JEE Main & Advanced JEE Main Paper (Held On 22 April 2013)

  • question_answer Which of the following is diamagnetic?     JEE Main  Online Paper (Held On 22 April 2013)

    A) \[[\operatorname{F}e{{({{\operatorname{CN}}_{6}})}^{3-}}\]                    

    B)  \[{{[\operatorname{Co}(\operatorname{O}\operatorname{X})]}^{3-}}\]

    C)  \[{{[\operatorname{Fe}{{\operatorname{F}}_{6}}]}^{3-}}\]                        

    D)  \[{{[\operatorname{Co}{{\operatorname{F}}_{6}}]}^{3-}}\]

    Correct Answer: B

    Solution :

     \[{{[Fe{{(CN)}_{6}}]}^{3-}}\]has magnetic moment of a single unpaired electron whereas \[{{[Fe{{F}_{6}}]}^{3-}}\] has  a magnetic moment of five unpaired electrons. \[{{[Co{{F}_{6}}]}^{3-}}\]is paramagnetic with four unpaired electrons while \[{{[Co{{({{C}_{2}}{{O}_{4}})}_{3}}]}^{3}}\] is diamagnetic. This anomaly is explained by valence bond theory in terms of formation of inner and outer orbital coordination entities. \[{{[Co{{({{C}_{2}}{{O}_{4}})}_{3}}]}^{3-}}\]is an inner orbital complexes having \[{{d}^{2}}s{{p}^{3}}\]hybridization.

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