JEE Main & Advanced JEE Main Paper (Held on 10-4-2019 Morning)

  • question_answer Given below in the left column are different modes of communication using the kinds of waves given the right column.
    A. Optical Fibre communication P. Ultrasound
    B. Radar Q. Infrared Light
    C. Sonar R. Microwaves
    D. Mobile Phones S. Radio Waves
    [JEE Main 10-4-2019 Morning]

    A) \[A-S,\text{ }B-Q,\text{ }C-R,\text{ }D-P\]

    B) \[A-R,\text{ }B-P,\text{ }C-S,\text{ }D-Q\]

    C) \[A-Q,\text{ }B-S,\text{ }C-R,\text{ }D-P\]

    D) \[A-Q,\text{ }B-S,\text{ }C-P,\text{ }D-R\]

    Correct Answer: D

    Solution :


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