Solved papers for Railways R.R.C. (Mumbai) Solved Paper Held on 16-11-2014

done R.R.C. (Mumbai) Solved Paper Held on 16-11-2014

  • question_answer1) Find the odd among the following?

    1. 21
    2. 55
    3. 63
    4. 49

    A) 1

    B) 2

    C) 3

    D) 7

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  • question_answer2) In which of the following places is thermal plant located?

    A) Pune

    B) Kolkata

    C) Nairn-up

    D) Jabalpur

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  • question_answer3) First World War was started in?

    A) 1914

    B) 1917

    C) 1920

    D) 1949

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  • question_answer4) Who founded the Nalanda University?

    A) Skandagupta

    B) Ashoka

    C) Kumargupta

    D) Chandragupta II

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  • question_answer5) Find the missing term? 7, 9, 13, 21?

    A) 25

    B) 36

    C) 32

    D) 37

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  • question_answer6) Nehru Trophy belongs to which sport?

    A) Cricket

    B) Hockey

    C) Football

    D) Polo

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  • question_answer7) Which of the following rivers does not make delta?

    A) Mahanadi

    B) Godavari

    C) Tapti

    D) Cauvery

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  • question_answer8) Subhash Chandra Bose wrote a book called?

    A) India Wins Freedom

    B) Bombay Times

    C) Yugantar

    D) Indian Struggle

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  • question_answer9) Lepcha tribe is found in which state?

    A) Sikkim

    B) Manipur

    C) Nagaland

    D) Kerala

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  • question_answer10) If length, breadth and height of a box are 10 cm, 8 cm and 5 cm, the volume of box in cubic cm is?

    A) 350

    B) 400 cu. Cm

    C) 200

    D) 650

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  • question_answer11) Gyaneshwar, the famous saint was from which state?

    A) Punjab

    B) Maharashtra

    C) Kamataka

    D) Tamil Nadu

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  • question_answer12) The capital of Japan is ?

    A) Tokyo

    B) Nagasaki

    C) Osaka

    D) Yokohama

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  • question_answer13) Human Right Day is observed on.......

    A) 2nd October

    B) 4th July

    C) 4th March

    D) 10th December

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  • question_answer14) Find the odd among the following?

    1. 42 28
    2. 28 14
    3. 30 24
    4. 49 35

    A) 1

    B) 2

    C) 3

    D) 4

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  • question_answer15) Find the area of a square inscribed in a circle of radius 4 cm?

    A) 20 sqcm

    B) 42 sqcm

    C) 32 sqcm

    D) 45 sqcm

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  • question_answer16) International Labour Day is observed on?

    A) 5th June

    B) 5th September

    C) 15th January

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer17) Air Force Administrative college is at?

    A) Hyderabad

    B) Selam

    C) Coimbatore

    D) Kochi

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  • question_answer18) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award is given for the work in which field?

    A) Social Work

    B) Science and Technology

    C) Environment Protection

    D) Community Leadership

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  • question_answer19) Which of the following places is famous for fertilizer industry?

    A) Bengaluru

    B) Bhopal

    C) Jagdishpur

    D) Neyveli

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  • question_answer20) Dhanraj Pillay is related to which game?

    A) Hockey

    B) Golf

    C) Billiards

    D) Chess

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  • question_answer21) A presidential ordinance can remain in force

    A) for three months

    B) for one year

    C) for six months

    D) infinitely

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  • question_answer22) Indian football team reached up to semi-finals in Olympics in the year?

    A) 1950

    B) 1956

    C) 1974

    D) 1980

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  • question_answer23) Find the missing term in the alphabet series? B, E, H, K, N,?.

    A) Q, T

    B) Q, S

    C) P, R

    D) 0, R

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  • question_answer24) Find the missing term in the alphabet series? M, A, L, B, K, C, J, L 2.

    A) C, K

    B) D, I

    C) L, T

    D) K, D

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  • question_answer25) Which of the following soils is most common in the Northern plains?

    A) Black soil

    B) Laterite soil

    C) Alluvial soil

    D) Red soil

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  • question_answer26) Lake Victoria is in which continent?

    A) North America

    B) South America

    C) Africa

    D) Asia

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  • question_answer27) Laterite soil is suitable for which of the following crops?

    A) Cotton

    B) Tobacco

    C) Tea

    D) Wheat

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  • question_answer28) A bullock cart wheel makes 5000 revolutions in moving 11 km. Then the radius of the wheel is? (Take\[\pi =\] 22/7)

    A) 25 cm

    B) 50 cm

    C) 35 cm

    D) 45 cm

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  • question_answer29) The capital of Satavahan kingdom was at?

    A) Vidisha

    B) Mathura

    C) Paithan

    D) Halebidu

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  • question_answer30) 'Bombay Chronical' newspaper was started by?

    A) Nana Shankarsheth

    B) Dadabhai Naoroji

    C) Pherozeshah Mehta

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer31) Find the odd among the following?

    1. 10 ? 60
    2. 30 ? 90
    3. 40 ? 240
    4. 20 ? 120

    A) 1

    B) 2

    C) 3

    D) 4

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  • question_answer32) Central Sheep Breeding Farm is located at?

    A) Hissar

    B) Kamal

    C) Udaipur

    D) Ludhiana

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  • question_answer33) National Institute of Hydrology is located at?

    A) Chennai

    B) Roorkee

    C) Hyderabad

    D) Varanasi

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  • question_answer34) \[16.02\times 0.001=?\]

    A) 0-0001602

    B) 0-01602

    C) 01602

    D) 1-6021

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  • question_answer35) Due to an increase of 30% in the price of pens, 6 pens less are available for Rs. 7.80. The present rate of pens per dozen is ?

    A) 5.32

    B) 6-52

    C) 4.68

    D) 3-58

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  • question_answer36) The Vishveshvaraya Iron and Steel Ltd. is located at?

    A) Bengaluru

    B) Bhadravati

    C) Mangalore

    D) Mysore

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  • question_answer37) Which lens is used to correct Myopia?

    A) Convex

    B) Concave

    C) Plain Mirror

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer38) Which among the following is immovable bone?

    A) Ankle

    B) Skull

    C) Vertebra

    D) Hip

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  • question_answer39) Find the missing term in the alphabet series? AZY, EXW, IVU?

    A) MQR

    B) POT

    C) NLP

    D) MTS

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  • question_answer40) What is name of Father of Aurangzeb?

    A) Babar

    B) Jahangir

    C) Akbar

    D) Shah Jahan

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  • question_answer41) Ice changes to water is ...... change.

    A) physical

    B) chemical

    C) ionic

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer42) Find the odd among the following?

    1. 19
    2. 25
    3. 16
    4. 49

    A) 1

    B) 2

    C) 3

    D) 4

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  • question_answer43) The book, 'Rise of Maratha Power' was written by-

    A) R. G. Bhandarkar

    B) Krishnashastri Chiplunkar

    C) M.G.Ranade

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer44) 'Government of India Act' was passed by British Parliament in which year?

    A) 1922

    B) 1925

    C) 1935

    D) 1942

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  • question_answer45) Victoria Memorial is located at?

    A) Delhi

    B) Mumbai

    C) Kolkata

    D) Chennai

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  • question_answer46) Which of the following countries have unwritten constitution?

    A) USA

    B) England

    C) Germany

    D) India

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  • question_answer47) The component used to control the electric current is?

    A) capacitor

    B) resistor

    C) ammeter

    D) voltmeter

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  • question_answer48) The 2014 Winter Olympic was hosted by?

    A) Oslo

    B) Paris

    C) Gulmarg

    D) Sochi

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  • question_answer49) The book, 'Neel Darpan', was written by?

    A) Deenbandhu Mitra

    B) Harish Chandra Mukherjee

    C) Ishwar Chandra Vidhyasagar

    D) Devendranath Tagore

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  • question_answer50) Melghat Tiger reserve is in which state?

    A) Madhya Pradesh

    B) Kerala

    C) Bihar

    D) Maharashtra

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  • question_answer51) Who gave call for 'Evergreen Revolution' in India?

    A) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

    B) Anil Kakodkar

    C) M.S. Swaminathan

    D) M.S. Ahluwalia

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  • question_answer52) There is a certain relationship between first and second term. The same relationship exists between second set of term and missing term. Please find the missing term? AF : IK = LQ : 1

    A) TV

    B) NP

    C) RS

    D) OR

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  • question_answer53) When was the capital under British India shifted to Delhi from Calcutta?

    A) 1905

    B) 1908

    C) 1920

    D) 1911

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  • question_answer54) The taste buds at the tip of the tongue detect ?. Taste.

    A) Sour

    B) Bitter

    C) Salty

    D) Sweet

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  • question_answer55) Who among the following sports personalities is known as the Payyoli Express?

    A) Anju George

    B) K.M. Beenamol

    C) P.T.Usha

    D) Shiny Abraham

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  • question_answer56) Vardhaman Mahavira was born at?

    A) Kundalgram

    B) Pava

    C) Pavapuri

    D) None of them

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  • question_answer57) Which, among the following is not famous for oil refineries?

    A) Bombay High

    B) Barauni

    C) Koyali

    D) Kodarma

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  • question_answer58) Among the halogens, the size of the atom of...... is the maximum.

    A) iodine

    B) chlorine

    C) bromine

    D) fluorine

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  • question_answer59) National Centre of Organic Farming is located at?

    A) Ghaziabad

    B) Hyderabad

    C) Bhagalpur

    D) Vishakhapatnam

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  • question_answer60) Satyashodhak Samaj was constituted by?

    A) M.G.Ranade

    B) Lokmanya Tilak

    C) Maharshi V.R. Shinde

    D) Mahatma Phule

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  • question_answer61) In India, frequency of AC current is......Hz.

    A) 50

    B) 60

    C) 75

    D) 100

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  • question_answer62) Who has started newspaper 'Sudharak'?

    A) M.G. Ranade

    B) Gopal G. Agarkar

    C) Pandita Ramabai

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer63) Gir Forest Sanctuary is in which state?

    A) Kamataka

    B) Kerala

    C) Gujarat

    D) Rajasthan

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  • question_answer64) Sheesh Mahal is situated at?

    A) Delhi

    B) Lucknow

    C) Udaipur

    D) Agra

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  • question_answer65) Who won the Men's Singles Wimbledon Champion' ship 2014?

    A) Novak Djokovic

    B) Roger Federer

    C) Pete Sampras

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer66) Solve with analogy : Fish: Gill:: Human : ...... .

    A) Mouth

    B) Throat

    C) Lungs

    D) Heart

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  • question_answer67) Surat is situated on the bank of which river?

    A) Tapti

    B) Narmada

    C) Mahi

    D) Luni

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  • question_answer68) The rainfall required for Jowar crop is about ...... cm.

    A) 60

    B) 120

    C) 105

    D) 110

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  • question_answer69) Find the missing term? 8, 15, 28, 53,?

    A) 102

    B) 93

    C) 88

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer70) During 1980-85 which Five Year Plan was in operation?

    A) Fourth

    B) Fifth

    C) Sixth

    D) Seventh

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  • question_answer71) Which of the following places is famous for sugar industry?

    A) Cochin

    B) Champaran

    C) Bokaro

    D) Salem

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  • question_answer72) Kyoto Protocol is related to.......

    A) Environmental Protection

    B) Engine Designing

    C) Computer Programming

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer73) Harisena was the court poet and minister with?

    A) Akbar

    B) Chandragupta II

    C) Chandragupta Maurya

    D) Harshvardhana

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  • question_answer74) Shiwalik Elephant Reserve is in?

    A) Himachal Pradesh

    B) Uttarakhand

    C) Kamataka

    D) Odisha

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  • question_answer75) Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh is famous for?

    A) Woolen clothes

    B) Bangle works

    C) Silk

    D) Textile

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  • question_answer76) Find the odd among the following?

    1. 153 45
    2. 165 80
    3. 132 36
    4. 124 48

    A) I

    B) 2

    C) 3

    D) 4

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  • question_answer77) Which among the following days was declared by Jinnah as the Direct Action Day?

    A) 20th June, 1930

    B) 16th August, 1946

    C) 9th December, 1946

    D) 15th August, 1947

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  • question_answer78) Bushmen tribes are found in?

    A) Atacama Desert

    B) Gobi Desert

    C) Patagonian Desert

    D) Kalahari Desert

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  • question_answer79) Who has started the 'Republican Party' in India?

    A) Dr.B.R. Ambedkar

    B) M.A. Azad

    C) SA.Dange

    D) B.G. Tilak

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  • question_answer80) Which among the following appointments is not made by the President of India?

    A) Chief of Air Staff

    B) Chief of Army

    C) Speaker of Lok Sabha

    D) Chief Justice of India

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  • question_answer81) Who received Nobel Prize for the book 'Gitanjali'?

    A) Sarojini Naidu

    B) Yogi Arvind

    C) Rabindranath Tagore

    D) Pandit Nehru

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  • question_answer82) Which among the following is not main producer of coal?

    A) China

    B) U.S.A.

    C) India

    D) Mexico

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  • question_answer83) If income of A is 20% more than that of B, then income of B is how much per cent less than that of A?

    A) 15

    B) 16-66

    C) 18-3

    D) 19

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  • question_answer84) Pulakesin II was the king of which Dynasty?

    A) Yadava

    B) Mauryas

    C) Chalukyas

    D) Pandya

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  • question_answer85) Cryogenic Engine is used in?

    A) Boeing Aircraft

    B) Rail Engines

    C) Space Shuttle

    D) Nuclear Testing

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  • question_answer86) Megasthenes, the Greek Ambassador, was in the court of?

    A) Ashoka

    B) Bindusara

    C) Harsha

    D) Chandragupta Maurya

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  • question_answer87) Tata Hydel Power Scheme is in which state?

    A) Kamataka

    B) Kerala

    C) Assam

    D) Maharashtra

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  • question_answer88) Venus Williams is associated with which game?

    A) Lawn Tennis

    B) Badminton

    C) Running

    D) Basketball

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  • question_answer89) Atacama desert is located in which country?

    A) USA

    B) Chile

    C) Africa

    D) Australia

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  • question_answer90) An electric motor converts electrical energy into

    A) magnetic

    B) chemical

    C) mechanical

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer91) Before 15 years, a man's age is thrice of his son. At present, the age of man is twice that of his son, then find the age of son?

    A) 30

    B) 35

    C) 40

    D) 45

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  • question_answer92) Which of the following is the main source of calcium for human body?

    A) Potatoes

    B) Egg

    C) Meat

    D) Milk

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  • question_answer93) The council of Ministers does not include....

    A) Cabinet Ministers

    B) Ministers of States

    C) Ministers without Portfolio

    D) Cabinet Secretary

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  • question_answer94) The name of Kunjarani Devi is associated with?

    A) Weight Lifting

    B) Athletics

    C) Swimming

    D) Wrestling

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  • question_answer95) There is a certain relationship between first and second term. The same relationship exists between second set of term and missing term. Please find the missing term? \[FED:\text{ }MKI=PON:\underline{?}\]

    A) WVU

    B) IHG

    C) WUS

    D) MNO

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  • question_answer96) The famous woman athlete Marion Jones is from which country?

    A) USA

    B) Canada

    C) UK

    D) France

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  • question_answer97) Who among the following was called 'Sarvajanik Kaka'?

    A) M.G. Ranade

    B) BhauDajiLad

    C) R.G. Bhandarkar

    D) Ganesh Vasudev Joshi

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  • question_answer98) There is a certain relationship between first and second term. The same relationship exists between second set of term of missing term. Please find the missing term? ZXYW: USTR = PNOM?

    A) IHKJ

    B) JHKI

    C) PLTK

    D) KIJH

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  • question_answer99) Which among the following is not plantation crop?

    A) Tea

    B) Coffee

    C) Sugarcane

    D) Rubber

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  • question_answer100) The capital of Canada is?

    A) Toronto

    B) Florida

    C) Ottawa

    D) None of these

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