JEE Main & Advanced JEE Main Paper (Held On 22 April 2013)

  • question_answer In Williamason synthesis of mixed ether having a primary and a tertiary alkyl  group if tertiary halide is used, then:     JEE Main  Online Paper (Held On 22 April 2013)

    A)  Rate of reaction will be slow due to slow cleavage of carbon ? halogen bond

    B)  Alkene will be the main product

    C)  Simple ether will form instead of mixed ether

    D)   Expected mixed ether will be formed

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

     The tertiary alkyi halide undergo elimination reaction to give alkenes \[C{{H}_{3}}-\underset{C{{H}_{3}}}{\overset{C{{H}_{3}}}{\mathop{\underset{|}{\overset{|}{\mathop{C}}}\,}}}\,-X+NaO{{C}_{2}}{{H}_{5}}\xrightarrow{{}}\] \[\underset{2-\text{methyl}\,\,\text{propence}}{\mathop{C{{H}_{3}}-\overset{C{{H}_{3}}}{\mathop{\overset{|}{\mathop{C}}\,}}\,=C{{H}_{2}}}}\,\]

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