Solved papers for Punjab Medical Punjab - MET Solved Paper-1999

done Punjab - MET Solved Paper-1999

  • question_answer1) Tail of comet is because of

    A) sublimation of vapour in comet

    B) vaporisation of water in comet

    C) vaporisation of heat in comet

    D) cooling of water in the comet

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  • question_answer2) The energy required to excite an electron from the ground state of hydrogen atom to the First excited state will be

    A) \[1.632\times {{10}^{-18}}\,\,V\]

    B) \[1.612\times {{10}^{-14}}\,\,V\]

    C) \[1.619\times {{10}^{-16}}\,\,V\]

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer3) Magnification of least distance of distinct vision of a simple microscope of focal length \[5\,\,cm\], will be

    A) 6

    B) 5

    C) 4

    D) 2

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  • question_answer4) The resistance of an ideal voltmeter is

    A) \[500\Omega \]

    B) \[100\Omega \]

    C) infinity

    D) zero

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  • question_answer5) Two inductors each of inductance \[L\] are connected in parallel. Their equivalent inductance will be

    A) zero

    B) \[\frac{L}{2}\]

    C) \[2\,\,L\]

    D) \[L\]

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  • question_answer6) If an electron is brought towards another electron, then electric potential of the system

    A) remains same

    B) becomes zero

    C) decrease

    D) increases

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  • question_answer7) Velocity of sound in air is

    A) directly proportional to temperature

    B) faster in dry air than in moisture

    C) directly proportional to pressure

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer8) A cylinder contains \[10\,\,kg\] of gas at pressure of\[10\,\,N/{{m}^{2}}\]. The quantity of gas taken out of the cylinder, if final pressure is \[2.5\times {{10}^{6}}\,\,N/{{m}^{2}}\] will be (temperature of gas is constant)

    A) \[15.2\,\,kg\]

    B) \[3.7\,\,kg\]

    C) \[zero\]

    D) \[7.5\,\,kg\]

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  • question_answer9) Moment of inertia of a thin circular disc of mass \[M\] and radius \[R\] about any diameter is

    A) \[2M{{R}^{2}}\]

    B) \[M{{R}^{2}}\]

    C) \[\frac{M{{R}^{2}}}{2}\]

    D) \[\frac{M{{R}^{2}}}{4}\]

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  • question_answer10) Velocity of a body on reaching the point from which it was projected upward, will be

    A) \[v=u\]

    B) \[v=0.5\,\,u\]

    C) \[v=0\]

    D) \[v=2u\]

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  • question_answer11) Retrograde means

    A) west to east rotation of all planets

    B) east to west rotation of venus

    C) east to west rotation of Uranus

    D) both [b] and [c]

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  • question_answer12) Number of electrons, having one coulomb of charge is

    A) \[6.25\times {{10}^{18}}\]

    B) \[5.26\times {{10}^{28}}\]

    C) \[1.6\times {{10}^{19}}\]

    D) \[1.6\times {{10}^{21}}\]

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  • question_answer13) A plane convex lens is made of refractive index\[1.6\]. The radius of curvature of the curved surface is\[60\,\,cm\]. Then, the focal length of the lens will be

    A) \[400\,\,cm\]

    B) \[200\,\,cm\]

    C) \[100\,\,cm\]

    D) \[50\,\,cm\]

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  • question_answer14) If the magnet of length \[10\,\,cm\] and pole strength \[40\,\,Am\] is placed at an angle of \[{{45}^{o}}\] in an uniform induction field of intensity \[2\times {{10}^{-4}}\]tesla. The couple acting on it will be

    A) \[0.656\times {{10}^{-5}}\,\,N\text{-}m\]

    B) \[0.656\times {{10}^{-4}}\,\,N\text{-}m\]

    C) \[0.5656\times {{10}^{-4}}\,\,N\text{-}m\]

    D) \[0.5656\times {{10}^{-3}}\,\,N\text{-}m\]

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  • question_answer15) Charge \[{{q}_{2}}\] is at the centre of a circular path of radius\[r\]. Work done in carrying charge \[{{q}_{1}}\], one around this equipotential path, would be

    A) \[66\]

    B) \[44\]

    C) \[22\]

    D) \[zero\]

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  • question_answer16) When a dielectric material is introduced between plates of a charged condenser, then electric Field between the plates.

    A) remain constant

    B) decreases

    C) increases

    D) first (c) then (b)

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  • question_answer17) The frequency of rod is\[200\,\,Hz\]. If the velocity of sound in air is\[340\,\,m/s\]. Then the wavelength of the produced sound is

    A) \[6.8\,\,cm\]

    B) \[1.7\,\,cm\]

    C) \[6.8\,\,cm\]

    D) \[1.7\,\,m\]

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  • question_answer18) Density of substance at \[{{0}^{o}}C\] is \[10\,\,g/cc\] and at\[{{100}^{o}}C\], its density is\[9.7\,\,g/cc\]. The coefficient of linear expansion of the substance will be

    A) \[{{10}^{2}}\]

    B) \[{{10}^{-2}}\]

    C) \[{{10}^{-3}}\]

    D) \[{{10}^{-4}}\]

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  • question_answer19) A body of mass \[5\,\,kg\] moving with a velocity \[10\,\,m/s\] collides with another body of the mass \[20\,\,kg\] at rest and conies to rest. The velocity of second due to collision will be

    A) \[10\,\,m/s\]

    B) \[7.5\,\,m/s\]

    C) \[2.5\,\,m/s\]

    D) \[5\,\,m/s\]

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  • question_answer20) The angular speed of a fly wheel making 180 revolutions/minute will be

    A) \[6\,\pi \,\,rad/\sec \]

    B) \[12\,\pi \,\,rad/\sec \]

    C) \[2\,\,\pi \,\,rad/\sec \]

    D) \[\pi \,\,rad/\sec \]

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  • question_answer21) In case of a semi-conductor, which of the following statement is wrong?

    A) At absolute zero temperature, it behave like a conductor

    B) Resistivity is in between that of a conductor and insulator.

    C) Doping increases conductivity

    D) Temperature coefficient of resistance is negative

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  • question_answer22) The \[X-\]ray cannot be diffracted by means of ordinary grating due to

    A) large wavelength

    B) short wavelength

    C) high speed

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer23) The time taken by the light to cross a glass of thickness \[4\,\,mm\] and refractive index\[\mu =3\], is

    A) \[4\times {{10}^{-11}}\sec \]

    B) \[8\times {{10}^{-10}}\sec \]

    C) \[2\times {{10}^{-11}}\sec \]

    D) \[1\times {{10}^{-11}}\sec \]

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  • question_answer24) The radius of circular path of an electron when subjected to a perpendicular magnetic field, will be

    A) \[\frac{mv}{Be}\]

    B) \[\frac{me}{B}\]

    C) \[\frac{mE}{B}\]

    D) \[\frac{Be}{mv}\]

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  • question_answer25) Three capacitors of capacitance\[3\mu F\], \[10\mu F\] and \[15\mu F\] are joined in series to a voltage source of\[100\,\,V\]. The charge on \[15\mu F\] will be

    A) \[280\]

    B) \[50\,\,\mu C\]

    C) \[100\,\,\mu C\]

    D) \[200\,\,\mu C\]

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  • question_answer26) Electromotive force is the force which is able to maintain a constant

    A) potential difference

    B) power

    C) current

    D) resistance

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  • question_answer27) Two waves are approaching each other with a velocity of \[20\,\,m/s\] and frequency\[n\], then the distance between two consecutive nodes will be

    A) \[\frac{10}{n}\]

    B) \[\frac{5}{n}\]

    C) \[\frac{n}{5}\]

    D) \[\frac{20}{n}\]

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  • question_answer28) In order that the heat flow from one part of a solid to another part, the required property is

    A) uniform temperature

    B) temperature gradient

    C) density of radiant

    D) density gradient

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  • question_answer29) If the momentum of the body is increased\[100%\]. Then the percentage increase in the kinetic energy will be

    A) \[300%\]

    B) \[150%\]

    C) \[75%\]

    D) \[200%\]

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  • question_answer30) If\[|\overset{\to }{\mathop{A}}\,\times \overset{\to }{\mathop{B}}\,|=|\overset{\to }{\mathop{A}}\,.\overset{\to }{\mathop{B}}\,|\]then the angle between\[\overset{\to }{\mathop{A}}\,\]and\[\overset{\to }{\mathop{B}}\,\]is

    A) \[{{90}^{o}}\]

    B) \[{{60}^{o}}\]

    C) \[{{45}^{o}}\]

    D) \[{{30}^{o}}\]

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  • question_answer31) The potential barrier in the depletion layer is because of

    A) electrons

    B) ions

    C) holes

    D) both (a) and (c)

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  • question_answer32) A tank is filled with benzene to a height of\[120\,\,mm\]. The apparent depth of a needle lying at a bottom of the tank is measured by a microscope to be\[80\,\,mm\]. Then the refractive index of benzene will be

    A) \[4.5\]

    B) \[3\]

    C) \[.75\]

    D) \[1.5\]

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  • question_answer33) In an apparatus, the electric field was found to oscillate with an amplitude of\[18\,\,V/m\]. The magnitude of the oscillating magnetic field is

    A) \[6\times {{10}^{-8}}tesla\]

    B) \[3\times {{10}^{-8}}tesla\]

    C) \[12\times {{10}^{-8}}tesla\]

    D) \[9\times {{10}^{-8}}tesla\]

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  • question_answer34) The intensity of magnetic field is \[H\] and moment of magnet is\[M\]. Then the maximum potential energy will be

    A) \[4MH\]

    B) \[3MH\]

    C) \[2MH\]

    D) \[MH\]

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  • question_answer35) There are six identical cells each cell having an electromotive force (emf) of\[6\,\,volt\], which are joined in parallel. Then the resultant emf of the combination will be

    A) \[13\,\,V\]

    B) \[\frac{1}{6}V\]

    C) \[12\,\,V\]

    D) \[6\,\,V\]

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  • question_answer36) In a given network capacitor \[{{C}_{1}}=10\,\,\mu F,\,\,{{C}_{2}}=\mu F,\], and\[{{C}_{3}}=4\,\,\mu F\]. The equivalent capacitance between \[PQ\] will be

    A) \[1.6\,\,\mu F\]

    B) \[3.2\,\,\mu F\]

    C) \[6.4\,\,\mu F\]

    D) \[4.5\,\,\mu F\]

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  • question_answer37) A tuning fork produces wave in a medium. If the temperature of the medium change, then which of the following will change?

    A) Time period

    B) Amplitude

    C) Frequency

    D) Wavelength

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  • question_answer38) A hydraulic lift is designed to lift cars of maximum mass of\[3000\,\,kg\]. The area of cross section of the piston carrying the load is\[4.25\times {{10}^{-2}}{{m}^{2}}\]. Then, the maximum pressure would the smaller piston have to bear, is

    A) \[7.82\times {{10}^{7}}\,\,N/{{m}^{2}}\]

    B) \[6.92\times {{10}^{5}}\,\,N/{{m}^{2}}\]

    C) \[13.76\times {{10}^{5}}\,\,N/{{m}^{2}}\]

    D) \[9.63\,\,N/{{m}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer39) If the mass of the earth is \[80\] times of that of planet and diameter is double that of planet and \[g\] on earth\[9.8\,\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]. Then, the value of \[g\] on the planet will be

    A) \[0.49\,\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    B) \[4.9\,\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    C) \[0.98\,\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]

    D) \[9.8\,\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer40) The number of significant figures in \[5418000\] are

    A) \[7\]

    B) \[6\]

    C) \[5\]

    D) \[4\]

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  • question_answer41) According to Moseleys law, frequency of a spectral line in \[X-\]rays spectrum varies as

    A) fourth power of the atomic number of the element

    B) square root of atomic number of the element

    C) square of the atomic number of the element

    D) atomic number of the element

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  • question_answer42) If in Rams dens eye piece, the field lens and eye lens have focal length \[{{f}_{1}}\] and \[{{f}_{2}}\] respectively and separated by a distance \[d\] then

    A) \[{{f}_{1}}={{f}_{2}}\]and\[d=\frac{2}{3}{{f}_{1}}\]

    B) \[{{f}_{1}}=3{{f}_{2}}\]and\[d={{f}_{1}}+{{f}_{2}}\]

    C) \[{{f}_{1}}={{f}_{2}}\]and\[d={{f}_{1}}+{{f}_{2}}\]

    D) \[{{f}_{1}}=\frac{2}{3}{{f}_{2}}\]and\[d=\frac{2}{3}{{f}_{1}}\]

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  • question_answer43) The magnetic material, which moves from stronger to weaker part of the magnetic field, then it is known as

    A) anti-ferromagnetic

    B) ferromagnetic

    C) paramagnetic

    D) diamagnetic

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  • question_answer44) The magnetic field along axis at a point at a distance d of a short, bar magnet will be

    A) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{3\pi }\times \frac{M}{{{d}^{3}}}\]

    B) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{\pi }\times \frac{M}{{{d}^{3}}}\]

    C) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{2\pi }\times \frac{M}{{{d}^{3}}}\]

    D) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{4\pi }\times \frac{M}{{{d}^{3}}}\]

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  • question_answer45) Frequency range of audible sound is

    A) \[20\,\,MHz-200\,\,MHz\]

    B) \[20\,\,kHz-20\,\,MHz\]

    C) \[20\,\,Hz-20\,\,kHz\]

    D) \[0\,\,Hz-200\,\,Hz\]

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  • question_answer46) A tape-recorder records sound in the form of

    A) variable resistance on the tape

    B) magnetic energy

    C) magnetic field on the tape

    D) electrical energy

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  • question_answer47) A monoatomic gas is suddenly compressed to\[\frac{1}{8}\text{th}\]of its volume adiabatically. The ratio of first pressure of the gas to that of original pressure will be

    A) \[128\,\,times\]

    B) \[32\,\,times\]

    C) \[8\,\,times\]

    D) \[16\,\,times\]

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  • question_answer48) If in a wire of Youngs modulus\[Y\], longitudinal strain \[X\] is produced. Then the potential energy stored in its unit volume is

    A) \[0.5\,\,Y{{X}^{2}}\]

    B) \[0.5\,\,{{Y}^{2}}X\]

    C) \[Y{{X}^{2}}\]

    D) \[2\,\,Y{{X}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer49) A boy of \[50\,\,kg\] is standing in a lift moving down with an acceleration\[9.8\,\,m/{{s}^{2}}\]. The apparent weight of the boy will be

    A) \[50/9.8\,\,N\]

    B) \[50\times 9.8\,\,N\]

    C) \[50\,\,N\]

    D) \[zero\]

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  • question_answer50) If \[C\] and \[R\] denote capacitance and resistance then the dimensions of \[CR\] are

    A) \[[{{M}^{0}}L{{T}^{0}}{{A}^{-1}}]\]

    B) \[[ML{{T}^{6}}{{A}^{2}}]\]

    C) \[[M{{L}^{0}}T{{A}^{-2}}]\]

    D) \[[{{M}^{0}}{{L}^{0}}T{{A}^{0}}]\]

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  • question_answer51) Galvanization process involves

    A) \[Zn\]

    B) \[Cu\]

    C) \[Ag\]

    D) \[Fe\]

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  • question_answer52) The number of water molecules in gypsum and plaster of Paris respectively are

    A) 1/2 and 2

    B) 2 and 1/2

    C) 2 and 1

    D) 5 and 2

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  • question_answer53) Which of the following will not displace hydrogen?

    A) \[Hg\]

    B) \[Sn\]

    C) \[Pb\]

    D) \[Ba\]

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  • question_answer54) A certain sample of gas has a volume of \[0.2\] litre measured at\[1\,\,atm\]. Pressure and\[{{0}^{o}}C\]. At the same pressure at \[{{273}^{o}}C\], its volume will be

    A) \[1.4\,\,litre\]

    B) \[1.8\,\,litre\]

    C) \[0.4\,\,litre\]

    D) \[0.8\,\,litre\]

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  • question_answer55) Hess law is applicable for the determination of the heat of

    A) transition

    B) formation

    C) reaction

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer56) The \[pH\] value of\[HCl({{10}^{-12}}M)\]is

    A) \[-7\]

    B) \[7\]

    C) \[12\]

    D) \[-12\]

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  • question_answer57) In radioactive decay, the emitted electrons, come from

    A) inner orbital of the atom

    B) orbit having principle quantum number one

    C) outer most orbit of the atom

    D) nucleus of the atom

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  • question_answer58) Hydrolysis of sucrose is called

    A) saponification

    B) inversion

    C) hydration

    D) esterification

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  • question_answer59) In carbonium ion the carbon bearing the positive charge is

    A) \[s{{p}^{2}}\] hybridized

    B) \[s{{p}^{3}}d\] hybridized

    C) \[sp\]hybridized

    D) \[s{{p}^{3}}\]hybridized

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  • question_answer60) The number of unpaired electrons in \[M{{n}^{+2}}\] is

    A) \[4\]

    B) \[5\]

    C) \[3\]

    D) \[1\]

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  • question_answer61) Which of the following is formed by the action of water on sodium peroxide?

    A) \[{{N}_{2}}\]

    B) \[C{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[{{H}_{2}}\]

    D) \[{{O}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer62) The total structural isomers of \[{{C}_{4}}{{H}_{10}}O\] are

    A) \[2\]

    B) \[7\]

    C) \[5\]

    D) \[4\]

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  • question_answer63) The bond order of nitrogen molecule is:

    A) \[4\]

    B) \[1\]

    C) \[7\]

    D) \[3\]

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  • question_answer64) In laboratory silicon can be prepared by the reaction of

    A) by heating carbon in electric furnace

    B) by heating potassium fluosilicate with potassium

    C) silica with magnesium

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer65) The average kinetic energy of an ideal gas, per molecule at \[{{25}^{o}}C\] will be

    A) \[6.17\times {{10}^{-21}}J\]

    B) \[6.17\times {{10}^{-20}}J\]

    C) \[61.7\times {{10}^{-21}}J\]

    D) \[7.16\times {{10}^{-20}}J\]

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  • question_answer66) In a gas phase reaction: \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{4}}+{{H}_{2}}={{C}_{2}}{{H}_{6}}\], equilibrium constant can be expressed in

    A) \[mole.litr{{e}^{-1}}\]

    B) \[mol{{e}^{2}}.litr{{e}^{-2}}\]

    C) \[litre.mol{{e}^{-1}}\]

    D) \[litr{{e}^{-1}}.mol{{e}^{-1}}\]

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  • question_answer67) The frequency of a wave of light is\[12\times {{10}^{14}}{{s}^{-1}}\]. The wave number associated with this light is.

    A) \[5\times {{10}^{-7}}m\]

    B) \[4\times {{10}^{-8}}c{{m}^{-1}}\]

    C) \[2\times {{10}^{-7}}{{m}^{-1}}\]

    D) \[4\times {{10}^{4}}c{{m}^{-1}}\]

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  • question_answer68) Crystalline solids are

    A) plastic

    B) sugar

    C) rubber

    D) glass

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  • question_answer69) Which of the following is the example of chain growth polymer?

    A) Bakclite

    B) Teflon

    C) Terylene

    D) Nylon\[-66\]

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  • question_answer70) Which one of the following statements is true for a electrochemical cell?

    A) \[{{H}_{2}}\] is cathode and \[Cu\] is anode

    B) Oxidation occurs at \[Cu\] electrode

    C) \[{{H}_{2}}\] is anode and \[Cu\] is cathode

    D) reduction occurs at \[{{H}_{2}}\] electrode

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  • question_answer71) Leucine amino acids is the

    A) non-essential

    B) aromatic

    C) basic

    D) essential

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  • question_answer72) Electronic configuration\[1{{s}^{2}},\,\,2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}_{x}}^{1}2{{p}_{y}}^{1}2{{p}_{z}}^{1}\]represents which of the following elements?

    A) Hydrogen

    B) Oxygen

    C) Fluorine

    D) Nitrogen

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  • question_answer73) If the compound contains\[C,\,\,H\]and halogen. When \[C\] and \[H\] are to be estimated the combustion tube at the exist should contain a

    A) copper spiral

    B) silver spiral

    C) iron spiral

    D) lead spiral

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  • question_answer74) Which decolorize aqueous bromine and gives white fumes of \[HCl\] on reaction with\[PC{{l}_{5}}\]

    A) \[C{{H}_{3}}COC{{H}_{2}}CH=C{{H}_{2}}\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{3}}C{{H}_{2}}C{{H}_{2}}C{{H}_{2}}CH\]

    C) \[C{{H}_{3}}CH=CHC{{H}_{2}}C{{H}_{2}}OH\]

    D) \[C{{H}_{3}}OC{{H}_{2}}C{{H}_{2}}C{{H}_{2}}C{{H}_{2}}OH\]

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  • question_answer75) In\[C{{H}_{2}}C{{l}_{2}}\], the oxidation number of \[C\] is

    A) \[+2\]

    B) \[-4\]

    C) \[0\]

    D) \[+4\]

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  • question_answer76) Alcohols of low molecular weight are

    A) soluble in water

    B) soluble, in all solvents

    C) insoluble in all solvents

    D) soluble in water on heating

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  • question_answer77) The glucose is an example of

    A) aldohexose

    B) ketohexose

    C) disaccharide

    D) non-reducing sugar

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  • question_answer78) A piece of wood was found to have \[{{C}^{14}}/{{C}^{12}}\] ratio \[0.7\] times that in a living plant. The time period when the plant died is (half-life of\[{{C}^{14}}=5760\,\,yr\])

    A) \[2980\,\,yr\]

    B) \[3070\,\,yr\]

    C) \[2966\,\,yr\]

    D) \[2770\,\,yr\]

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  • question_answer79) The rate of a reaction depends upon the

    A) concentration of reactant

    B) pressure

    C) volume

    D) force

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  • question_answer80) The rate constant of a first order reaction is \[3\times {{10}^{-6}}\] per second. If the initial concentration is \[0.10\,\,M\], the initial rate of reaction is

    A) \[3\times {{10}^{-6}}\,\,M{{s}^{-1}}\]

    B) \[3\times {{10}^{-8}}\,\,M{{s}^{-1}}\]

    C) \[3\times {{10}^{-5}}\,\,M{{s}^{-1}}\]

    D) \[3\times {{10}^{-7}}\,\,M{{s}^{-1}}\]

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  • question_answer81) Which of the following electronic configurations corresponds to an elements with the lowest ionization energy?

    A) \[1{{s}^{2}},\,\,2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{6}}\]

    B) \[1{{s}^{2}},\,\,2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{6}},\,\,3{{s}^{1}}\]

    C) \[1{{s}^{2}},\,\,2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{5}}\]

    D) \[1{{s}^{2}},\,\,2{{s}^{2}}2{{p}^{3}}\]

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  • question_answer82) The number of electrons and neutrons of an element is \[18\] and \[20\] respectively. Its mass number is

    A) \[37\]

    B) \[38\]

    C) \[9\]

    D) \[22\]

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  • question_answer83) The bond length between the hybridised carbon atom and other carbon atom is minimum in

    A) butane

    B) propyne

    C) propene

    D) propane

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  • question_answer84) Bleaching powder is obtained by treating chlorine with.

    A) \[CaC{{O}_{3}}\]

    B) \[CaS{{O}_{4}}\]

    C) \[CaO\]

    D) \[Ca{{(OH)}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer85) The oxide which gives hydrogen peroxide \[({{H}_{2}}{{O}_{2}})\] on the treatment with a dilute acid \[({{H}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}})\] is

    A) \[Mn{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) \[Pb{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[N{{a}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}\]

    D) \[Ti{{O}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer86) Stainless steel contains iron and

    A) \[Fe+Cr+Ni\]

    B) \[Cr+Ni\]

    C) \[Cr+Zn\]

    D) \[Zn+Pb\]

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  • question_answer87) Highest percentage of carbon is found in

    A) anthracite

    B) peat

    C) lignite

    D) bituminous

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  • question_answer88) Which of the following has minimum freezing point?

    A) \[0.1\,\,M\,\,{{K}_{2}}C{{r}_{2}}{{O}_{7}}\]

    B) \[0.1\,\,M\,\,N{{H}_{4}}Cl\]

    C) \[0.1\,\,M\,\,BaS{{O}_{4}}\]

    D) \[0.1\,\,M\,\,A{{l}_{2}}{{(S{{O}_{4}})}_{3}}\]

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  • question_answer89) Tyndall effect is shown by

    A) solution

    B) precipitation

    C) sol

    D) plasma

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  • question_answer90) The oxidation number of chromium in potassium dichromate \[({{K}_{2}}C{{r}_{2}}{{O}_{7}})\], is

    A) \[+2\]

    B) \[+6\]

    C) \[+4\]

    D) \[+8\]

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  • question_answer91) \[AlC{{l}_{3}}\] acts as Lewis acid because it is

    A) an electron donor

    B) proton donor

    C) proton acceptor

    D) electron pair acceptor

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  • question_answer92) Acetylene hydrocarbons are acidic because

    A) acetylene contains least number of hydrogen atoms among the possible.

    B) acetylene has only one hydrogen atom at each carbon atom

    C) acetylene belongs to the class of alkynes with formula\[{{C}_{n}}{{H}_{2\,\,n-2}}\]

    D) Sigma electron density of\[C-H\] bond in acetylene is nearer a carbon which has \[50%\,\,S-\]character

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  • question_answer93) \[n-\]propyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol are

    A) position isomers

    B) chain isomers

    C) tautomers

    D) geometrical isomers

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  • question_answer94) \[C{{H}_{3}}COCl\]reacts with

    A) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}N{{H}_{2}}\]

    B) salicylic acid

    C) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}OH\]

    D) all

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  • question_answer95) \[x\xrightarrow{{}}\]Benzotrichloride\[+y,\,\,x\]and\[y\] respectively.

    A) benzene, benzaldehyde

    B) toluene, benzaldehyde

    C) toluene, benzoic acid

    D) benzene, benzonic acid

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  • question_answer96) Chemically soap is

    A) salt

    B) acid

    C) none

    D) base

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  • question_answer97) The process, in which no heat enters or leaves the system, is termed as

    A) isobaric

    B) isochoric

    C) adiabatic

    D) isothermal

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  • question_answer98) Which of the following information can be obtained on the basis of Le Chateliers principle?

    A) Dissociation constant of a weak acid

    B) Entrophy change in a reaction

    C) Shift in equilibrium position on changing value of a constant

    D) Equilibrium constant of a chemical reaction

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  • question_answer99) If enthalpies of formation for \[{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{4}}(g),\,\,C{{O}_{2}}(g)\]and\[{{H}_{2}}O\,\,(l)\]at\[{{25}^{o}}C\] and \[1\,\,atm\] pressure are\[52,\] \[-394\] and\[-286\,\,kJ/mol\] respectively, then total enthalpy of combustion is

    A) \[+1412\,\,kJ/mol\]

    B) \[+141.2\,\,kJ/mol\]

    C) \[-141.2\,\,kJ/mol\]

    D) \[-14.2\,\,kJ/mol\]

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  • question_answer100) Formaldehyde gives an additive product with methyl megnesium iodide which on aqueous hydrolysis gives?

    A) methyl alcohol

    B) isopropyl alcohol

    C) propyl alcohol

    D) ethyl alcohol

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  • question_answer101) Penicillium belongs to class

    A) Basidiomycetes

    B) Ascomycetes

    C) Duteromycetes

    D) Phycomycetes

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  • question_answer102) Atmospheric \[{{N}_{3}}\] fixation is carried on by

    A) Anabaena

    B) Funaria

    C) Chlamydomonas

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer103) The protein coat of virus is known as

    A) chromomere

    B) capsid

    C) chromophore

    D) capsomere

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  • question_answer104) In mitochondria cristae act as sites for

    A) lipid synthesis

    B) protein synthesis

    C) fat synthesis

    D) oxidation reduction reaction

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  • question_answer105) During \[DNA\] replication, the term leading strand is applied to the one which replicates in

    A) \[5\to 3\]direction discontinuously

    B) \[3\to 5\]direction continuously

    C) \[5\to 3\]direction continuously

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer106) Insectivorous plants eat the insects for

    A) phosphorus

    B) calcium

    C) nitrogen

    D) sulphur

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  • question_answer107) Which pigment responsible for photomorphogenetic response?

    A) Phytochrome

    B) Chlorophyll-a

    C) Chlorophyll-b

    D) Xanthophyll

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  • question_answer108) Phosphorus is a structural element in

    A) nucleotide

    B) fat

    C) lipid

    D) starch

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  • question_answer109) The sun loving plants are called

    A) xerophyte

    B) hydrophyte

    C) heliophytic

    D) halophytes

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  • question_answer110) Anaerobic breakdown of biomass produced biogas by methanogenic bacteria. It is a

    A) two-step process

    B) one step process

    C) four step process

    D) three step process

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  • question_answer111) The name of Temin and Baltimore is associated with

    A) DNA replication

    B) reverse transcription

    C) photorespiration

    D) RNA synthesis

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  • question_answer112) The technique of growing plants, in water culture, is called

    A) tissue culture

    B) aero culture

    C) hydroponics

    D) cell culture

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  • question_answer113) What sound level is considered hazardous noise pollution?

    A) Above\[80\,\,dB\]

    B) Below\[60\,\,dB\]

    C) Above\[130\,\,dB\]

    D) Above\[140\,\,dB\]

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  • question_answer114) The soil erosion can be prevented by

    A) deforestation

    B) afforestation

    C) over grazing

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer115) In plant disease control, the latest trend is

    A) chemical control

    B) mechanical control

    C) biological control

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer116) Which type of DNA is found in bacteria?

    A) Helical DNA

    B) Membrane bound DNA

    C) Straight DNA

    D) Circular free DNA

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  • question_answer117) Hargovind Khorana was awarded the Nobel Prize for

    A) gene synthesis

    B) discovery of bacteria

    C) genetic code

    D) protein synthesis

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  • question_answer118) The enzyme that converts glucose to glucose 6-phosphate is

    A) phosphorylase

    B) phosphatase

    C) hexokinase

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer119) Photophosphorylation was discovered by

    A) Hill

    B) Arnon

    C) Jolly

    D) Dixon

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  • question_answer120) Which type of RNA molecule is essential for protein synthesis?

    A) \[s-RNA\]

    B) \[t-RNA\]

    C) \[m-RNA\]

    D) \[r-RNA\]

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  • question_answer121) The sphere of living matter together with water, air and soil on earths surface is called

    A) lithosphere

    B) xerosphere

    C) biosphere

    D) hydrosphere

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  • question_answer122) Water pollution is caused due to

    A) industrial effluents

    B) sewage and other wastes

    C) agricultural discharges

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer123) The ecosystem of a pond is referred as

    A) xeric

    B) lotic

    C) lentic

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer124) The pollutants released by jet planes are

    A) smog

    B) fog

    C) aerosols

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer125) Which is the importance of molybdenum in plants metabolism?

    A) Sulphur reduction

    B) Carbon assimilation

    C) Nitrate reduction

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer126) Tyiakoids are present in

    A) chloroplast

    B) nucleus

    C) mitochondria

    D) peroxisome

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  • question_answer127) Which type of enzyme is present in lysosome?

    A) ATPase

    B) Hydrolytic

    C) Lyase

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer128) Which is a single membrane structure?

    A) Chloroplast

    B) Lysosomes

    C) Mitochondria

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer129) Which plant virus has DNA in it?

    A) Tomato mosaic virus

    B) Cauliflower mosaic virus

    C) Tobacco mosaic virus

    D) Potato mosaic virus

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  • question_answer130) Rough E. R. differs from smooth E.R. due to the presence of

    A) golgi body

    B) ribosomes

    C) nucleus

    D) DNA

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  • question_answer131) Mycorrhiza helps in absorption of

    A) nutrient

    B) calcium

    C) water

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer132) The real force responsible for the movement of water from one cell to other cell, is mainly through

    A) \[W.P.\]

    B) \[T.P.\]

    C) \[O.P.\]

    D) \[D.P.D.\]

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  • question_answer133) Embryo sac is also known as

    A) microsporangium

    B) micro gametophyte

    C) megagametophyte

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer134) Which is a social foresting species?

    A) Leucaena leucocephala

    B) Tectona grandis

    C) Mangifera indica

    D) Rosa indica

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  • question_answer135) If a dry wooden stakes driven into a small crack in a rock and then soaked, can develop enough pressure to split the rock. Such pressure is built up through the phenomenon of

    A) plasmolysis

    B) imbibition

    C) deplasmolysis

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer136) Which phase is responsible for DNA replication?

    A) \[S-\]phase

    B) \[{{G}_{2}}-\]phase

    C) \[{{G}_{1}}-\]phase

    D) All of these

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  • question_answer137) Fungus, without any mycelium is

    A) Saccharomyces

    B) Puccinia

    C) Agariciis

    D) Altemaria

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  • question_answer138) Mesarch xylem is commonly found in

    A) fungi

    B) ferns

    C) bryophytes

    D) algae

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  • question_answer139) The process of cytokinesis shows the division of

    A) chromatids

    B) cytoplasm

    C) nucleus

    D) chromosomes

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  • question_answer140) Turgor pressure becomes equal to the wall pressure when

    A) water enters the cell

    B) water leaves the cell

    C) no exchange of water takes place

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer141) Which family have diadelphous condition?

    A) Gramineae

    B) Rosaceae

    C) Liliaceae

    D) Papilionaceae

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  • question_answer142) Tyioses thickenings are seen in

    A) ray parenchyma and xylem cells

    B) sclerenchyma

    C) ray parenchyma only

    D) collenchyma

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  • question_answer143) Which becterium is associated with the roots of legumes?

    A) Spirogyra

    B) Rhizobium

    C) Clostridium

    D) Nostoc

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  • question_answer144) Binomial system of nomenclature was given by

    A) Linnaeus

    B) Theophrastus

    C) Hooker

    D) Bentham

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  • question_answer145) In Cycas coralloid roots has

    A) Clostridium

    B) Rhizobium

    C) Mycorrhiza

    D) Anabaena

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  • question_answer146) Sucking roots are present in the plant

    A) Betel

    B) Cuscuta

    C) Mangifera

    D) Solarium

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  • question_answer147) In gram positive bacteria cell wall is made up of

    A) cellulose

    B) protein

    C) murein

    D) lipid

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  • question_answer148) For ascent of sap, most acceptable theory is

    A) atmospheric theory

    B) cohesion and transpiration pull theory

    C) root pressure theory

    D) pulsation theory

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  • question_answer149) In Datura the fruit is

    A) septicidal capsule

    B) porous capsule

    C) septifragal capsule

    D) loculicidal capsule

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  • question_answer150) The bread wheat is

    A) diploid

    B) triploid

    C) tetraploid

    D) hexaploid

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  • question_answer151) If the rate of addition of new members increases with respect to the individual host of the same population, then the graph obtained has

    A) declined growth

    B) exponential growth

    C) zero population growth

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer152) Infection of Enterobius is caused to man is by

    A) inoculation

    B) contamination

    C) piercing

    D) flying

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  • question_answer153) Microfilaria is found in the peripheral blood of man during

    A) day time

    B) night time

    C) morning

    D) evening

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  • question_answer154) The infective stage of Entamoeba histolytica is

    A) cysi

    B) egg

    C) spore

    D) trophozoite

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  • question_answer155) Which of the following is a communicable disease?

    A) Diabetes

    B) Hypertension

    C) Kwasiorkor

    D) Diphtheria

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  • question_answer156) The disease filaria is transmitted by

    A) tse-tse fly

    B) sandfly

    C) Anopheles

    D) Culex

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  • question_answer157) In Entamoeba histolytica, the presence of chromatid bodies is characteristic of

    A) precystic stage

    B) trophozoite stage

    C) mature quadrinucleate cyst

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer158) Euploidy is best explained by

    A) exact multiple of a haploid set of chromosomes

    B) one chromosome less than the haploid set of chromosomes

    C) one chromosome more than the haploid set of chromosomes

    D) one chromosome more than the diploid set of chromosomes

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  • question_answer159) A man known to be victim of haemophilia marries a normal women whose father was known to be a bleeder. Then it is expected that

    A) all their children will be bleeders

    B) one-fourth of their children will be bleeders

    C) half of their children will be bleeders

    D) one-tenth of their children will be bleeders

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  • question_answer160) If a boys father has haemophilia and his mother has one gene for haemophilia, what is the chance that the boy will inherit the disease?

    A) \[100%\]

    B) \[75%\]

    C) \[50%\]


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  • question_answer161) The adaptive similarities in different animals, found in the same habitat, is called

    A) adaptive radiation

    B) convergent evolution

    C) parallel evolution

    D) retrogressive evolution

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  • question_answer162) Arboreal mammals have

    A) flying character

    B) burrowing character

    C) climbing character

    D) jumping character

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  • question_answer163) The egg of a rabbit is

    A) microlecithal

    B) megalccithal

    C) lelolecithal

    D) alccithal

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  • question_answer164) The hormone that regulates the calcium level of blood is

    A) parathormone

    B) thyroxine

    C) insulin

    D) glucagon

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  • question_answer165) Hormone, which helps in metamorphosis in insects, is

    A) pheromone

    B) thyroxine

    C) ecdysone

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer166) In the development of the human body, the ectoderm is responsible for the formation of

    A) sweat glands

    B) nervous system

    C) lens of the eye

    D) all of these

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  • question_answer167) In human zygote, the male sex is determined by whether

    A) mother gets good nutrition

    B) father is stronger than mother

    C) strength of male chromosome

    D) required composition of chromosomes

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  • question_answer168) Polar bodies are produced during the formation of

    A) sperm

    B) oogonium

    C) spermatocytes

    D) secondary oocyte

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  • question_answer169) Melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) is secreted by

    A) anterior lobe of pituitary

    B) posterior lobe of pituitary

    C) intermediate lobe of pituitary

    D) not by any lobe of pituitary

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  • question_answer170) The two lateral ventricles, in the brain of frog, communicate with the third ventricle throught

    A) rhinocoel

    B) sylvius

    C) foramen magnum

    D) foramen of monro

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  • question_answer171) The respiratory centre, which regulates respiration, is located in

    A) cerebellum

    B) the vagus nerve

    C) cerebral peduncle

    D) medulla oblongata

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  • question_answer172) The unit of photoreception, in a compound eye of cockroach and other insects, is

    A) ctenidium

    B) osphradium

    C) ommatidium

    D) rhabdome

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  • question_answer173) The skull of a bird is

    A) dicondylic

    B) mono condylic

    C) amphicondylic

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer174) Astragalus and calcanium are present in

    A) fore limb

    B) hind limb

    C) scapula

    D) clavicle

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  • question_answer175) In micturition

    A) urethra relaxes

    B) ureter contracts

    C) ureter relaxes

    D) urethra contracts

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  • question_answer176) Two examples in which the nitrogenous wastes are excreted from body in the form of uric acid are

    A) birds and/lizards

    B) mammals and mollusk

    C) insects and bony fishes

    D) frogs and cartilaginous fishes

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  • question_answer177) Water reabsorption in kidney is controlled by

    A) GH

    B) ADH

    C) oxytocin

    D) aldosterone

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  • question_answer178) The abiogenesis occured about how many billion years ago?

    A) 1.2 billion

    B) 1.5 billion

    C) 2.5 billion

    D) 3.5 billion

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  • question_answer179) Development of patagia in animals is an

    A) cave adaptation

    B) volant adaptation

    C) aquatic adaptation

    D) arboreal adaptation

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  • question_answer180) Binomial nomenclature indicates

    A) genus and family

    B) genus and species

    C) phylum and genus

    D) species and sub-species

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  • question_answer181) The site of EMP pathway in cell is

    A) nucleus

    B) peroxisome

    C) cytoplasm

    D) mitochondria

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  • question_answer182) The mode of DNA replication is semi conservative. It was first demonstrated by

    A) Tayler

    B) Khorana

    C) Meselson and Stahl

    D) Watson and Crick

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  • question_answer183) How many base pairs are present in one turn of DNA?

    A) 10

    B) 9

    C) 11

    D) 12

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  • question_answer184) The induced fit theory to enzyme action was given by

    A) Koshland

    B) Sumner

    C) Fischer

    D) Hershey and Chase

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  • question_answer185) Several buds may occur in a single mother Hydra, at a time. Then

    A) all of them are equally old

    B) the one towards the oral end is older

    C) the one towards the aboral end is older

    D) the one towards the aboral end is younger

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  • question_answer186) Hermit crab and sea anemone relationship is

    A) mutualism

    B) symbiosis

    C) commensalism

    D) none of these

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  • question_answer187) How are Annelida advanced over Nematoda?

    A) Closed circulation

    B) True coelom

    C) Metameric segmentation

    D) All of these

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  • question_answer188) The type of vertebrae in sub-order ophidia is

    A) amphicoelous

    B) acoelous

    C) haterocoelous

    D) procoelous

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  • question_answer189) Which of the following is the burrowing marsupial?

    A) Thylacinus

    B) Notoryctus

    C) Myrmecobius

    D) Phascolarctes

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  • question_answer190) Ambulacral grooves are absent in the living forms of the class

    A) Crinoidea

    B) Ophiuroidea

    C) Asteroidea

    D) Echinodermata

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  • question_answer191) The transgenic animals are those which have

    A) foreign RNA in all its cells

    B) foreign DNA in all its cells

    C) foreign DNA in some of its cells

    D) both a and c

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  • question_answer192) Fats are richly found in

    A) alveolar tissue

    B) lymph glands

    C) adipose tissue

    D) liver cells

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  • question_answer193) The muscles associated with the heart of insects are

    A) alary

    B) radial

    C) striped

    D) pericardial

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  • question_answer194) The endothelium of blood vessel is composed of

    A) cuboidal epithelium

    B) squamous epithelium

    C) columnar epithelium

    D) ciliated epithelium

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  • question_answer195) What is common among amylase, rennin and trypsin?

    A) These all are proteins

    B) These act at a pH lower than 7

    C) These are produced in stomach

    D) These all are proteolytic enzymes

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  • question_answer196) The release of pancreatic juice from the pancreas, in a mammal, is stimulated by

    A) trypsinogen

    B) secretin

    C) entero kinase

    D) choleocystokinin

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  • question_answer197) The largest quantity of air that can be expired, after maximal inspiration effort, is called

    A) tidal volume

    B) vital capacity

    C) residual volume

    D) total lung volume

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  • question_answer198) Regarding blood circulation, it may by said that in Pheretima the dorsal vessel is a

    A) collecting vessel in first, two segments and distributing vessel in other

    B) distributing vessel in first, five segments and distributing vessel in other

    C) collecting vessel in first thirteen segments and distributing vessel in intestinal region

    D) distributing vessel in first thirteen segments and collecting vessel in intestinal region

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  • question_answer199) At high altitudes, the RBCs in human blood

    A) increases in size

    B) decreases in size

    C) increases in number

    D) decreases in number

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  • question_answer200) Each spinal nerve in a mammal arises from the spinal cord by two roots, a dorsal and a ventral. Of these the ventral root is composed of

    A) somatic motor and vesceral motor fibres

    B) somatic sensory and vesceral motor fibres

    C) somatic motor and visceral sensory fibres

    D) somatic sensory and visceral sensory fibres

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