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done AIEEE Solved Paper-2008

  • question_answer1) This question contains Statement-1 and Statement -2. Of the four choices given after the statements, choose the one that best describes the two statements. Statement -1: For a mass M kept at the canter of a cube of side 'a' the flux of gravitational field passing through its sides is \[4\pi \] GM. and Statement -2: If the direction of a field due to a point source is radial and its dependence on the distance 'r' from the source is given as \[\frac{1}{{{r}^{2}}}\], its flux through a closed surface depends only on the strength of the source enclosed by the surface and not on the size or shape of the surface.       AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2007

    A) Statement -1 is true, Statement- 2 is true; Statement -2 is not a correct explanation for Statement-1

    B) Statement -1 is true, Statement- 2 is false

    C) Statement -1 is false, Statement- 2 is true

    D) Statement -1 is true, Statement- 2 is true; Statement -2 is a correct explanation for Statement-1

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  • question_answer2) A 5V battery with internal resistance \[2\,\Omega \] and a 2V battery with internal resistance \[1\,\Omega \] are connected to a \[10\,\,\Omega \] resistor as shown in the figure. The current in the \[10\,\,\Omega \] resistor is                     AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2007

    A) 0.03 A \[{{P}_{2}}\] to \[{{P}_{1}}\]         

    B) 0.27 A \[{{P}_{1}}\] to \[{{P}_{2}}\]

    C)        0.27 A \[{{P}_{2}}\] to \[{{P}_{1}}\]

    D)        0.03 A \[{{P}_{1}}\] to \[{{P}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer3) A thin rod of length ?L? is lying along the x-axis with its ends at \[x=0\] and \[x=L\]. Its linear density (mass/length) varies with x as \[k{{\left( \frac{x}{L} \right)}^{n}}\], where ?n? can be zero or any positive number. If the position \[{{x}_{CM}}\] of the centre of mass of the rod is plotted against ?n?, which of the following graphs best approximates the dependence of \[{{x}_{CM}}\] on n?       AIEEE  Solved  Paper-2007





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