Banking Computers NICL Assistant Online Exam Held on 12-04-2015

  • question_answer Descending order of data hierarchy in data management in computing Is __________

    A)  Database-record- file-bytes- fields- bit

    B)  Database- fields- file- record- bit- bytes

    C)  Database- file- record- fields- bit- bytes

    D)  Database- file- record- fields- byte- bit

    E)  Database- record- fields- file-bytes- bit

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :

    [d] The correct descending or der of data hierarchy is; Data base \[>\] File \[>\] Record \[>\] Byte \[>\] Bit. 
    Database: a group of related files
    File : a group of related records
    Record : a group of related records
    Fields : a group of characters or bytes that conveys meaning
    Byte: 8 bits
    Bit: smallest data item on a computer, can have values 0 or 1

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