Solved papers for Railways R.R.C. (Gorakhpur) Solved Paper Held on 1st Shift 9-11-2014

done R.R.C. (Gorakhpur) Solved Paper Held on 1st Shift 9-11-2014

  • question_answer1) What is the normal temperature of human body in degree Celsius?

    A) \[35{}^\circ C\]

    B) \[36{}^\circ C\]

    C) \[37{}^\circ C\]

    D) \[38{}^\circ C\]

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  • question_answer2) Which type of soil is considered best for sugarcane plantation?

    A) Alluvial soil

    B) Black cotton soil

    C) Laterite soil

    D) Sugarcane flourishes well in all types of soils

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  • question_answer3) Which metal is extracted from the ore Bauxite?

    A) Iron

    B) Aluminium

    C) Copper

    D) Magnesium

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  • question_answer4) Which of the following places does not have a nuclear power plant?

    A) Rawat Bhata

    B) Naraura

    C) Korba

    D) Tarapur

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  • question_answer5) In how many zones has the Indian Railway been organized?

    A) 16

    B) 17

    C) 7

    D) 9

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  • question_answer6) Which direction is indicated by the Pole Star?

    A) North

    B) South

    C) East

    D) West

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  • question_answer7) Who among the following persons would experience the maximum heat over a period of one year?

    A) A person living at equator

    B) A person living at the tropic of cancer

    C) A person living at the tropic of capricom

    D) A perosn living at South Pole

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  • question_answer8) Nilgiri hills are a part of the?

    A) Western Gnats

    B) Eastern Ghats

    C) Himalaya

    D) Satpura range

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  • question_answer9) Between which two countries does the Palk Straight lie?

    A) India and Sri Lanka

    B) India and Maldives

    C) Sri Lanka and Maldives

    D) India and Pakistan

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  • question_answer10) Which type of forests is called evergreen forests?

    A) Tropical rain forests

    B) Tropical deciduous forests

    C) Mangrove forests

    D) All the above

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  • question_answer11) The main mineral constituents of the continental mass are?

    A) Silica and Alumina

    B) Silica and magnesium

    C) Nickel and magnesium

    D) Carbon and Hydrogen

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  • question_answer12) Granite is?

    A) An igneous rock

    B) A sedimentary rock

    C) A metamorphic rock

    D) Porous rock

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  • question_answer13) What are the main reasons for weathering of rocks?

    A) Action of heat, cold, water currents and wind

    B) Growth of vegetation

    C) Chemical reaction with the polluted air

    D) Continuous use by man and animals

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  • question_answer14) What is the reason for the earth's blue colour when seen from the sky?

    A) Scattering of light

    B) A major portion of the earth's surface being covered by water

    C) Green vegetation on the earth's surface

    D) Reflection of the colour of the sky

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  • question_answer15) Which of the following countries is the largest producer of mica in the world?

    A) India

    B) Russia

    C) Germany

    D) U.S.A.

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  • question_answer16) Which of the following does not belong to the group?

    A) Krishna

    B) Mahanadi

    C) Godavari

    D) Nile

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  • question_answer17) Which of the following places has a Tidal Power Plant?

    A) Mumbai

    B) Gulf of Kachchha

    C) Goa

    D) West Bengal

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  • question_answer18) Where is the highest peak Mount Everest situated?

    A) India

    B) Nepal

    C) Bhutan

    D) China

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  • question_answer19) Which of the following was a 'Silsila' of Sufi tradition?

    A) Shah

    B) Khwaza

    C) Suhrawardi

    D) Aulia

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  • question_answer20) Why does a river disappear in a bhabar?

    A) It freezes in the bhabar region because of low temperature

    B) It dries up in the bhabar region

    C) It joins bigger rivers in the bhabar region

    D) It flows beneath of pebbles

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  • question_answer21) In the year 1956 what was the basis of reorganization of the country into various states?

    A) Language spoken by the majority in the region

    B) Caste of the majority of the people

    C) Natural resources like land, rivers and minerals

    D) Degree of industrial development of the region

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  • question_answer22) Who is the supreme commander of the Indian Armed Forces?

    A) The President of India

    B) The Prime Minister of India

    C) The Defence Minister of India

    D) The senior most of the Army, Navy and Air Force Chiefs

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  • question_answer23) To which country does the famous girl Malala belong?

    A) India

    B) Pakistan

    C) Afghanistan

    D) UAE

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  • question_answer24) How can a judge of High Court be removed?

    A) By an order of the President

    B) By an order of the Supreme Court of India

    C) By a bench of three judges of the Supreme Court

    D) By impeachment

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  • question_answer25) What is "Dot Bharat"?

    A) A group of IT professionals working in India

    B) A group of IT professionals working abroad

    C) A recently launched domain to provide content in regional languages

    D) A recently launched domain to provide content in Hindi

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  • question_answer26) Who was elected the Speaker of the Lok Sabha in June 2014?

    A) Mira Kumar

    B) Sumitra Mahajan

    C) Smriti Irani

    D) Hamid Karjai

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  • question_answer27) Who is the first Chief Minister of Telangana?

    A) Chandra Babu Naidu

    B) E.S.L. Narsimhan

    C) Chandrashekhar Rao

    D) T.Rajaiah

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  • question_answer28) To which position is US Secretary of State analogous?

    A) Minister of State

    B) Home Minister

    C) External Affairs Minister

    D) Prime Minister

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  • question_answer29) In which state is the famous sport of boat race held?

    A) Tamil Nadu

    B) Kerala

    C) Andhra Pradesh

    D) Karnataka

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  • question_answer30) Which of the following makes a real image?

    A) Concave mirror

    B) Convex mirror

    C) Concave lens

    D) Plain mirror

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  • question_answer31) What is altimeter used for?

    A) Measuring height

    B) Measuring angle

    C) Measuring humidity

    D) Measuring pressure

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  • question_answer32) What will be the next number in the series 12, 18, 30, 48,.....?

    A) 54

    B) 59

    C) 78

    D) 84

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  • question_answer33) If 4=B, 16=D, 81=I, what will 49 be equal to?

    A) E

    B) F

    C) G

    D) H

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  • question_answer34) Clothes dry faster in winter season because

    A) Evaporation is faster at lower temperatures

    B) Atmospheric pressure is lower in winters

    C) Clothes absorb lesser water at lower temperatures

    D) Humidity is lower in winters

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  • question_answer35) In which of the following groups, all the quantities are scalar?

    A) Energy, Time, Mass

    B) Weight, Velocity, Heat

    C) Temperature, Impulse, Momentum

    D) Length, Temperature, Force

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  • question_answer36) Normal hearing range of a human being is?

    A) 0 to 20 Hertz

    B) 20 to 200 Hertz

    C) 20 to 2000 Hertz

    D) 20 to 20000 Hertz

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  • question_answer37) Which of the following is not used in plan: photosynthesis?

    A) Oxygen

    B) Carbon dioxide

    C) Sunlight

    D) Water

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  • question_answer38) Which of the following is only a Nitrogenoia fertilizer?

    A) Urea

    B) Ammonium Phosphate

    C) Nitrous oxide

    D) Calcium Chloride

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  • question_answer39) Which of the following has a sour taste?

    A) Bases

    B) Salts

    C) Acids

    D) Substance having chlorine

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  • question_answer40) What is acid rain?

    A) Splashing of acidic water when acids as diluted

    B) Rain of acidic water due to pollution

    C) Pouring acid on chemicals for causing reaction

    D) Formation of acidic drops in the bottles half filled with acids

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  • question_answer41) Kuchipudi is a classical dance form of?

    A) Uttar Pradesh

    B) Kerala

    C) Tamil Nadu

    D) Andhra Pradesh

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  • question_answer42) Where was the capital of the Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh?

    A) Amritsar

    B) Patiala

    C) Lahore

    D) Rawalpindi

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  • question_answer43) What was a Khanquah in medieval India?

    A) The tomb of Sufi saints

    B) The place of worship and preaching of Sufi saints

    C) Serai built for the benefit of travellers

    D) The place from which Mughal rulers ruled

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  • question_answer44) Who is accredited with discovering the sea route to India?

    A) Columbus

    B) Vasco da Gama

    C) Marco Polo

    D) Maglain

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  • question_answer45) Which Mughal emperor issued a 'firman' for the first time granting East India Company the right to trade duty free?

    A) Shah Jahan

    B) Aurangzeb

    C) Farrukhshiar

    D) Bahadur Shah Zafar

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  • question_answer46) In which of the battles did the East India Company defeat Tipu Sultan?

    A) First

    B) Second

    C) Third

    D) Fourth

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  • question_answer47) Where did the East India Company send Nawab of Awadh after its annexation?

    A) Bithur

    B) Mandalay

    C) Rangoon

    D) Kolkata

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  • question_answer48) What is 'Bigha?

    A) A variety of Indian Cheetah

    B) A unit of land measurement

    C) A coastal place in West Bengal

    D) A unit of weight measurement

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  • question_answer49) Who were considered 'Dikus' by the Munda tribe of Chhotanagpur during the British period?

    A) British officers

    B) Zamindars

    C) Cultivators

    D) Those from outside "the tribal system

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  • question_answer50) Which of the following Governor Generals decided in 1856 that Bahadur Shah Jafar would be the last Mughal King and his descendents would not be recognised as kings?

    A) Lord Curzon

    B) Lord Hastings

    C) Lord Canning

    D) Lord Dalhousie

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  • question_answer51) Who was the last Mughal emperor?

    A) Akbar

    B) Farrukhsiyar

    C) Bahadur Shah Jafar

    D) Aurangzeb

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  • question_answer52) What did Nana Saheb want from the East India Company which the later refused?

    A) He demanded vacation of his territory by the British

    B) He demanded autonomy for his territory

    C) He demanded that he be given the pension of Peshwa Baji Rao-II

    D) He demanded that all the annexed states be reinstated

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  • question_answer53) Where was the last Mughal Emperor exited?

    A) Calcutta

    B) Burma

    C) Andaman

    D) Sri Lanka

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  • question_answer54) What is Tant?

    A) A cloth prepared in West Bengal

    B) A medicine prepared from shrubs

    C) A flowering plant

    D) A citrus fruit

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  • question_answer55) Who was the founder of the Brahmo Samaj?

    A) Lala Lajpat Rai

    B) Raja Ram Mohan Roy

    C) Lord William Bentinck

    D) Rabindra Nath Tagore

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  • question_answer56) What is the sum of the values of x in the following equation? \[{{x}^{2}}+x-30=0\]

    A) \[-1\]

    B) 1

    C) 29

    D) 0

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  • question_answer57) Which of the following cannot be the sides of a triangle?

    A) 72 m, 36 m, 112 m

    B) 67 m, 45 m, 43 m

    C) 65 m, 32 m, 48 m

    D) 63 m, 45 m, 37 m

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  • question_answer58) If a shopkeeper sells a mobile phone at Rs. 5, 400 after making a profit of 20%, what will be the price of the mobile phone if he takes a profit of 10% only?

    A) Rs. 4,950

    B) Rs. 4,860

    C) Rs. 4,752

    D) Rs. 5,000

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  • question_answer59) An item was sold at Rs. 5,500 after making a loss of 20%. What would have been the sale price if a profit of 10% has been made on the sale?

    A) Rs. 7, 562-50

    B) Rs. 7, 150

    C) Rs. 6, 050

    D) Rs. 7, 050-50

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  • question_answer60) If the angle of a triangle are x, 2x and 3x the value of x is?

    A) 30

    B) 60

    C) 45

    D) 6

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  • question_answer61) The early man shaped stone tools using?

    A) Stones

    B) Wood

    C) Iron

    D) Copper

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  • question_answer62) What was the purpose of the construction of the pyramids?

    A) For burial of the bodies of the dead kings

    B) For storing grains

    C) For worship of the Sun God

    D) To act as shelters during the battles

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  • question_answer63) Magadha kingdom of the past roughly corresponds to?

    A) Modem day Bihar

    B) Modem day Punjab

    C) Western Uttar Pradesh

    D) Northern part of Haryana

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  • question_answer64) Vajji Sangha was ruled by?

    A) A parliament comprising of a large number of Rajas

    B) A single ruler

    C) The high priest

    D) Buddhist monks

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  • question_answer65) Lord Buddha taught his preachings in the language of the ordinary people. What was it?

    A) Prakrit

    B) Brahmi

    C) Sanskrit

    D) Pali

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  • question_answer66) Which of the ancient Indian Emperors fought and won the famous Kalinga war?

    A) Ashoka

    B) Chandragupta Maurya

    C) Bindusara

    D) Bimbisara

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  • question_answer67) Why were the cities of Nalanda and Taxila famous in the ancient India?

    A) They had great universities

    B) They had stragetic importance

    C) They were considered sacred cities

    D) They produced finest quality silk

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  • question_answer68) Who was the father of legendary king Bharata on whose name our country is named?

    A) Dushyanta

    B) Raghu

    C) Bhagiratha

    D) Shantanu

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  • question_answer69) What is a khaap?

    A) A court set up as per the constitution of India

    B) Courts set up by village Panchayats

    C) A caste based informal court

    D) A court set up under Panchayati Raj system

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  • question_answer70) Which of the following is the writer of the historical account named Kitab Al Hind?

    A) Akbar

    B) Al Beruni

    C) Babur

    D) Humayun

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  • question_answer71) Which of the following empires had the system selecting administrators through examinations?

    A) Mauryan Empire

    B) Gupta Empire

    C) Vajji Sangha

    D) Tang Empire of China

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  • question_answer72) Raziya who was the woman Sultan, was daughter of-

    A) Iltutmish

    B) Allauddin Khiiji

    C) Bahlol Lodhi

    D) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

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  • question_answer73) Who became Prime Minister of India just after Jawahar Lal Nehru?

    A) Chaudhary Charan Singh

    B) Lal Bahadur Shastri

    C) Indira Gandhi

    D) Morarji Desai

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  • question_answer74) What were the Knights in the ancient Europe?

    A) Initially warriors who later became nobles

    B) Initially nobles who later became warriors

    C) Initially priests who later became warriors

    D) Initially priests who later became nobles

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  • question_answer75) Which of the following Mughal emperors succeeos to the throne of Farghana at the age of 12 years?

    A) Akbar

    B) Babur

    C) Human

    D) Aurangzeb

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  • question_answer76) Which of the following emperors was called Salim Before his ascendency to the throne?

    A) Akbar

    B) Jahangir

    C) Shah Jahan

    D) Bahadur Shah Zafar

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  • question_answer77) Which of the following Mughal Emperor's not rebel against him?

    A) Shah Jahan

    B) Jahangir

    C) Akbar

    D) Humayun

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  • question_answer78) Who was the writer of Akbar Nama?

    A) Amir Khusro

    B) Birbal

    C) Abul FazI

    D) Todar Mal

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  • question_answer79) Where is Nizamuddin Aulia's Dargah situated?

    A) Delhi

    B) Ajmer

    C) Bareilly

    D) Agra

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  • question_answer80) Where is the famous Gurudwara 'Hermana situated?

    A) Patna

    B) Amritsar

    C) Ludhiana

    D) Lahore

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  • question_answer81) What will be the value in radians of \[1{}^\circ \] angle?

    A) \[\pi \]

    B) \[\frac{\pi }{90}\]

    C) \[\frac{\pi }{180}\]

    D) \[\frac{\pi }{360}\]

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  • question_answer82) Find the square root of 5929?

    A) 63

    B) 73

    C) 77

    D) 67

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  • question_answer83) Average of 20 numbers is 54. If one of the numbers is 54, what will be the average if it is taken out?

    A) 54

    B) 56.84

    C) 19.5

    D) 37

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  • question_answer84) The limiting value of \[\frac{(sin\,\,x)}{x}\] when x tends to O is

    A) \[\infty \]

    B) \[0\]

    C) \[-1\]

    D) \[1\]

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  • question_answer85) What can be a possible equivalent of \[\frac{(a{{x}^{3}}+b{{x}^{2}}-cx+d)}{(x+e)}\]

    A) \[f{{x}^{3}}+g{{x}^{2}}-hx+i\]

    B) \[f{{x}^{2}}+gx+h\]

    C) \[fx+g\]

    D) \[f\]

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  • question_answer86) A pipe discharging at 10 L/s can fill a tank in two hours. If the tank has a hole at mid-height which leaks at 5 L/s, how long will it take to fill the tank?

    A) 2.5 Hours

    B) 3 Hours

    C) 3.5 Hours

    D) 4 Hours

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  • question_answer87) A person runs for 5 km with a speed of 10 kmph and 10 km with a speed of 20 kmph. What is his average speed?

    A) 6 kmph

    B) 15 kmph

    C) 8 kmph

    D) 8-5 kmph

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  • question_answer88) If 2y+9=4, what is the value of y?

    A) 2.5

    B) \[-2.5\]

    C) 2

    D) \[-2\]

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  • question_answer89) How much is 234 square meter?

    A) 23400 square cm

    B) 2340000 square cm

    C) 23400000 square cm

    D) 234000 square cm

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  • question_answer90) Convert \[\frac{5}{4}\]into percentage?

    A) 25%

    B) 50%

    C) 125%

    D) 75%

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  • question_answer91) Convert\[\frac{3}{40}\]to percentage?

    A) 3.4%

    B) 7.5%

    C) 37%

    D) 3%

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  • question_answer92) Convert 3 : 1 to percentage?

    A) 30%

    B) 300%

    C) 3%

    D) 70%

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  • question_answer93) A shopkeeper sells an item at Rs. 540 and makes a profit of 20%. What was cost price?

    A) Rs. 432

    B) Rs. 450

    C) Rs. 500

    D) Rs. 440

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  • question_answer94) What is the length of the third side of the triangle if the length of the other side is 8 cm and the hypotenuse is 10 cm?

    A) 4 cm

    B) 6 cm

    C) 9 cm

    D) 8 cm

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  • question_answer95) The distance between the parallel boundaries of a trapezoidal field is 20 m. If the parallel boundaries are 50 m and 70 m respectively, what is the area of

    A) 2400 square metre

    B) 7000 square metre

    C) 3500 square metre

    D) 1200 square metre

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  • question_answer96) What will be the radius of two biggest equal size circles cut out from a circle of radius 10m?

    A) 5 m

    B) 2.5 m

    C) 1.25 m

    D) 10 m

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  • question_answer97) If the length, width and height of a room are increased 10%, 20% and 30% respectively, how much will its volume increase?

    A) 60%

    B) 71.6%

    C) 66.66%

    D) 30%

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  • question_answer98) If the area of a circle is increased 16 times, how much will its circumference increase?

    A) 16 times

    B) 8 times

    C) 4 times

    D) 2 times

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  • question_answer99) What is the fourth number of the series 11,18, 27, ... ?

    A) 38

    B) 36

    C) 34

    D) 32

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  • question_answer100) If the cube of a number is divided by its square and the quotient is subtracted from the number, the result is?

    A) That number

    B) Zero

    C) \[\frac{3}{2}\]of the number

    D) \[\frac{2}{3}\]of the number

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