Solved papers for Banking Computers SBI Probationary Officer Held on 28-04-2013

done SBI Probationary Officer Held on 28-04-2013

  • question_answer1) C in CPU denotes ________

    A) Central

    B) Common

    C) Convenient

    D) Computer

    E) Circuitry

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  • question_answer2) A joystick is primarily used to/ for ___

    A) Control sound on the screen

    B) Computer gaming

    C) Enter text

    D) Draw pictures

    E) Print text

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  • question_answer3) Which is not a storage device?

    A) A CD

    B) A DVD

    C) A floppy disk

    D) A printer

    E) A Hard disk

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  • question_answer4) Which of the following uses a handheld operating system?

    A) A supercomputer

    B) A personal computer

    C) A laptop

    D) A mainframe

    E) A PDA

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  • question_answer5) To display the contents of a folder in Windows Explorer you should ______

    A) click on it

    B) collapse it

    C) name it

    D) give if a password

    E) rename it

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  • question_answer6) The CPU comprises of Control, Memory, and ____ Units.

    A) Microprocessor

    B) Arithmetic/Logic

    C) Output

    D) ROM

    E) Input

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  • question_answer7) ______ is the most important/powerful computer in a typical network.

    A) Desktop

    B) Network client

    C) Network server

    D) Network station

    E) Network switch

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  • question_answer8) A(n) ________ appearing on a web page opens another document when clicked.

    A) anchor

    B) URL

    C) hyperlink

    D) reference

    E) heading

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  • question_answer9) Which of the following refers to the rectangular area for displaying information and running programs?

    A) Desktop

    B) Dialog box

    C) Menu

    D) Window

    E) Icon

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  • question_answer10) _____ is a Windows utility program that locates and eliminates unnecessary fragments and rearranges files and unused disk space to optimize operations.

    A) Backup

    B) Disk Cleanup

    C) Disk Defragmenter

    D) Restore

    E) Disk Restorer

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  • question_answer11) Which of the following refers to too much electricity and may cause a voltage surge?

    A) Anomaly

    B) Shock

    C) Spike

    D) Virus

    E) Splash

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  • question_answer12) The software that is used to create text-based documents are referred to as ____

    A) DBMS

    B) suites

    C) spreadsheets

    D) presentation software

    E) word processors

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  • question_answer13) ______ devices convert human-understandable data and programs into a form that the computer can process.

    A) Printing

    B) Output

    C) Solid state

    D) Monitor

    E) Input.

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SBI Probationary Officer Held on 28-04-2013
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