                                District Police Commissioner,             Mumbai.             Subject: Unauthorized Parking of Vehicles             Dear Sir,                         This is to draw your attention towards the problems faced due to unauthorized parking of the vehicles in our area. There is not a single day when the place is without disorder or free from trafifc jams. As it is a crowded place, there is inadequate parking space. It creates problems not only to the residents but also to the people who come to meet their relatives or for some other purpose. As it is a busy area, vehicles are parked all over in a haphazard manner. It often results in quarrel among the people who display the lack of civic sense in them also creating noise pollution. It is ?therefore5 necessary to take some action and provide the proper parking area to the residents as well as do some arrangements for the visitors too.             We all hope for an immediate action to get respite from this problem.             Thanking You             Yours Sincerely,             Rohini/Rohan (Resident, Sakinaka)

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