Solved papers for Banking Computers IBPS RRBs Officer Scale-I II Exam CWE 13-09-2015

done IBPS RRBs Officer Scale-I II Exam CWE 13-09-2015

  • question_answer1) Usually, installation files have the extension _____.

    A) .jpeg

    B) .gif

    C) .exe

    D) .doc

    E) .bng

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  • question_answer2) ____ tags on goods enable the tracking of the good electronically.

    A) ASTM

    B) GPS

    C) RFID

    D) ISP

    E) 1MB

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  • question_answer3) Devices, such as monitors and printers, that are connected to the computer are called _____

    A) processing devices

    B) system devices

    C) input devices

    D) peripheral devices

    E) attachment devices

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  • question_answer4) RAM is considered volatile storage, which means it is _____.

    A) random

    B) optional

    C) permanent

    D) read only

    E) temporary

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  • question_answer5) Which of the following do digital signatures provide?

    A) Confidentiality and integrity of data

    B) Confidentiality

    C) Authentication and confidentiality of data

    D) Authentication and integrity of data

    E) Authentication and avail ability of data

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  • question_answer6) If you copy and paste a file

    A) The original file remains unchanged and a new file is not created.

    B) The original file remains unchanged and a new file is created.

    C) The original file is deleted and the new file is created.

    D) The original file is removed and a new file is not created.

    E) The file gets scanned.

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  • question_answer7) An Internet technology environment that sends information to a user without an explicit request from the user is

    A) Infoware

    B) Push

    C) Pull

    D) F202C

    E) Wiki

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  • question_answer8) Any ______ appearing on a web page opens another document when clicked.

    A) heading

    B) hyperlink

    C) URL

    D) reference

    E) anchor

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  • question_answer9) Which of the following is the correct sequence, the unit of digital information, smallest to largest?

    A) kilobyte, gigabyte, megabyte. Terabyte

    B) megabyte, terabyte, kilobyte, gigabyte

    C) kilobyte, megabyte, terabyte, gigabyte

    D) megabyte, kilobyte, gigabyte, terabyte

    E) kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte

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  • question_answer10) Which of the following will you consider as most secure?

    A) Login phrase

    B) Login numeral

    C) Password

    D) Login ID

    E) One Time Password

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  • question_answer11) _____ are specially designed computers that perform complex calculation extremely rapidly.

    A) Supercomputers

    B) Servers

    C) Mainframes

    D) Desktops

    E) Laptops

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  • question_answer12) Which of the following refers to programs stored in ROM?

    A) Hardware

    B) Programme efforts

    C) Firmware

    D) Peripheral

    E) Software

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  • question_answer13) Which of the following refers to restarting the system when it is already powered on?

    A) a strong boot

    B) a warm boot

    C) a cold boot

    D) hibernation

    E) standby mode

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  • question_answer14) ______ bits equal one byte.

    A) Eight

    B) One thousand

    C) Four

    D) Two

    E) One million

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  • question_answer15) A(n) _____analyses and executes ach one of source in succession, without looking at the entire program.

    A) operating system

    B) Computer

    C) Interpreter

    D) Utility

    E) Device driver

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  • question_answer16) In a microcomputer system the CPU is contained on single chip called the

    A) ROM

    B) control

    C) ALL

    D) semiconductors

    E) microprocessor

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  • question_answer17) An EULA in computing stands for

    A) End-Use License Arrangement

    B) Environmental Use Licensing Agreement

    C) End-User License Agreement

    D) Everyday-User Learning Assistance

    E) Employee Use Legal regalement

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  • question_answer18) Storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to as

    A) Sequential storage

    B) non-volatile storage

    C) volatile storage

    D) direct storage

    E) non- destructive storage

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  • question_answer19) The individual dots that form the Image on a monitor are

    A) bits

    B) bytes

    C) pixels

    D) picas

    E) pitens

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  • question_answer20) Which of the following is an electronic or paper log used to track computer activity?

    A) Weblog

    B) Trace route

    C) Monitor

    D) Cookie

    E) Audit trail

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  • question_answer21) FTP in computing stands for

    A) File Transfer Project

    B) File Tagging Program

    C) File Transfer Program

    D) File Transfer Protocol

    E) File Tagging Protocol

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  • question_answer22) In the e-mail address e-mail address "abc" is the

    A) User name

    B) password

    C) client computer

    D) server name

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer23) If you change Windows 98 operating system to Windows XP you are actually performing

    A) Pushup

    B) Pulldown

    C) Patch

    D) Upgrade

    E) Update

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  • question_answer24) Security procedures can___.

    A) reduce but not eliminate

    B) be inaccessible for the average home user

    C) eliminate all computer security risks

    D) dissuade computer usage

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer25) _____ refers to the unauthorized copying and distribution of software.

    A) Software piracy

    B) Plagiarism

    C) Hacking

    D) Software literacy

    E) Cracking

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  • question_answer26) Which of the following refers to an upside down mouse?

    A) Trackwell

    B) Trackboard

    C) Trackball

    D) Trackpoint

    E) Trackpad

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  • question_answer27) Which of the following users tunneling protocol to securely send private network data over the Internet?

    A) VPN

    B) WAN

    C) LAN

    D) GPS

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer28) Which of the following devices sends and receives data over telephone lines to and from computers?

    A) sound card

    B) speaker

    C) expansion slot

    D) printer

    E) modem

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  • question_answer29) Which of the following refers to a technique for intercepting computer communications?

    A) Phishing

    B) Spoofing

    C) Pretexting

    D) Hacking

    E) Sniffing

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  • question_answer30) The potential impact of a threat on a system is called as its

    A) danger potential

    B) degree of harm

    C) susceptibility

    D) vulnerabilities

    E) countermeasures

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  • question_answer31) Which technology allows users to shift their desktop computing activities to computers on the Internet?

    A) Cloud computing

    B) solid-state storage

    C) distributed databases

    D) centralized databases

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer32) Converting the computer language ofi's and &'s to characters that a person can understand is called

    A) generating

    B) decoding

    C) selecting

    D) creating clip art

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer33) Which system conversion involves running the old and new system?

    A) Pilot conversion

    B) Direct conversion

    C) Parallel conversion

    D) Convergent conversion

    E) Phased conversion

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  • question_answer34) Every host computer on the Internet has a(n} _______.

    A) unique IP address

    B) unique 10 digit number

    C) similar IP address

    D) unique 15 digit number

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer35) Which of the following is/are effective controls for detecting duplicate transactions such as payments made or received?

    A) Concurrency controls and Referential integrity controls

    B) Concurrency controls

    C) Reasonableness checks

    D) Time stamps

    E) Referential integrity controls

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  • question_answer36) Authorization is best characterized as _______.

    A) Certifying a user's authority

    B) Providing access to a resource according to the principle of least privilege

    C) Ensuring maximum utilization of resources

    D) Authenticating a user's identity with a password

    E) A user providing an identity and a password

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  • question_answer37) What is a detailed process for recovering information or an IT system in the event of a catastrophic disaster such as a fire or food?

    A) Hot site

    B) Warm site

    C) Disaster recovery cost curve

    D) Buffer plan

    E) Disaster recovery plan

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  • question_answer38) TCP/IP stands-tor'  _____.

    A)  Translation Computing Procedures/ International Protocol

    B)  Transmitter Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol

    C)  Transmission Contror Trocedures/ Internet Procedures

    D)  Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol

    E)  Transaction Computing Printing/ Internet Processing

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  • question_answer39) ______ is a group of servers that share work and may be able to back each other up if one server fails.

    A) tiger team

    B) channel bank

    C) cluster

    D) logical unit

    E) server less back up

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  • question_answer40) _____ defines how a particular pattern to be interpreted, and what action is to be taken based on that interpretation.

    A) Sequence

    B) Semantics

    C) Syntax

    D) Serial

    E) None of these

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