Solved papers for JEE Main & Advanced AIEEE Solved Paper-2013

done AIEEE Solved Paper-2013

  • question_answer1) Arrange the following compounds in order of decreasing acidity :     AIEEE Solevd Paper-2013

    A) \[II>IV>I>III\]   

    B) \[I>II>III>IV\]   

    C) \[III>I>II>IV\]   

    D) \[IV>III>I>II\]

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  • question_answer2) An unknown alcohol is treated with the 'Lucas reagent' to determine whether the alcohol is primary, secondary or tertiary. Which alcohol reacts fastest and by what mechanism:     AIEEE Solevd Paper-2013

    A) secondary alcohol by\[{{S}_{N}}1\]

    B) tertiary alcohol by\[{{S}_{N}}1\]

    C) secondary alcohol by\[{{S}_{N}}2\]

    D) tertiary alcohol by\[{{S}_{N}}2\]

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