Solved papers for JCECE Medical JCECE Medical Solved Paper-2011

done JCECE Medical Solved Paper-2011

  • question_answer1) The dimension of \[\frac{P}{a}\]in the equation \[p=\frac{b-{{t}^{2}}}{ax}\] where p is pressure, \[x\]is distance and t is time are

    A) \[[ML{{T}^{-2}}]\]

    B) \[[M{{T}^{-2}}]\]

    C) \[[M{{L}^{3}}{{T}^{-2}}]\]

    D) \[[L{{T}^{-3}}]\]

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  • question_answer2) A body moving with uniform acceleration describes 12 m in the third second of its motion and 20 m in the 5th second. Find the velocity after 10 th second.

    A) 40 m/s

    B) 42 m/s

    C) 52 m/s

    D) 4m/s

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  • question_answer3) A ball rolls of the top of a stair way with a horizontal velocity\[u\,m{{s}^{-1}}.\] If the steps are \[h\] metre high and b metre wide, the ball will hit the edge of the nth step, where \[n\] is

    A) \[\frac{2hu}{g{{b}^{2}}}\]

    B) \[\frac{2h{{u}^{2}}}{g{{b}^{2}}}\]

    C) \[\frac{2h{{u}^{2}}}{gb}\]

    D) \[\frac{h{{u}^{2}}}{g{{b}^{2}}}\]

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  • question_answer4) A man slides down a light rope whose breaking strength is \[\eta \]times his weight. What should be his maximum acceleration so that the rope just not breaks?

    A) \[g(1-\eta )\]

    B) \[\eta g\]

    C) \[\frac{g}{1+\eta }\]

    D) \[\frac{g}{1-\eta }\]

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  • question_answer5) The motor of an engine is rotating about its axis with an angular velocity of 100 rev/m. If conies to rest in 15s, after being switched off. Assuming constant angular deceleration. What are the numbers of revolutions made by it before coming to rest?

    A) 12.5

    B) 40

    C) 32.6

    D) 15.6

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  • question_answer6) By what percent the energy of a satellite has to be increased to shift it from an orbit of radius r to 3r?

    A) 22.3%

    B) 33.3%

    C) 66.7%

    D) 100%

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  • question_answer7) To maintain a rotar at uniform angular speed of 200 rad/s, an engine needs to transmit a torque of 180 Nm. What is the power required by engine? (Assume efficiency of engine to be 80%)

    A) 36kW

    B) 18 kW

    C) 45kW

    D) 54kW

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  • question_answer8) Two pendulum have time period T and\[\frac{5T}{4}\] they start SHM at the same time form the mean position. What will be the phase difference between them after the bigger pendulum completed one oscillation

    A) \[{{45}^{o}}\]

    B) \[{{90}^{o}}\]

    C) 60?

    D) \[~{{30}^{o}}\]

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  • question_answer9) An open pipe of length 33 cm resonates with frequency of 1000 Hz. If the speed of sound is \[333\,m{{s}^{-1}},\]then this frequency is

    A) fundamental frequency of the pipe

    B) third harmonic of the pipe

    C) second harmonic of the pipe

    D) fourth harmonic of the pipe

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  • question_answer10) Water rises to a height h in a capillary at the surface of earth on the surface of the moon the height of water column in the same capillary will be

    A) \[6h\]

    B) \[h/6\]

    C) \[h\]

    D) zero

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  • question_answer11) The molar heat capacity in a process of a diatomic gas, if it does a work of Q/4 when heat Q is supplied to it, is

    A) \[\frac{2}{5}R\]

    B) \[\frac{10}{3}R\]

    C) \[\frac{5}{3}R\]

    D) \[\frac{6}{5}R\]

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  • question_answer12) A black body has maximum energy at wavelength\[{{\lambda }_{m}}\]at temperature 2000 K. The corresponding wavelength at a temperature of 3000 K will be

    A) \[\frac{3}{2}{{\lambda }_{m}}\]

    B) \[\frac{2}{3}{{\lambda }_{m}}\]

    C) \[\frac{4}{9}{{\lambda }_{m}}\]

    D) \[\frac{9}{4}{{\lambda }_{m}}\]

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  • question_answer13) The potential field of an electric field \[E=(yi+xj)\]is

    A) \[V=-(x+y)+\]constant

    B) \[V=\text{constant}\]

    C) \[V=-({{x}^{2}}+{{y}^{2}})+cons\tan t\]

    D) \[V=-xy+\text{constant}\]

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  • question_answer14) The \[80\,\Omega \] galvanometer, deflects full scale for a potentials of 20 mV. A voltmeter deflecting full scale of 5V is to made using this galvanometer. We must connect

    A) a resistance of \[19.92\,k\Omega \]parallel to the galvanometer

    B) a resistance of \[19.92\,k\Omega \]in series with the galvanoyneter

    C) a resistance of \[20\,k\Omega \]parallel to the galvanometer

    D) a resistance of \[20\,k\Omega \]in series with galvanometer

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  • question_answer15) A current of 1 A is passed through a straight wire of length 20 m. The magnetic field at a point in air at a distance of 3 m from either end of wire and lying on the axis of wire will be

    A) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{2\pi }\]

    B) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{4\pi }\]

    C) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}}{8\pi }\]

    D) zero

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  • question_answer16) short bar magnet placed with its axis- at \[{{30}^{o}}\] with a uniform external magnetic field of 0.16 T experience a torque of magnitude 0.032 J. The magnetic moment of the bar magnet will be

    A) \[0.23\,J{{T}^{-1}}\]

    B) \[0.40\,J{{T}^{-1}}\]

    C) \[0.80\,J{{T}^{-1}}\]

    D) zero

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  • question_answer17) A coil has an area of \[0.05\,{{m}^{2}}\]and has 800 turns. After placing the coil in a magnetic field of strength\[4\times {{10}^{-5}}Wb{{m}^{-2}}\]perpendicular to the field, the coil is rotated through \[{{90}^{o}}\] in 0. Is. The average emf induced is

    A) zero

    B) 0.016V

    C) 0.01V

    D) 0.032V

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  • question_answer18) An alternating voltage (in volt) given by \[V=200\sqrt{2}\sin (100t)\] is connected to \[1\mu F\]capacitor through an AC ammeter. The reading of the ammeter will be

    A) 10 mA

    B) 20 mA

    C) 40 mA

    D) 80 mA

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  • question_answer19) Instantaneous displacement current of 1.0 A in the space between the parallel plates of \[1\mu F\]capacitor can be established by changing potential difference of

    A) \[{{10}^{-6\text{ }}}V/s\]

    B) \[{{10}^{6}}\text{ }V/s\]

    C) \[{{10}^{-8}}\text{ }V/s\]

    D) \[~{{10}^{8}}\text{ }V/s\]

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  • question_answer20) The maximum magnification that can be obtained with a convex lens of focal length 2.5 cm is least distance of distinct vision is 25 cm

    A) 10

    B) \[0.1\]

    C) 62.5

    D) 11

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  • question_answer21) The magnifying power of an astronomical telescope is 8 and the distance between the two lenses is 54 cm. The focal length of eye lens and objective lens will be respectively

    A) 6 cm and 48 cm

    B) 48 cm and 6 cm

    C) 8 cm and 64 cm

    D) 6 cm and 60 cm

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  • question_answer22) The path difference between two wavefronts emitted by coherent sources of wavelength \[5460\overset{\text{o}}{\mathop{\text{A}}}\,\]is 2.1 micron The phase difference between the wave fronts at that point is

    A) 7.692 rad

    B) \[7.692\text{ }\pi \text{ }rad\]

    C) \[\frac{7.692}{\pi }rad\]

    D) \[\frac{7.692}{3\pi }rad\]

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  • question_answer23) A photocell with a constant potential difference of V volt across it is illuminated by a point source from a distance of 25 cm. When the source is moved to a distance of 1 m, the electrons emitted by the photocell

    A) carry 1/4th their previous energy

    B) are 1/6th as numerous as before

    C) are 1/4th as numerous as before

    D) carry 1/4th their previous momentum

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  • question_answer24) When an electron in hydrogen atom is excited from its 4th to 5th stationary orbit, the change in angular momentum of electron is (Plancks constant \[h=6.6\times {{10}^{-34}}\,Js\])

    A) \[4.16\times {{10}^{-34}}Js\]

    B) \[3.32\times {{10}^{-34}}Js\]

    C) \[1.05\times {{10}^{-34}}Js\]

    D) \[2.08\times {{10}^{-34}}Js\]

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  • question_answer25) Let T be the mean life of a radioactive sample. 75% of the active nuclei present in the sample initially will decay in time

    A) \[2T\]

    B) \[\frac{1}{2}(ln2)T\]

    C) \[4T\]

    D) \[2(ln2)T\]

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  • question_answer26) A potential barrier of 0.50 V exists across a p-n junction. If the deplection region is \[5.0\times {{10}^{-7}}m\]wide, the strength of electric field in this region is

    A) \[1.0\times {{10}^{6}}V/m\]

    B) \[1.0\times {{10}^{5}}V/m\]

    C) \[2.0\times {{10}^{5}}V/m\]

    D) \[2.0\times {{10}^{6}}V/m\]

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  • question_answer27) What is an AND gate?

    A) It has not equivalence to switching circuit

    B) It is equivalent to series switching circuit

    C) It is equivalent to parallel switching circuit

    D) It is a mixture of series and parallel switching

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  • question_answer28) A parachutist drops first freely from an aero plane for 10 s and then parachute opens out. Now he descends with a net retardation of \[2.5\,m/{{s}^{2}}.\] If he bails out of the plane at a height of 2495 m and\[g=10\,m/{{s}^{2}},\] his velocity on reaching the ground will be

    A) 5 m/s

    B) 10 m/s

    C) 15 m/s

    D) 20 m/s

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  • question_answer29) A particle is moving along a circular path with uniform speed. Through what angle does it angular velocity change when it completes half of the circular path?

    A) \[{{0}^{o}}\]

    B) \[{{45}^{o}}\]

    C) \[{{180}^{o}}\]

    D) \[~{{360}^{o}}\]

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  • question_answer30) Tick out the wrong statement.

    A) Transverse waves can be generated in solids.

    B) A system having ice floating on water has the same volume even after the ice is melted.

    C) Heat radiations have the velocity of light.

    D) Phase will not change when sound or light waves are reflected back.

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  • question_answer31) Two particles P and Q describe SHM of same amplitude a, frequency v along the same straight line. The maximum distance between the two particle is \[a\sqrt{2}.\]The initial phase difference between the particles is

    A) zero

    B) \[\pi /2\]

    C) \[\pi /6\]

    D) \[\pi /3\]

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  • question_answer32) The magnitude of electric intensity E is such that an electron placed in it would experience an electrical force equal to its weight. E is given by

    A) \[mge\]

    B) \[\frac{e}{mg}\]

    C) \[\frac{mg}{e}\]

    D) \[\frac{{{e}^{2}}g}{{{m}^{2}}}\]

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  • question_answer33) In the figure, charge and the potential difference across the \[4\mu F\] capacitor will be nearly

    A) \[600\,\mu C,150\,V\]

    B) \[300\,\mu C,75\,V\]

    C) \[800\,\mu C,200\,V\]

    D) \[580\,\mu C,145\,V\]

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  • question_answer34) A dip circle lies initially in the magnetic meridian. If it is now rotated, through angle\[\theta \] in the horizontal plane, then tangent of the angle of dip is changed in the ratio

    A) \[1:\cos \theta \]

    B) \[\cos \theta :1\]

    C) \[1:\sin \theta \]

    D) \[\sin \theta :1\]

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  • question_answer35) A 5 cm long solenoid having \[10\,\,\Omega \] resistance and 5 mH inductance is joined to a 10 V battery, At steady state, the current through the solenoid (in ampere) will be

    A) 5

    B) 2

    C) 1

    D) zero

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  • question_answer36) A convex lens makes a real image 4 cm long on a screen. When the lens is shifted to a new position without disturbing the object, we again get a real image on the screen which is 16 cm tall. The length of the object must be

    A) \[\frac{1}{4}cm\]

    B) \[8\,cm\]

    C) \[12\,cm\]

    D) \[20\,cm\]

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  • question_answer37) For a particle of mass m enclosed in a one-dimensional box of length L, the de-Broglie concept would lead to stationary waves, with nodes at the two ends. The energy values allowed for such a system (with n as integer) will be

    A) \[\frac{{{h}^{2}}}{8\,m{{L}^{2}}}{{n}^{2}}\]

    B) \[\frac{{{h}^{2}}}{4mL}{{n}^{2}}\]

    C) \[\frac{h}{4mL}n\]

    D) \[\frac{{{h}^{2}}}{4m{{L}^{2}}}{{n}^{2}}\]

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  • question_answer38) If \[{{N}_{0}}\]is the original mass of the substance of half-life period \[{{t}_{1/5}}=5yrs,\] then the amount of substance left after 15 days is

    A) \[\frac{{{N}_{0}}}{8}\]

    B) \[\frac{{{N}_{0}}}{16}\]

    C) \[\frac{{{N}_{0}}}{2}\]

    D) \[\frac{{{N}_{0}}}{4}\]

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  • question_answer39) A doubled layered wall has layer A, 10 cm thick and B, 20 cm thick. The thermal conductivity of A is thrice that of B. In the steady state, the temperature difference across the wall is \[35{{\,}^{o}}C.\] The temperature difference across the layer A is

    A) \[28{{\,}^{o}}C\]

    B) \[14{{\,}^{o}}C\]

    C) \[7{{\,}^{o}}C\]

    D) \[5{{\,}^{o}}C\]

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  • question_answer40) The mass of a planet is six times that of the earth. The radius of the planet is twice that of the earth. If the escape velocity from the earth is \[v,\]then the escape velocity from the planet is

    A) \[\sqrt{3}\,v\]

    B) \[\sqrt{2}\,v\]

    C) \[\sqrt{5}\,v\]

    D) \[\sqrt{12}\,v\]

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  • question_answer41) Power supplied to a particle of mass 2 kg varies with time as \[P=\frac{3{{t}^{2}}}{2}W.\]Here t is in second. If velocity of particle at \[t=0\]is \[v=0,\]the velocity of particle at time \[t=2\,s\]will be

    A) 1 m/s

    B) 4 m/s

    C) 2 m/s

    D) \[2\sqrt{2}\,m/s\]

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  • question_answer42) A particle is projected from the ground with an initial speed of\[v\]at an angle\[\theta \]with horizontally. The average velocity of the particle between its point of projection and highest point of trajectory is

    A) \[\frac{v}{2}\sqrt{1+2{{\cos }^{2}}\theta }\]

    B) \[\frac{v}{2}\sqrt{1+2{{\cos }^{2}}\theta }\]

    C) \[\frac{v}{2}\sqrt{1+3{{\cos }^{2}}\theta }\]

    D) \[v\cos \theta \]

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  • question_answer43) Given\[\sigma \] is the compressibility of water, \[\rho \] is the density of water arid k is the bulk modulus of water. What is the energy density of water at the bottom of a lake \[h\] metre deep?

    A) \[\frac{1}{2}\sigma {{(h\rho g)}^{2}}\]

    B) \[\frac{1}{2}\sigma (h\rho g)\]

    C) \[\frac{1}{2}\frac{h\rho g}{\sigma }\]

    D) \[\frac{h\rho g}{\sigma }\]

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  • question_answer44) An ideal gas heat engine operates in a Carnot cycle between \[227{{\,}^{o}}C\]and \[127{{\,}^{o}}C.\] It absorbs \[6.0\times {{10}^{4}}\,cal\]at the higher temperature. The amount of heat converted into work is equal to

    A) \[4.8\times {{10}^{4}}cal\]

    B) \[3.5\times {{10}^{4}}cal\]

    C) \[1.6\times {{10}^{4}}cal\]

    D) \[1.2\times {{10}^{4}}cal\]

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  • question_answer45) The latent heat of vaporisation of water is \[2240~J.\] If the work done in the process of vaporisation of 1 g is 168 J, then increases in internal energy is

    A) 2408 J

    B) 2240 J

    C) 2072 J

    D) 1904 J

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  • question_answer46) A body dropped from the top of a tower covers a distance \[7x\]in the last second of its journey, where \[x\] is the distance covered in first second. How much time does it take to reach the ground?

    A) 3s

    B) 4s

    C) 5s

    D) 6s

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  • question_answer47) A body just dropped from a tower explodes into two pieces of equal mass in mid-air. Which of the following is not possible?

    A) Each part will follow parabolic path

    B) Only one part will follow parabolic path

    C) Both parts move along a vertical line

    D) One part reaches the ground earlier than the other

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  • question_answer48) Moment of inertia of a uniform circular disc about a diameter is \[I.\]Its moment of inertia about an axis perpendicular to its plane and passing through a point on its rim will be

    A) 57

    B) 37

    C) 6J

    D) 47

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  • question_answer49) Two sources A and B are sounding notes of frequency 680 Hz. A listener moves from A to B with a constant velocity \[\upsilon .\]If the speed of sound 340 m/s, what must be the value of \[\upsilon .\]so that he hears 10 beats per second?

    A) 2.0 m/s

    B) 2.5 m/s

    C) 3.0 m/s

    D) 3.5 m/s

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  • question_answer50) A current of 1 A flows in a circular area of wire which subtends an angle of \[\left( \frac{3\pi }{2} \right)\text{rad}\]at its centre, whose radius is R. The magnetic induction B at the centre is

    A) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}I}{R}\]

    B) \[\frac{{{\mu }_{0}}I}{2R}\]

    C) \[\frac{2{{\mu }_{0}}I}{R}\]

    D) \[\frac{3{{\mu }_{0}}I}{8R}\]

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  • question_answer51) Which of the following compounds corresponds to vant Hoff factor \[(i)\] to be equal to 2 for dilute solution?

    A) \[{{K}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]

    B) \[NaHS{{O}_{4}}\]

    C) Sugar

    D) \[MgS{{O}_{4}}\]

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  • question_answer52) \[\text{0}\text{.1 M NaCl}\]and \[\text{0}\text{.1 M C}{{\text{H}}_{\text{3}}}\text{COOH}\]are kept in separate containers. If their osmotic pressures are \[{{p}_{1}}\]and \[{{p}_{2}}\]respectively then what is the correct statement?

    A) \[{{p}_{1}}>{{p}_{2}}\]

    B) \[{{p}_{1}}={{p}_{2}}\]

    C) \[{{p}_{1}}<{{p}_{2}}\]

    D) \[{{p}_{1}}={{p}_{2}}=0\,\text{atm}\]

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  • question_answer53) Primary, secondary and tertiary alcohols may be distinguished by

    A) Fehling solution

    B) Victor-Meyertest

    C) Hofmanntest

    D) Beilstein test

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  • question_answer54) Which of the following will respond to Cannizaros reaction?

    A) 2, 2-dimethylpropanal

    B) Acetaldehyde

    C) Propionaldehyde

    D) Cinnamaldehyde

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  • question_answer55) Which one of the following will increase the voltage of the cell? \[Sn(s)+2A{{g}^{+}}(aq)\xrightarrow{{}}S{{n}^{2+}}+(aq)+2Ag(s)\]

    A) Increase in the size of silver rod

    B) Increasing the size of plate

    C) Increase in the concentration of \[A{{g}^{+}}\]ions

    D) Increase in the concentration of\[S{{n}^{2+}}\] ions

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  • question_answer56) Which among the following can be purified by steam distillation?

    A) Phenol

    B) Aniline

    C) Benzoic acid

    D) p-nitrophenol

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  • question_answer57) For a chemical reaction \[A+BC,\]the thermodynamic equilibrium constant \[{{K}_{p}}\] is

    A) in \[\text{at}{{\text{m}}^{-2}}\]

    B) in \[\text{at}{{\text{m}}^{-3}}\]

    C) in \[\text{at}{{\text{m}}^{-1}}\]

    D) dimensionless

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  • question_answer58) If the equivalent weight of a trivalent metal is 32,7, the molecular weight of its chloride is

    A) 68.2

    B) 103.7

    C) 204.6

    D) 32.7

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  • question_answer59) Conjugate base of hydrazoic acid is

    A) \[HN_{3}^{-}\]

    B) \[N_{2}^{-}\]

    C) \[N_{3}^{-}\]

    D) \[{{N}^{3-}}\]

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  • question_answer60) The geometrical arrangement and shape of \[I_{3}^{-}\] are respectively

    A) trigonal bipyramidal geometry, linear shape

    B) hexagonal geometry, T-shape

    C) triangular planar geometry, triangular shape

    D) tetrahedral geometry, pyramidal shape

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  • question_answer61) Sodium reacts with water more vigorously than Li because it has

    A) higher atomic mass

    B) more electropositive character

    C) metallic nature

    D) more electronegative character

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  • question_answer62) When sodium is treated with sufficient oxygen/air, the product obtained is

    A) \[N{{a}_{2}}O\]

    B) \[N{{a}_{2}}{{O}_{2}}\]

    C) \[Na{{O}_{2}}\]

    D) \[NaO\]

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  • question_answer63) Gallium arsenide is purified by

    A) froth floatation process

    B) van-Arkel method

    C) zone refining method

    D) electrolytic method

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  • question_answer64) Which ion has the lowest radius from the. following ions?

    A) \[N{{a}^{+}}\]

    B) \[M{{g}^{2+}}\]

    C) \[A{{l}^{3+}}\]

    D) \[S{{i}^{4+}}\]

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  • question_answer65) The extraction of which of the following metals involves bessemerisation?

    A) Iron

    B) Copper

    C) Aluminium

    D) Silver

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  • question_answer66) Terylene is made by polymerisation of terephthalic acid with

    A) ethylene glycol

    B) phenol

    C) ethanol

    D) catechol

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  • question_answer67) Treatment of ammonia with excess of ethyl iodide will yield

    A) diethylamine

    B) ethylamine

    C) triethylamine

    D) tetraethylammonium iodide

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  • question_answer68) In the combustion of 2.0 g of methane, 25 kcal heat is liberated. Heat of combustion of methane would be

    A) 150 kcal

    B) 200 kcal

    C) 250 kcal

    D) 350 kcal

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  • question_answer69) Arsenic sulphide is a negative sol. The reagent with least precipitating power is

    A) \[AlC{{l}_{3}}\]

    B) \[NaCl\]

    C) \[Ca{{F}_{2}}\]

    D) glucose

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  • question_answer70) Which of the following salt when dissolved in water gets hydrolysed?

    A) \[NaCl\]

    B) \[N{{H}_{4}}Cl\]

    C) \[KCl\]

    D) \[N{{a}_{2}}S{{O}_{4}}\]

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  • question_answer71) 20 mL of a \[\text{HCl}\]solution exactly neutralizes 40 mL of 0.005 N NaOH solution. The pH of \[\text{HCl}\] solution is

    A) 2.5

    B) 2.0

    C) 1.5

    D) 1

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  • question_answer72) Which of the following is used for inducing sleep?

    A) Paracetamol

    B) Chloroquine

    C) Bithional

    D) Barbituric acid derivatives

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  • question_answer73) Which of the following acids has the smallest dissociation constant?

    A) \[C{{H}_{3}}CHFCOOH\]

    B) \[FC{{H}_{2}}C{{H}_{2}}COOH\]

    C) \[BrC{{H}_{2}}C{{H}_{2}}COOH\]

    D) \[C{{H}_{3}}CHBrCOOH\]

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  • question_answer74) Hydrolysis of benzonitrile by dilute \[\text{HCl}\]yields

    A) aniline

    B) benzoic acid

    C) benzamide

    D) benzaldehyde

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  • question_answer75) Anti-Markowhikoffs addition of HBr is not observed in

    A) propene

    B) 1-butene

    C) but-2-ene

    D) pent-2-ene

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  • question_answer76) Kjeldahls method can be used for estimation of nitrogen in

    A) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}N{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) pyridine

    C) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}-N=N-{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}\]

    D) \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}N{{H}_{2}}\]

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  • question_answer77) How many electrons in 19 K have\[n=3;l=0\]?

    A) 1

    B) 2

    C) 4

    D) 3

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  • question_answer78) Metallic bond is

    A) similar to ionic bond

    B) similar to covalent bond

    C) neither similar to ionic nor covalent bond

    D) formed by the movement of positively charged spheres in a sea of electrons

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  • question_answer79) Which of the following is not a Lewis base?

    A) \[C{{N}^{-}}\]

    B) \[ROH\]

    C) \[N{{H}_{3}}\]

    D) \[AlC{{l}_{3}}\]

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  • question_answer80) Hydrogen can have oxidation number/s of

    A) \[-1\]only

    B) \[+\,1\]only

    C) 0 only

    D) \[-1,0,+1\]

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  • question_answer81) 250 mL of a sodium carbonate solution contains 2.65 g of \[\text{N}{{\text{a}}_{\text{2}}}\text{C}{{\text{O}}_{\text{3}}}\text{.}\]If 10 mL of this solution is diluted to 1 L, what is the concentration of the resultant solution? (Mol. wt. of\[\text{N}{{\text{a}}_{\text{2}}}\text{C}{{\text{O}}_{\text{3}}}\text{=106}\])

    A) 0.1 M

    B) 0.001 M

    C) 0.01 M

    D) \[{{10}^{-4}}\,M\]

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  • question_answer82) At constant temperature, in a given mass of an ideal gas

    A) the ratio of pressure and volume always remains constant

    B) volume always remains constant

    C) pressure always remains constant

    D) the product of pressure and volume always remains constant

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  • question_answer83) The rate of the reaction intermediates can be determined by the study of

    A) catalyst effects

    B) concentration of the reactants

    C) temperature effects

    D) solvent effects

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  • question_answer84) Order of reaction is decided by

    A) temperature

    B) mechanism of reaction

    C) molecularity

    D) pressure

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  • question_answer85) Which of the following conditions will always lead to a non-spontaneous change?

    A) \[+\,ve\text{ }\Delta H\]and \[+\,ve\text{ }\Delta S\]

    B) \[-\,ve\text{ }\Delta H\] and \[-\,ve\text{ }\Delta S\]

    C) \[+\,ve\text{ }\Delta H\]and \[-\,ve\text{ }\Delta S\]

    D) \[-\,ve\text{ }\Delta H\] and\[+\,ve\text{ }\Delta S\]

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  • question_answer86) The passage of current liberates \[{{\text{H}}_{\text{2}}}\]at cathode and \[\text{C}{{\text{l}}_{\text{2}}}\]at anode. The solution is

    A) copper chloride in water

    B) \[\text{NaCl}\] in water

    C) ferric chloride in water

    D) \[\text{AuC}{{\text{l}}_{3}}\] in water

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  • question_answer87) Compounds with \[{{\text{C}}_{\text{4}}}{{\text{H}}_{\text{11}}}\text{N}\]as molecular formula can exhibit

    A) position isomerism

    B) metamerism

    C) functional isomerism

    D) All the three

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  • question_answer88) Which of the following species is a nucleophile?

    A) \[\overset{+}{\mathop{N}}\,{{O}_{2}}\]

    B) \[_{.}^{.}C{{X}_{2}}\]

    C) \[_{\centerdot }^{\centerdot }\overset{\centerdot \centerdot }{\mathop{N}}\,H_{2}^{-}\]

    D) \[\centerdot C{{H}_{3}}\]

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  • question_answer89) Which of the following carbocation is most stable?

    A) \[C{{H}_{3}}\overset{+}{\mathop{C}}\,{{H}_{2}}\]

    B) \[C{{H}_{2}}=\overset{+}{\mathop{C}}\,H\]

    C) \[CH={{C}^{+}}\]

    D) \[{{C}_{6}}H_{5}^{+}\]

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  • question_answer90) Brown colour in \[\text{HN}{{\text{O}}_{\text{3}}}\]can be removed by

    A) adding Mg powder

    B) boiling the acid

    C) passing \[\text{N}{{\text{H}}_{\text{3}}}\]through acid

    D) passing air through warm acid

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  • question_answer91) What products are expected from the disproportionation reaction of hypochlorous acid?

    A) \[HCl{{O}_{3}}\]and \[C{{l}_{2}}O\]

    B) \[HCl{{O}_{2}}\]and\[HCl{{O}_{4}}\]

    C) \[HCl\]and \[C{{l}_{2}}O\]

    D) \[HCl\]and \[HCl{{O}_{3}}\]

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  • question_answer92) Which of the following is not a wax?

    A) Myricyl palmitate

    B) Tripalmitin

    C) Myricyl cerotate

    D) Cetyl palmitate

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  • question_answer93) Which of the following ions forms most stable complex compound?

    A) \[F{{e}^{3+}}\]

    B) \[M{{n}^{2+}}\]

    C) \[N{{i}^{2+}}\]

    D) \[C{{u}^{2+}}\]

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  • question_answer94) Silver plating is carried out from which of the following?

    A) \[AgN{{O}_{3}}\]

    B) \[AgCl\]

    C) \[K[Ag{{(CN)}_{2}}]\]

    D) All of these

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  • question_answer95) Which one of the following is an example of non-typical transition elements?

    A) \[Li,K,Na\]

    B) \[Be,Al,Pb\]

    C) \[Zn,Cd,Hg\]

    D) \[Ba,Ga,Sr\]

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  • question_answer96) In the reaction, \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{6}}\xrightarrow[AlC{{l}_{3}}]{C{{H}_{3}}Cl}A\xrightarrow{KMn{{O}_{4}}}B,\]B is

    A) benzoic acid

    B) benzoyl chloride

    C) benzaldehyde

    D) chlorobenzene

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  • question_answer97) The reaction, \[{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}OH\xrightarrow[Pyridine]{C{{H}_{3}}COCl}{{C}_{6}}{{H}_{5}}OCOC{{H}_{3}}\] is called

    A) Reimer-Tiemann reaction

    B) Schotten-Baumann reaction

    C) acetylation

    D) benzoylation

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  • question_answer98) Which of the following enzymes is not useful in the digestion of proteins?

    A) Chymotripsin

    B) Pepsin

    C) Tripsin

    D) Lipase

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  • question_answer99) Which are isomers?

    A) Ethyl alcohol and dimethyl ether

    B) Acetone and acetaldehyde

    C) Propionic acid and propanone

    D) Methyl alcohol and dimethyl ether

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  • question_answer100) The dative bond is present in

    A) \[N{{H}_{3}}\]

    B) \[S{{O}_{3}}\]

    C) \[PC{{l}_{5}}\]

    D) \[B{{F}_{3}}\]

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  • question_answer101) Who has developed the concept of phagocytosis in immunity?

    A) TH Huxley

    B) E Strasburger

    C) Ernst Haeckel

    D) E Metchnikoff

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  • question_answer102) Changes in the body form of some planktonic animals with seasonal changes in temperature are grouped under

    A) anamorphosis

    B) cyclomorphosis

    C) metamorphosis

    D) heteromorphosis

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  • question_answer103) Smallpox is a

    A) hereditary disease

    B) viral disease

    C) deficiency disease

    D) bacterial disease

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  • question_answer104) An animal with same generic, specific and subspecific name is

    A) man

    B) gorilla

    C) rabbit

    D) elephant

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  • question_answer105) Which of the following pairs correctly represent the grouping spermatophyta according to one of the schemes of classifying plants?

    A) Pinus, Cycas

    B) Ginkgo, Pisum

    C) Acacia, Casuarina

    D) Rhizopus, Triticum

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  • question_answer106) Trichodesmium erythreum shows phenomenon of

    A) red snow formation

    B) red tide formation

    C) red sea colouration

    D) None of the above

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  • question_answer107) Euglena is a Protozoa because it possesses

    A) flagella

    B) chloroplast

    C) cell wall

    D) None of these

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  • question_answer108) Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) medium is best for culturing

    A) saprophytic fungi

    B) obligate fungi

    C) aquatic fungi

    D) All of these

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  • question_answer109) Cycas differs from Pinus in producing

    A) porous wood

    B) manoxylic wood

    C) pycnoxylic wood

    D) female cone

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  • question_answer110) Red snow formation is associated with

    A) Chlamydomonas nivalis

    B) Chlamydomonas longistigma

    C) Chlamydomonas coccifera

    D) Chlamydomona ooganus

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  • question_answer111) Symmetry exhibited by sea walnuts is

    A) radial

    B) spherical

    C) bilateral

    D) biradial

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  • question_answer112) Cells not found in sponges are

    A) porocytes

    B) myocytes

    C) cnidoblasts

    D) calcoblasts

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  • question_answer113) Nematocvsts occur in

    A) ectosarc

    B) cnidocytes

    C) endosarc

    D) epithelial cells

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  • question_answer114) Precious red coral used in jewellery is

    A) Favia

    B) Astraea

    C) Coraltium

    D) Meandrina

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  • question_answer115) Which one is not a parasite?

    A) Schistosoma

    B) Dugesia

    C) Wuchereria

    D) Echinococcus

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  • question_answer116) Adult Wuchereria bancrofti lives in

    A) musdesofCizfey

    B) human lymph nodes

    C) salivary glands of Culex

    D) human subdermal spaces

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  • question_answer117) Pheretimd is

    A) volant

    B) abyssal

    C) arborea}

    D) fossorial

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  • question_answer118) Biramous appendages are present in

    A) Insecta

    B) Crustacea

    C) Onychophora

    D) Cephalopoda

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  • question_answer119) Which one of the following is correct?

    A) Arthropoda-Arachnida-Grasshopper

    B) Mollusca-Cephalopoda-Octopus

    C) Annelida-Hirudinea-Silverfish

    D) Mollusca-Bivalvia-Pila

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  • question_answer120) Select the one with incorrect class.

    A) (Asteroidea-Sea star

    B) Ophiuroida-Brittle star

    C) Echinoided-Sea urchin

    D) Holothuroidea-Sea squid

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  • question_answer121) Which one of the following is not a part of the chordate body?

    A) Urostyle

    B) Pygostyle

    C) Anal style

    D) Endostyle

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  • question_answer122) Whales are included in the same taxonomic class as a

    A) shark

    B) sea horse

    C) gorilla

    D) crocodile

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  • question_answer123) Which of the following can be seen only under the electron microscope?

    A) Ribosomes

    B) Leucoplasts

    C) Chloroplasts

    D) Chromosomes

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  • question_answer124) Desmosomes are concerned with

    A) cytolysis

    B) cell division

    C) cell adherence

    D) cellular excretion

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  • question_answer125) Centromere is required for

    A) replication of DNA

    B) cytdplasmic cleavage

    C) chromosome segregation

    D) poleward movement of chromosomes

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  • question_answer126) Chemical nature of silk is

    A) chitin

    B) lipid

    C) carbohydrate

    D) protein

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  • question_answer127) DNA strands are antiparallel because of

    A) hydrogen bonds

    B) glycosidic bonds

    C) disulphide bonds

    D) phosphodiester bonds

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  • question_answer128) Heat-resistant enzymes are known to occur in

    A) camel

    B) viruses

    C) kangaroo rat

    D) blue-green algae

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  • question_answer129) Genes A and B are necessary for normal hearing, What is the possible genotype of a normal child of deaf mother/father?

    A) AaBb

    B) aaBB

    C) aabb

    D) Aabb

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  • question_answer130) Chromosomal imbalance is most frequent during which of the following stages of human development?

    A) Foetal

    B) Embryonic

    C) Adult

    D) Childhood

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  • question_answer131) Which of the following enzymes is not required for DNA synthesis?

    A) Ligase

    B) DNAse

    C) DNA polymerase

    D) RNA polymerase

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  • question_answer132) A potent inhibitor of protein synthesis that acts as an analogue of aminoacyl tRNA is

    A) rifampicin

    B) puromycin

    C) mitomyocin

    D) streptomycin

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  • question_answer133) The immediate product of transcription in eukaryotes will be

    A) hn-RNA

    B) mRNA

    C) cDNA

    D) sn-RNA

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  • question_answer134) How many chromosomes are there in a spermatid of man?

    A) 24

    B) 23

    C) 48

    D) 46

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  • question_answer135) Which of the arbitrary values of DPD, OP and TP appear correct for a turgid cell?

    A) \[\text{DPD 02 atm; OP 07; TP 5 atm}\]

    B) \[\text{DPD}\,\text{00}\,\text{atm;}\,\text{OP}\,\text{15}\,\text{atm;TP15}\,\text{atm}\]

    C) \[\text{OPD}\,\text{10}\,\text{atm;}\,\text{OP}\,\text{15}\,\text{atm;TP}\,\text{6}\,\text{atm}\]

    D) \[\text{ }\!\!~\!\!\text{ DPD 05 atm; OP 12}\,\text{atm; TP 7 atm}\]

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  • question_answer136) The sarcoplasmic reticulum of skeletal muscle is a

    A) form of rough endoplasmic reticulum

    B) site of glycogen storage and degradation to glucose

    C) site into which calcium is released during muscle relaxation

    D) site of a calcium-binding protein and a calcium-activated ATPase ,

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  • question_answer137) Which of the following inhibit gastric \[\text{HCl}\]secretion during a meal?

    A) pistension of stomach

    B) Distension of duodenum

    C) Sight and smell of food

    D) Presence of peptides in the stomach

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  • question_answer138) As the \[{{\text{p}}_{\text{C}{{\text{O}}_{\text{2}}}}}\]of the venous blood increases the

    A) volume of the RBCs increases

    B) concentration of \[\text{HCO}_{3}^{-}\]decreases

    C) amount of chloride in RBCs decreases

    D) affinity of the haemoglobin for\[{{\text{O}}_{\text{2}}}\] increases

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  • question_answer139) Stroke volume can be decreased by

    A) increasing heart rate

    B) decreasing blood pressure

    C) increasing venous pressure

    D) decreasing peripheral resistance

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  • question_answer140) Glomerular filtration rate would be decreased by

    A) an increase in renal blood flow

    B) compression of the renal capsule

    C) constriction of the efferent arteriole

    D) an increase in afferent arteriole pressure

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  • question_answer141) Which of the following depresses heart beat?

    A) Vagus

    B) Pericardial

    C) Trigeminal

    D) Spinal accessory

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  • question_answer142) Glaucoma is due to

    A) increase in intraatrial pressure

    B) increase in intraocular pressure

    C) increase in intravesical pressure

    D) increase in intraventricular pressure

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  • question_answer143) The effect of insulin on glucose transport is to

    A) permit transport against a concentration gradient

    B) enhance transport through ^the intestinal mucosa

    C) enhance transport across the cell membrane

    D) enhance transport into the brain

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  • question_answer144) Ethylenegas

    A) slows down ripening of apples

    B) speeds up maturation and ripening of fruits

    C) is saturated hydrocarbon

    D) retards ripening of tomatoes

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  • question_answer145) The fertilized egg in human female is implanted in the uterus after

    A) one month of fertilization

    B) two months of fertilization

    C) three weeks of fertilization

    D) about seven days of fertilization

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  • question_answer146) Haustoria producing plants are

    A) commensals

    B) ephimerals

    C) parasites

    D) All of these

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  • question_answer147) When death rate declines, the population of

    A) old age persons increase

    B) children increase

    C) middle aged persons increase

    D) children and middle aged person decrease

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  • question_answer148) Astromatiferous leaves are seen in

    A) free-floating hydrophytes

    B) submerged plants

    C) emergent plants

    D) marshy plants

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  • question_answer149) Gas gangrene is caused by

    A) Clostridium difficile

    B) Clostridium perfringens

    C) Clostridium botulinum

    D) Streptococcus pyrogenes

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  • question_answer150) Synthesized vaccines are also called

    A) first generation vaccines

    B) second and third generation vaccines

    C) monoclonal vaccines

    D) None of the above

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