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  • question_answer1) A wooden wheel of radius R is made of two semicircular parts (see figure). The two parts are held together by a ring made of a metal strip of cross sectional area S and length L. L is slightly less than \[2\pi R\]. To fit the ring on the wheel, it is heated so that its temperature rises by \[\Delta T\] and it just steps over the wheel. As it cools down to surrounding temperature, it presses the semicircular parts together. If the coefficient of linear expansion of the metal is \[\alpha \], and its Young's modulus is Y, the force that one part of the wheel applies on the other part is:   AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2012

    A) \[2\pi SY\alpha \Delta T\]                               

    B) \[SY\alpha \,\Delta T\]

    C) \[\pi SY\alpha \,\Delta T\]                              

    D) \[2SY\alpha \,\Delta T\]

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AIEEE Solved Paper-2012
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