Solved papers for Railways R.R.C. (Chennai) Solved Paper Held on 17-11-2013

done R.R.C. (Chennai) Solved Paper Held on 17-11-2013

  • question_answer1) Which of the following does not have tea estates?

    A) Ooty

    B) Munnar

    C) Udipi

    D) Darjeeling

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  • question_answer2) Which one of the following metals is radioactive?

    A) Gold

    B) Aluminium

    C) Copper

    D) Uranium

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  • question_answer3) Ranbir has 36 pens. He gives 15 pens to Akshay and 11 to Ajay. What fraction of the original 36 pens does Ranbir have?

    A) \[\frac{5}{18}\]

    B) \[\frac{7}{36}\]

    C) \[\frac{3}{26}\]

    D) \[\frac{5}{26}\]

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  • question_answer4) Which State has the lowest per capita income in India?

    A) Maharashtra

    B) Odisha

    C) Punjab

    D) Gujarat

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  • question_answer5) Who was Michaelangelo?

    A) Great Actor

    B) Great Historian

    C) Great Sculptor

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer6) A man has 350 watches. He sells 'w' watches everyday. What is the algebraic expression to show the number of watches he will be left with after weeks?

    A) \[350-tw\]

    B) \[350-7tw\]

    C) \[350-(r+w)\]

    D) \[350-(t-w)\]

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  • question_answer7) The States Reorganization Commission was appointed in?

    A) 1952

    B) 1953

    C) 1954

    D) 1951

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  • question_answer8) Mrs. Junko Tabei, the first-ever woman to climb Mount Everest, belongs to?

    A) China

    B) Japan

    C) Germany

    D) India

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  • question_answer9) The ratio of the length of a school ground to its width is 5 : 2. If the width is 40 metres, then the length is?

    A) \[120\,\,m\]

    B) \[100\,\,m\]

    C) \[100\,\,m\]

    D) \[60\,\,m\]

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  • question_answer10) Stem cutting are commonly used for re-growing?

    A) Cotton

    B) Banana

    C) Jute

    D) Sugar Cane

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  • question_answer11) Erosion of soil by a river mainly depends upon?

    A) It's depth

    B) It's length

    C) The speed at which it flows

    D) It's width

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  • question_answer12) Which of the following equations does not have a 5 as its solution?

    A) \[6a9=21\]

    B) a + 12 =17

    C) 5a = 35

    D) \[2a-(-3)=13\]

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  • question_answer13) To which of the following types does the natural vegetation of the Western Ghats belong?

    A) Alpine

    B) Deciduous

    C) Evergreen

    D) Mangrove

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  • question_answer14) A mogul of the Microsoft Corporation, one of the world's richest private individual with billions of dollars is?

    A) Bill Gates

    B) Gudjoe Harrison

    C) Humed-al-Thani

    D) Premji

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  • question_answer15) In the evergreen movie 'Sholay', the villain of the movie was?

    A) Pran

    B) Danny

    C) Kader Khan

    D) Amjad Khan

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  • question_answer16) 9, 89, 999 is the predecessor of which of the following numbers?

    A) 100000

    B) 1000000

    C) 980000

    D) 990000

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  • question_answer17) What is the symbol to represent justice?

    A) Ashoka Chakra

    B) White Charkha

    C) Balanced scale held by person with covered eyes

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer18) National Flower of India is?

    A) Lily

    B) Lotus

    C) Rose

    D) Jasmine

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  • question_answer19) 12 balls cost Rs. 15. How many can be brought for Rs. 20 ?

    A) 15 balls

    B) 16 balls

    C) 17 balls

    D) 18 balls

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  • question_answer20) Bodies appear ......... when immersed in a liquid.

    A) increased

    B) same

    C) lighter

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer21) Who wrote the book 'Discovery of India'?

    A) Govind Ballabh Pant

    B) Madan Mohan Malviya

    C) Mahatma Gandhi

    D) Jawaharial Nehru

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  • question_answer22) Write as a decimal 41 km 9 m?

    A) 41.9 km

    B) 41.09 km

    C) 41.009 km

    D) 419 km

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  • question_answer23) Any information that a user enters into a computer is called?

    A) input

    B) output

    C) modem

    D) virus

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  • question_answer24) The ability to see, the nearer objects clearly and inability to see distant objects clearly, is known as?

    A) cataract

    B) short sight

    C) long sight

    D) Hypermetropia

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  • question_answer25) Rath Yatra is a major festival in the temple at?

    A) Dwarka

    B) Ayodhya

    C) Puri

    D) Varanasi

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  • question_answer26) A student has 60% chance of passing in English and 54% chance of passing in both English and Maths. What is the percentage probability that he will fail in maths?

    A) 12

    B) 36

    C) 4

    D) 10

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  • question_answer27) Which one of the following is not a landlocked Country?

    A) Afghanistan

    B) Nepal

    C) Bhutan

    D) Thailand

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  • question_answer28) How many zeros will be there in 17 crore?

    A) 5 zeros

    B) 6 zeros

    C) 7 zeros

    D) 8 zeros

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  • question_answer29) Very small objects like virus are seen using?

    A) Electron Microscope

    B) Telescope

    C) ECG

    D) Periscope

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  • question_answer30) The ratio of the ages of A and B is 3 : 5. After 6 years, the ratio of their ages will be 2 : 3. The present age of A is?

    A) 18 years

    B) 20 years

    C) 24 years

    D) 28 years

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  • question_answer31) The Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee is normally?

    A) The Prime Minister

    B) The Speaker

    C) Leader of the Opposition Party

    D) Finance Minister

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  • question_answer32) In a book shop, \[\frac{5}{12}\]are males. Write the ratio of males and females in the shop?

    A) 5 : 12

    B) 12 : 5

    C) 5 : 7

    D) 17 : 12

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  • question_answer33) Who is generally considered to be the Father of Renaissance?

    A) Rabindranath Tagore

    B) Raja Rammohan Roy

    C) Jayaprakash Narayan

    D) Ambalal Sarabahai

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  • question_answer34) The present President of USA is?

    A) George Bush Junior

    B) Bill Clinton

    C) Obama

    D) Jimmy Carter

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  • question_answer35) The number of shoes made in a factory was 2543163. Of these 1643078 were sold. How many were not sold?

    A) 900805

    B) 900085

    C) 9000085

    D) 908005

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  • question_answer36) India's permanent Research Station, Dakshin Gangotri, is situated in the?

    A) Great Himalayas

    B) Indian Ocean

    C) Antarctica

    D) Arabian Sea

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  • question_answer37) The principal organ concerned in the loss of heat from the body is?

    A) skin

    B) heart

    C) liver

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer38) Nirvana is associated with?

    A) Buddhism

    B) Jainism

    C) Both Buddhism & Jainism

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer39) Which one of the following is Predator?

    A) Lion

    B) Peacock

    C) Squirell

    D) Hen

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  • question_answer40) The number of alveoli in human lung is?

    A) 300 million

    B) 100 million

    C) 200 million

    D) 800 million

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  • question_answer41) Noise pollution is measured in the unit called?

    A) micron

    B) nautical miles

    C) ohms

    D) decibel

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  • question_answer42) Who was the first Indian to make a movie?

    A) Dhundiraj Govind Phaike

    B) S.S. Vasan

    C) Ardeshir Irani

    D) V. Shantaram

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  • question_answer43) What is Muta-marriage?

    A) Temporary marriage

    B) Old man's marriage with a young girl

    C) Old woman's marriage with a young man

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer44) If a man can eat 98 chapaties of 6 inches diameter. how many chapaties of 42 inches diameter can be eat?

    A) 2

    B) 4

    C) 6

    D) 8

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  • question_answer45) Raja Ravi Verma was a great?

    A) Emperor

    B) Painter

    C) Philosopher

    D) Writer

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  • question_answer46) The value of absolute zero is?

    A) \[273{}^\circ C\]

    B) \[0{}^\circ C\]

    C) \[-273{}^\circ C\]

    D) \[100{}^\circ C\]

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  • question_answer47) The largest State in terms of area in India is?

    A) Kerala

    B) Rajasthan

    C) Goa

    D) Himachal Pradesh

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  • question_answer48) Which region of the earth's surface receives the highest amount of insolation?

    A) Land masses

    B) Polar region

    C) Equatorial region

    D) Tropical deserts

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  • question_answer49) Alla-Rakha is a famous?

    A) Painter

    B) Sitarist

    C) Tabia player

    D) Sarod player

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  • question_answer50) Bull taming is associated with which place?

    A) Alang

    B) Alanganallur

    C) Along

    D) Almora

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  • question_answer51) The ratio of 18 kg to 72 kg is?

    A) 6 : 24

    B) 1 : 4

    C) 3 : 12

    D) 2:8

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  • question_answer52) Longest sea-beach in India is in?

    A) Mangalore

    B) Mumbai

    C) Cochin

    D) Chennai

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  • question_answer53) My grandfather's age is 7 less than 5 times of my age, my age is x, then grandfather's age will be?

    A) \[5x-7\]

    B) \[5x+7\]

    C) \[5x\times 7\]

    D) \[\frac{5x}{7}\]

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  • question_answer54) The sacred book of the Sikhs is?

    A) Guru Granth Sahib

    B) Toral

    C) Zend Avesta

    D) Koran

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  • question_answer55) Who holds the power of Judicial Review in India?

    A) The President

    B) The Prime Minister

    C) Surpeme Court

    D) The Parliament

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  • question_answer56) The highest grossing hindi movie is?

    A) 3 idiots

    B) Dabbang

    C) Chennai Express

    D) Taare Zameen Par

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  • question_answer57) The cotton plant is highly sensitive to frost. How many frost-free days does it require to mature?

    A) 100 days

    B) 200 days

    C) 300 days

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer58) 'Mein Kampf (My Struggle) book is the autobiography of which dictator?

    A) Pol Pot

    B) IdiAmin

    C) Adolf Hitler

    D) Joseph Stalin

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  • question_answer59) What is common in sunflower, coconut and groundnut?

    A) Their fruits are edible

    B) Their seeds are edible

    C) These are rich source of fibre

    D) These provide edible oils

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  • question_answer60) The sum of two integers is 45. If one of them is ? 23, then the other is?

    A) 22

    B) -22

    C) 68

    D) 44

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  • question_answer61) Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks causes damage to the?

    A) Kidney

    B) Heart

    C) Lungs

    D) Liver

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  • question_answer62) When 0-13 is subtracted from 1, we get?

    A) 0.087

    B) 0.87

    C) 0.0087

    D) 1.13

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  • question_answer63) Who among the following led Vaikom Satyagraha in 1924?

    A) Narayana Guru

    B) Kumaran Asan

    C) K. P. Kesava Menon

    D) E. V. Ramaswami Naicker

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  • question_answer64) What is the full form of 'KYC' as used in banking world?

    A) Keep Your Credibility

    B) Know Your Credibility

    C) Know Your Clients

    D) Know Your Customer

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  • question_answer65) What will be the length of the diagonal of that square plot whose area is equal to the area of rectangular plot of length 45 metres and breadth 40 metres?

    A) 42-5 Metres

    B) 60 Metres

    C) 1800 Metres

    D) 80 Metres

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  • question_answer66) The important cause of Civil War in America was?

    A) Abolition of Slavery

    B) Quest of Freedom

    C) Industrialization

    D) Rebellion by the native Americans

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  • question_answer67) As an export item of India, which spice occupies the top position in value?

    A) Pepper

    B) Chillies

    C) Turmeric

    D) Cardamom

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  • question_answer68) Area of which figure is length x breadth?

    A) Square

    B) Rectangle

    C) Triangle

    D) Trapezium

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  • question_answer69) Kabir, A Muslim weaver believed in one of the tenets of Hinduism called?

    A) Bhakti

    B) Jnana

    C) Yoga

    D) Sanyasa

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  • question_answer70) A carpenter cuts a 13 m long board into length \[1\frac{3}{4}\]m,\[2\frac{2}{3}\]m,\[3\frac{1}{6}\]and\[4\frac{1}{2}\]m. How much board will be remaining after cutting the pieces?

    A) \[\frac{11}{12}m\]

    B) 1 m

    C) 2 m

    D) 3 m

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  • question_answer71) Who has not been the Speaker of the Lok Sabha ever?

    A) Somnath Chatterjee

    B) P.A. Sangma

    C) Meira Kumar

    D) Sushma Swaraj

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  • question_answer72) Find which of the following number is exactly divisible by 2, 3, and 5?

    A) 185

    B) 5875

    C) 3540

    D) 709

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  • question_answer73) Pancha Pandava Rathas at Mamallapuram was built by-

    A) Pallavas

    B) Cholas

    C) Pandyans

    D) Nandas

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  • question_answer74) Who authored Tamil epic 'Silappadikaram'?

    A) Tiruvalluvar

    B) Ilango

    C) Agadyar

    D) Sattanar

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  • question_answer75) In 5 minutes, Sakshi can prepare 12 letters for mailing. At the same rate, how long will it take her to mail 192 letters?

    A) 90 minutes

    B) 80 minutes

    C) 70 minutes

    D) 60 minutes

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  • question_answer76) Who was the founder of the 'Ramakrishaa Mission'?

    A) Ramakrishna Paramahansa

    B) Swami Vivekananda

    C) Swami Dayananda

    D) Aurobindo

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  • question_answer77) Who presides over a joint sitting of the two Houses of the Union Parliament?

    A) President

    B) Vice-President

    C) Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

    D) Speaker of the Lok Sabha

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  • question_answer78) Find the value of \[2ab+c,\]when a=1, b=2 and \[c=-\text{ }1\]

    A) 0

    B) \[-1\]

    C) 2

    D) 3

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  • question_answer79) M. T. Vasudevan Nair is a renowned?

    A) Painter

    B) Scientist

    C) Writer

    D) Sportsman

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  • question_answer80) Where is the Gir National Park located?

    A) Maharashtra

    B) Madhya Pradesh

    C) Uttarakhand

    D) Gujarat

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  • question_answer81) If perimeter of triangle is 18 cm and any two sides are of length 5 cm and 7 cm, then length of third side will be?

    A) 5

    B) 6

    C) 7

    D) 8

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  • question_answer82) The amount of blood received by the kidney per minute is about?

    A) 1500 ml

    B) 1300 ml

    C) 1200 ml

    D) 1600 ml

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  • question_answer83) In diesel engines, ignition takes place by?

    A) compression

    B) electric spark

    C) dynamo

    D) battery

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  • question_answer84) Pandit Ravi Shankar, the great musician played?

    A) Guitar

    B) Sitar

    C) Sarod

    D) Tabia

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  • question_answer85) Which is the odd man out of the following?

    A) Rajnikanth

    B) MohanLal

    C) Amitabh Bachchan

    D) Sachin Tendulkar

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  • question_answer86) All of the following are subsidiaries of the State Bank of India except?

    A) Central Bank of India

    B) State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur

    C) State Bank of Hyderabad

    D) State Bank of Patiala

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  • question_answer87) The Indian Constitution is regarded as?

    A) Federal

    B) Unitary

    C) Parliamentary

    D) Federal in Form and Unitary is Spirit

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  • question_answer88) Which of the following crops helps in nitrogen fixation?

    A) Rice

    B) Wheat

    C) Beans

    D) Maize

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  • question_answer89) If x=5, y=2, then the value of\[({{x}^{y}}+{{y}^{x}})\]is?

    A) 75

    B) 76

    C) 57

    D) 56

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  • question_answer90) Deforestation results in which of the following?

    A) Drought

    B) Floods

    C) Soil erosion

    D) All of these

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  • question_answer91) Tipu Sultan was the ruler of?

    A) Hyderabad

    B) Madurai

    C) Mysore

    D) Vijayanagar

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  • question_answer92) Three tens and six tenths in decimal form is given by-

    A) 30.06

    B) 30.6

    C) 3.06

    D) 3.006

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  • question_answer93) Echoes are produced due to?

    A) Reflection of sound

    B) Refraction of sound

    C) Diffraction of sound

    D) Polarization of sound

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  • question_answer94) One hectare is eqal to?

    A) 10,000 m

    B) 10,000 sq.m

    C) 100 sq.m

    D) 1000 sq.m

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  • question_answer95) The Leaning Tower is located in?

    A) Berlin

    B) New York

    C) Pisa

    D) London

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  • question_answer96) Two quantities can be compared only if they are in the same?

    A) Ratio

    B) Unit

    C) Proportion

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer97) Fill in the blank - \[\frac{35}{42}=\frac{...}{6}\]

    A) 5

    B) 4

    C) 3

    D) 7

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  • question_answer98) Who invented the script for the blind?

    A) Louis Braille

    B) Guttenburg

    C) Sholes

    D) Caxton

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  • question_answer99) Who was the first man to reach the South Pole?

    A) Robert Walpole

    B) Amundsen

    C) Robert Peary

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer100) Secret police of Nazi's under Hitler was called?

    A) CBI

    B) Gestapo

    C) BSF

    D) FBI

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