JEE Main & Advanced JEE Main Paper (Held on 09-4-2019 Morning)

  • question_answer For a reaction, \[{{N}_{2}}(g)+3{{H}_{2}}(g)\to 2N{{H}_{3}}(g);\]identify dihydrogen \[({{H}_{2}})\] as a limiting reagent in the following reaction mixtures.                         [JEE Main 9-4-2019 Morning]

    A) \[\text{14g of }{{\text{N}}_{\text{2}}}\text{+4g of }{{\text{H}}_{\text{2}}}\]

    B) \[\text{28g of }{{\text{N}}_{\text{2}}}\text{+6g of }{{\text{H}}_{\text{2}}}\]

    C) \[\text{56g of }{{\text{N}}_{\text{2}}}\text{+10g of }{{\text{H}}_{\text{2}}}\]

    D) \[\text{35g of }{{\text{N}}_{\text{2}}}\text{+8g of }{{\text{H}}_{\text{2}}}\]

    Correct Answer: C

    Solution :

    \[{{N}_{2}}(g)+3{{H}_{2}}(g)\to 2N{{H}_{3}}(g);\] [a]\[\begin{matrix}    \underset{(LR)}{\mathop{0.5mol}}\, & 2mol  \\ \end{matrix}\] [b]\[\begin{matrix}    1mol & 3mol & (completion)  \\ \end{matrix}\] [c] \[\begin{matrix}    2mol & \underset{(LR)}{\mathop{5mol}}\,  \\ \end{matrix}\] [d] \[\begin{matrix}    \underset{(LR)}{\mathop{1.25mol}}\, & \underset{{}}{\mathop{4mol}}\,  \\ \end{matrix}\] \[\therefore \] Ans. [c]

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