Solved papers for Railways R.R.C. (Ajmer) Solved Paper Held on 1st Shift 2-11-2014

done R.R.C. (Ajmer) Solved Paper Held on 1st Shift 2-11-2014

  • question_answer1) The chemical name of Vitamin-A is ?

    A) Thymine

    B) Retinol

    C) Niacin

    D) Riboflavin

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  • question_answer2) Which of the following is not correctly matched?

    A) Ravi Shankar ? Sitarist

    B) M.F. Hussain ? Tabia

    C) R. K. Narayan ? Novelist

    D) Kaifi Azmi-Poet

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  • question_answer3) Find the odd one that does not belong to the group?

    A) Swimming

    B) Diving

    C) Driving

    D) Boating

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  • question_answer4) Find the odd one that does not belong to the group?

    A) Gallon

    B) Ton

    C) Quintal

    D) Kilogram

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  • question_answer5) Which of the following words cannot be formed by using the letters of the word 'EDUCATIONAL.


    B) NEAT

    C) DEAN

    D) LION

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  • question_answer6) If the following scrambled letters are arranged to form the name of a fruit, which letter will appear in the middle? PALEPPINE

    A) L

    B) A

    C) I

    D) P

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  • question_answer7) How many meaningful English word(s) can be formed with the letters 'AER,' using each letter only once in each word?

    A) None

    B) One

    C) Two

    D) Three

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  • question_answer8) February month has?

    A) 28 or 29 days

    B) 29 or 30 days

    C) 30 days

    D) 31 days

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  • question_answer9) If 'APE' is written '369', then how would 'PEA' be written in the code language?

    A) 369

    B) 693

    C) 936

    D) 963

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  • question_answer10) Find the missing number in the series? 4, 10, 22, 2. 94

    A) 46

    B) 40

    C) 56

    D) 66

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  • question_answer11) The total number of digits used in numbering the pages of a book having 366 pages, is?

    A) 732

    B) 990

    C) 1098

    D) 1305

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  • question_answer12) The average weight of 16 boys in a class is \[50-25\]kgs and that of the remaining 8 boys is \[45-15\]kgs. Find the average weight of all the boys in the class?

    A) 38-55 kgs

    B) 48 kgs

    C) 48-55 kgs

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer13) 63% of 34 is-

    A) \[2-25~\]

    B) \[2-40\]

    C) \[2-50\]

    D) \[2-75\]

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  • question_answer14) Subtracting 40% of a number from the number, we get the result as 30. The number is?

    A) 28

    B) 50

    C) 52

    D) 70

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  • question_answer15) If selling price of an article is,\[\frac{4}{3}\] of its cost price, the profit in the transaction is ?

    A) \[16\,\,\frac{2}{3}%\]

    B) \[20\,\,\frac{1}{2}%\]

    C) \[25\,\,\frac{1}{2}%\]

    D) \[33\,\,\frac{1}{3}%\]

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  • question_answer16) In a bag, there are coins of 25 p, 10 p and 5 p in the ratio of 1 : 2 : 3. If there are Rs. 30 in all, how many 5 p coins are there?

    A) 50

    B) 100

    C) 150

    D) 200

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  • question_answer17) 10 men, working 6 hours a day can complete a work in 18 days. How many hours a day must 15 men work to complete the same work in 12 days?

    A) 6 hrs.

    B) 10 hrs.

    C) 12 hrs.

    D) 15 hrs.

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  • question_answer18) Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 20 and v minutes respectively. If both the pipes are used together, then how long will it take to fill the tank

    A) 12 min.

    B) 15 min.

    C) 25 min.

    D) 50 min.

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  • question_answer19) A thief is spotted by a policeman from a distance of 100 metres. When the policeman starts the chase, the thief also starts running. If the speed of the thief be 8 km/hr and that of the policeman 10 km/hr. how far the thief will have run before he is overtaken?

    A) 400 m.

    B) 800 m.

    C) 200 m.

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer20) A train moves with a speed of 108 kmph speed in metres per second is?

    A) 10.8

    B) 18

    C) 30

    D) 38.8

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  • question_answer21) If GARDEN is coded as 325764 and WATER as 92165, how can we code the word WARDEN in the same way?

    A) 925764

    B) 295764

    C) 952764

    D) 957264

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  • question_answer22) Who came to be known as the 'Grand Old Man of India'?

    A) Justice Ranade

    B) Mahatma Gandhi

    C) Rabindra Nath Tagore

    D) Dada Bhai Naoroji

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  • question_answer23) Where did Swami Vivekananda attend the World's Parliament of Religion in 1893?

    A) Chicago

    B) New York

    C) Washington

    D) Alaska

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  • question_answer24) Quit India Movement started in the year..............

    A) 1920

    B) 1922

    C) 1941

    D) 1942

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  • question_answer25) Who was the first Viceroy of India?

    A) Lord Dalhousie

    B) Lord Canning

    C) Warren Hastings

    D) Robert Clive

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  • question_answer26) Railway Passenger Coaches are manufactured at?

    A) Varanasi

    B) Chittaranjan

    C) Perambur

    D) Kolkata

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  • question_answer27) Chief Justice of India is administered the Oath of Office by?

    A) President

    B) Prime Minister

    C) Law Minister

    D) Vice President

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  • question_answer28) National Bird of India is?

    A) Indian Crow

    B) Parrot

    C) Indian Peacock

    D) Tiger

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  • question_answer29) What least number of five digits is exactly divisible by 41?

    A) 10045

    B) 10004

    C) 10041

    D) 10025

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  • question_answer30) 4+4.44+44.4+4.04+444=T.

    A) \[472-88\]

    B) \[495-22\]

    C) \[500-88\]

    D) \[577-2\]

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  • question_answer31) In what ratio must a grocer mix two varieties of rice costing Rs. 15 and Rs. 20 per kg respectively so as to get a mixture worth Rs.16-50 per kg?

    A) 3 : 7

    B) 5 : 7

    C) 7 : 3

    D) 7 : 5

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  • question_answer32) The area of the base of rectangular tank is \[65\,\,c{{m}^{2}}\] and the volume of water contained in it is 2-6 cubic metres. The depth of water in the tank is?

    A) 3-5 m

    B) 4 m

    C) 5 m

    D) 6 m

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  • question_answer33) Find the odd man out: 10, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 26

    A) 26

    B) 24

    C) 21

    D) 18

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  • question_answer34) Find the odd man out: 385, 462, 572, 396, 427, 671, 264

    A) 385

    B) 427

    C) 671

    D) 264

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  • question_answer35) Which is the national sport of India?

    A) Kabaddi

    B) Badminton

    C) Hockey

    D) Cricket

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  • question_answer36) In which city is Amer Fort situated?

    A) Udaipur

    B) Jaipur

    C) Agra

    D) Gwalior

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  • question_answer37) Who was known as 'Desh Bandhu'?

    A) Chandra Shekhar

    B) C.R. Dass

    C) A.D. Hume

    D) Annie Besant

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  • question_answer38) In which city Fatehpur Sikri is situated?

    A) Jaipur

    B) Jodhpur

    C) Udaipur

    D) Agra

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  • question_answer39) The breadth of the railway broad gauge is approximately?

    A) 2.00 m

    B) 1.83 m

    C) 1.67 m

    D) 1.33 m

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  • question_answer40) How many stanzas are there in our National Anthem?

    A) Two

    B) Three

    C) Four

    D) Five

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  • question_answer41) Quit India Movement was adopted by Indian National Congress at?

    A) Bombay

    B) Ahmedabad

    C) Pune

    D) Calcutta

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  • question_answer42) Who gave Vallabh Bhai Patel the title of 'Sardar?

    A) C. Rajagopalachari

    B) Mahatma Gandhi

    C) J.L. Nehru

    D) MA. Jinnah

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  • question_answer43) The Ain-i-Akbari was written by?

    A) Firishta

    B) Ibn Batata

    C) Abul FazI

    D) Birbal

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  • question_answer44) Railways were introduced in India when the Governor-General was?

    A) Curzon

    B) Dalhousie

    C) Hardinge

    D) Ripon

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  • question_answer45) The chief architect of Prarthana Samaj was?

    A) B.G. Tilak

    B) R.G. Bhandarkar

    C) M.G. Ranade

    D) Keshav Chandra Sen

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  • question_answer46) Indian Currency Notes above one rupee denominations are issued by?

    A) Reserve Bank of India

    B) Ministry of Finance

    C) State Bank of India

    D) Government of India

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  • question_answer47) Which of the following is a Direct Tax?

    A) Excise Duty

    B) Sales Tax

    C) Income Tax

    D) Production Tax

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  • question_answer48) The Oath of Office is administered to the President by-

    A) The Speaker of Lok Sabha

    B) The Chief Justice of India

    C) The Vice-President of India

    D) The Prime Minister

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  • question_answer49) The Head of the Council of Ministers in a State is?

    A) The Governor

    B) Chief Minister

    C) Chief Secretary

    D) Prime Minister

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  • question_answer50) Andy Murray, Nadal, Paes are known for their association to?

    A) Badminton

    B) Cricket

    C) Tennis

    D) Golf

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  • question_answer51) Which is the first month of our National Calender?

    A) Bhadra

    B) Phalguna

    C) Chaitra

    D) Kartika

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  • question_answer52) Dilwara Temple is in which State of India?

    A) Maharashtra

    B) Gujarat

    C) Rajasthan

    D) Delhi

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  • question_answer53) Sariska Sanctuary is in which State of India?

    A) Rajasthan

    B) Maharashtra

    C) Gujarat

    D) Tamil Nadu

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  • question_answer54) When did Prime Minister Narendra Modi launch the Clean India Campaign?

    A) 3rd October, 2014

    B) 5th October, 2014

    C) 2nd October, 2014

    D) 10th October, 2014

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  • question_answer55) In the evergreen movie 'Sholay', the villain of the movie was?

    A) Pran

    B) Danny

    C) KaderKhan

    D) AmjadKhan

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  • question_answer56) Rath Yatra is a major festival in the temple at?

    A) Dwarka

    B) Ayodhya

    C) Puri

    D) Varanasi

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  • question_answer57) How many zeros will be there is 17 crore?

    A) 5 zeros

    B) 6 zeros

    C) 7 zeros

    D) 8 zeros

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  • question_answer58) What is the full form of 'KYC' as used in banking world?

    A) Keep Your Credibility

    B) Know Your Credibility

    C) Know Your Clients

    D) Know Your Customer

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  • question_answer59) Where is the Gir National Park located?

    A) Maharashtra

    B) Madhya Pradesh

    C) Uttarakhand

    D) Gujarat

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  • question_answer60) Which is the odd man out of the following?

    A) Rajnikant

    B) Mohan lal

    C) Amitabh Bachchan

    D) Sachin Tendulkar

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  • question_answer61) International Series of Cricket named 'Ashes' is between?

    A) India and Pakistan

    B) India and England

    C) India and Australia

    D) England and Australia

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  • question_answer62) A famous Cricket Tournament known as IPL, which has full name as?

    A) Indian Premier League

    B) Indian Primary League

    C) Indian Promotional League

    D) Indian Production League

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  • question_answer63) 'Chakra' (Navy blue wheel) in the Indian National Flag has how many spokes?

    A) 18

    B) 22

    C) 20

    D) 24

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  • question_answer64) Famous companies Infosys, TCS, Cognizant are known mainly for their association in the field of__

    A) Information Technology

    B) Banking Sector

    C) Manufacturing

    D) Automobile

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  • question_answer65) A personal savings account cannot be opened in?

    A) A operative Bank

    B) A Scheduled Bank

    C) Reserve Bank of India

    D) A Nationalized Bank

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  • question_answer66) UPA, NDA are the terms related to?

    A) Association of Industries

    B) Alliance of Political Parties

    C) Association of Labour Unions

    D) Bodies of Law Council

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  • question_answer67) Other than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, which famous personality had anchored a TV show called 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' ?

    A) Mr. Aamir Khan

    B) Mr. Salman Khan

    C) Mr. Shah Rukh Khan

    D) Mr. Akshay Kumar

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  • question_answer68) Ajanta-Ellora Caves are in?

    A) Tamil Nadu

    B) Gujarat

    C) Maharashtra

    D) Rajasthan

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  • question_answer69) WHO is an International Organization. Its full form is?

    A) World Health Organisation

    B) Wide Health Organisation

    C) World Health Office

    D) Washington Human Organisation

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  • question_answer70) FIFA is an International Sports body, which is associated with?

    A) Hockey

    B) Rugby

    C) Boxing

    D) Football

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  • question_answer71) \[25\div 0.0005=\underline{?}\]

    A) 50

    B) 500

    C) 5000

    D) 50000

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  • question_answer72) Which of the following fraction is the smallest?

    A) \[\frac{9}{13}\]

    B) \[\frac{17}{26}\]

    C) \[\frac{28}{39}\]

    D) \[\frac{33}{52}\]

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  • question_answer73)

    Direction?Find the option to have similar relation on either side.
    ABCD : WXYZ : : EFGH : 2

    A) STOU

    B) STUB

    C) TSUV

    D) STUV

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  • question_answer74)

    Direction?Find the option to have similar relation on either side.
    UNCLE : AUNT :: FATHER : ?

    A) Affection

    B) Son

    C) Daughter

    D) Mother

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  • question_answer75)

    Direction?Find the option to have similar relation on either side.

    A) Kolkata

    B) India

    C) Gujarat

    D) Maharashtra

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  • question_answer76) 3, 12, 48, 192, 2

    A) 202

    B) 301

    C) 768

    D) 689

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  • question_answer77) The Headquarters of North Western Railway is in?

    A) Jaipur

    B) Hajipur

    C) Allahabad

    D) Hubli

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  • question_answer78) Which one of the following is the smallest country in the world?

    A) Monaco

    B) Vatican City

    C) Nauru

    D) San Marino

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  • question_answer79) Who was the First woman president of Indian National Congress?

    A) Sarojini Naidu

    B) Sucheta Kripalani

    C) Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur

    D) Annie Besant

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  • question_answer80) The local meaning of Mohenjodaro is?

    A) Mound of the Living

    B) Mound of the Great

    C) Mound of the Dead

    D) Mound of the Survivor

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  • question_answer81) Decibel is?

    A) a musical instrument

    B) a measure of sound level

    C) a musical noise

    D) a wavelength of noise

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  • question_answer82) The computer's speed is measured in?

    A) Kilobyte

    B) Bits

    C) Hertz

    D) Megabyte

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  • question_answer83) Choose the option to replace 2 to continue the pattern in given number series. 6, 12, 21, 2, 48

    A) 33

    B) 38

    C) 40

    D) 45

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  • question_answer84) \[16.7+12.38-\underline{?}=10.09\]

    A) \[17-89\]

    B) \[18-99\]

    C) \[16-98\]

    D) \[20-09\]

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  • question_answer85) Select the option of related letters to replace? To have similar relation on either side. REASON : SFBTPO : : THINK : 7

    A) SGHMJ

    B) UIJOL

    C) UHNKI

    D) UJKPM

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  • question_answer86)

    Direction?Find the option that can replace? in given series.
    2, 7, 14, 23, 247

    A) 30

    B) 34

    C) 39

    D) 44

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  • question_answer87)

    Direction?Find the option that can replace? in given series.
    68, 81, 96, 2132

    A) 105

    B) 110

    C) 130

    D) 113

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  • question_answer88)

    Direction?Find the option that can replace? in given series.
    128, 2, 82, 62, 44, 28

    A) 99

    B) 104

    C) 109

    D) 106

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  • question_answer89)

    Direction?Find the option that can replace? in given series.
    'LOAD' is coded as 'MPBE' and 'DRIVE' as 'ESJWF'. How will you code the word 'LADDER'?





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  • question_answer90) Find the option to replace 2 to complete the pattern?

    1 4 ?
    4 2 5
    5 2 3
    49 64 169

    A) 3

    B) 6

    C) 5

    D) 4

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  • question_answer91) \[1027-05\text{ }-\text{ }314-005\text{ }+\text{ }112-25\text{ }=?\]

    A) 825.095

    B) 825.295

    C) 825.305

    D) 825.395

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  • question_answer92) A train is moving with a speed of 180 \[km/hr\] It's speed in m/sec is?

    A) 5 m/sec.

    B) 30 m/sec.

    C) 40 m/sec.

    D) 50 m/sec.

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  • question_answer93) \[7589-?=3434\]

    A) 4141

    B) 4155

    C) 1123

    D) 11023

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  • question_answer94) \[72519~\times 9999\text{ }=?\]

    A) 725117481

    B) 674217481

    C) 685126481

    D) 696217481

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  • question_answer95) Which of the following numbers is divisible by 24?

    A) 35718

    B) 63810

    C) 537804

    D) 3125736

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  • question_answer96) If 60% of \[\frac{3}{5}\]of a number is 36, then the number is?

    A) 80

    B) 100

    C) 75

    D) 90

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  • question_answer97) The H.C.F. of 3556 and 3444 is-

    A) 23

    B) 25

    C) 26

    D) 28

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  • question_answer98) Three number are in the ratio 1 : 2 : 3 and their H.C.F. is 12. The numbers are?

    A) 4, 8, 12

    B) 5, 10, 15

    C) 10, 20, 30

    D) 12, 24, 36

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  • question_answer99) The value of \[(1+.1+.01+.001)\] is?

    A) 1.001

    B) 1.011

    C) 1.003

    D) 1.111

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  • question_answer100) Simplify the given expression: 100+50\[\times \]2=?

    A) 75

    B) 150

    C) 200

    D) 300

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