Solved papers for Banking Computers IBPS Bank PO and MT CWE Exam Held on 19-10-2014

done IBPS Bank PO and MT CWE Exam Held on 19-10-2014

  • question_answer1) If you copy = SUM (Al: A5) from Cell A6 to Cell B6, which formula will result for Cell B6 in Excel 2007?

    A) SUM (B1:B5)

    B) SUM (A6: B6)

    C) SUM (B1:B5)

    D) SUM (A1:B1)

    E) SUM (B1:B6)

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  • question_answer2) RAM Is used as a short memory because it is

    A) is volatile

    B) has small capacity

    C) is very expensive

    D) is programmable

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer3) The Mum Lock key and Caps Lock key are considered ________ keys because their function changes each time you press them.

    A) Function

    B) Toggle

    C) Cursor control

    D) Control

    E) Dual

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  • question_answer4) OLE stands for

    A) Online Linking and Embedding

    B) Online Link Emulation

    C) Object Linking and Embedding

    D) Online Link Embedding

    E) Object Link Export

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  • question_answer5) Microsoft Word is an example of

    A) Application Software

    B) System Software

    C) An Input Device

    D) A Processing Device

    E) An Operating System

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  • question_answer6) Which of the following is not an example of output device?

    A) Speaker

    B) Plotter

    C) Microphone

    D) Printer

    E) Monitor

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  • question_answer7) The digital telecommunications terms ISDN is an abbreviation for

    A) Interactive Standard Dynamic Network

    B) Integrated Standard Digital Network

    C) Internet Services Data Network

    D) International Services Digital Network

    E) Integrated Services Digital Network

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  • question_answer8) Which of the following is the correct arrangement of common data elements in an hierarchical order from the smallest to the largest?

    A) Bits-Records-Fields-Files

    B) Fields-Records-Bits-Files

    C) Records-Files-Fields-Bits

    D) Files-Records-Bits-Fields

    E) Bits-Fields-Records-Files

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  • question_answer9) Software made freely available to the public by the publisher is called

    A) Adware

    B) Malware

    C) Freeware

    D) Process ware

    E) Copyright

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  • question_answer10) A website's own unique internet address that no other website can use is its

    A) Search engine

    B) FTP

    C) URL

    D) www

    E) IPV6

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  • question_answer11) The Windows shortcut to delete an item permanently is

    A) Shift + Delete

    B) Shift + F1

    C) Shift + F2

    D) Ctrl + F1

    E) Ctrl + F2

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  • question_answer12) WAN is a type of computer network. It stands for

    A) Wireless Array network

    B) Wild Area Network

    C) Wide Access Network

    D) Wide Area Network

    E) Wireless Area Network

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  • question_answer13) Which of the following refers to a technique for intercepting computer communications?

    A) Hacking

    B) Sniffing

    C) Pretexting

    D) Spooling

    E) Phishing

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  • question_answer14) Which key allows movement from one cell of a table to the next?

    A) Shift

    B) Ctrl

    C) Esc

    D) Tab

    E) Alt

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  • question_answer15) Pressing the ____ key will make the number pad act as directional arrows.

    A) Caps Lock

    B) Arrow Lock

    C) Shift

    D) Esc

    E) Num Lock

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  • question_answer16) The most widely used device communication is a

    A) Coprocessor

    B) Channel

    C) Bus

    D) Modem

    E) Scanner

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  • question_answer17) Codes consisting of light a dark marks which may be optically read is known as

    A) Mnemonics

    B) Stripe Code

    C) Decoder

    D) Special code

    E) Bar code

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  • question_answer18) Which of the following is not a form of data storage media?

    A) Magnetic Tape

    B) Database

    C) Hard Disk

    D) Optical Disk

    E) Magnetic Disk

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  • question_answer19) A compiler means

    A) A program which converts source program into object program

    B) Key punch operator

    C) A person who compiles source programs

    D) The same thing as programmer

    E) Computer data collector

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  • question_answer20) Which of the following is an operating system?

    A) Microsoft Access

    B) Microsoft Windows

    C) Microsoft PowerPoint

    D) Microsoft Excel

    E) Microsoft Word

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IBPS Bank PO and MT CWE Exam Held on 19-10-2014
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