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done IBPS Bank Clerk CWE-V Main Exam 02-01-2016

  • question_answer1) Which of the following is the correct order of the four major functions of a computer?

    A) Input, Output, Process, Storage

    B) Storage, Output, Process, Input

    C) Process, Output, Storage, Input

    D) Storage, Process, Output, Input

    E) Input, Process, Output, Storage

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  • question_answer2) Which of the following places the common data elements in order from smallest to largest?

    A) character, record, field, file, database

    B) database, file, field, record, character

    C) record, file, field, character, database

    D) field, file, character, database, record

    E) character, field, record, file, database

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  • question_answer3) What does LSI stand for?

    A) Large Scale Integration

    B) Large Scale Integrity

    C) Low Scale Integration

    D) Larger Scale Interior

    E) Largest Symbol Integration

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  • question_answer4) System component called ______ is a multipurpose, programmable device that accepts digital data as input, processes it according to instructions stored in its memory, and provides results as output.

    A) Microprocessor

    B) Control unit

    C) Floppy disk

    D) ROM

    E) Cache

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  • question_answer5) What does WAN stand for?

    A) Width Area Network

    B) Wynk Area Network

    C) Wide Area Network

    D) Wireless Area Network

    E) Wide Array Net

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  • question_answer6) EULA in computing stands for

    A) End-use license arrangement

    B) Environmental use licensing Agreement

    C) Employee-use legal arrangement

    D) End-user license agreement

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer7) ISDN stands for

    A) Integral Service Dynamic Network

    B) International Subscriber Dialup Network

    C) International Service Digital Network

    D) Integrated Service Digital Network

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer8) Which of the following is not a binary number?

    A) 10001

    B) 10101

    C) 12111

    D) 10011

    E) 10100

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  • question_answer9) Proper removal of program from computer memory requires its

    A) Installation

    B) Uninstallation

    C) Removal

    D) Booting

    E) Debugging

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  • question_answer10) Which of the following refers to computer network availability to people within an organization?

    A) PCN

    B) CIS

    C) Intranet

    D) Internet

    E) MIS

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  • question_answer11) Which of the following software is used in computer?

    A) Mouse

    B) Scanner

    C) MS Office 2007

    D) Keyboard

    E) Plotter

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  • question_answer12) ____ means to browse or move from website to website randomly.

    A) Trolling

    B) Moving

    C) looking

    D) Surfing

    E) Plopping

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  • question_answer13) Which of the following is not a secondary storage device?

    A) Hard disc

    B) CD

    C) DVD

    D) RAM

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer14) Which of the following is not an output device?

    A) Scanner

    B) Printer

    C) Flat screen

    D) Touch screen

    E) Sneaker

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  • question_answer15) Verification process of confirming identity for allowing access to a computer system is called

    A) Authorization

    B) Spooling

    C) Authentication

    D) Login

    E) Signup

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  • question_answer16) The biggest digital information among the following is

    A) Terabyte

    B) Megabyte

    C) Kilobyte

    D) Petabyte

    E) Gigabyte

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  • question_answer17) Which of the following is used as an input device?

    A) Printer

    B) Monitor

    C) Webcam

    D) Switch

    E) Hub

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  • question_answer18) Which of the following system software operates computer system?

    A) Interpreter

    B) Translator

    C) Debugger

    D) Windows 2000

    E) Compiler

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  • question_answer19) The speed of microprocessor used in computers is measured

    A) Megabyte

    B) Gigabyte

    C) Gigahertz

    D) Bytes

    E) Kilohertz

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  • question_answer20) Which of the following is not a programming language?

    A) C#

    B) ALGOL

    C) Microsoft

    D) COBOL

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer21) What does the term GUI stand for?

    A) Graphical User Input

    B) Graphical User Interface

    C) Graphical Utility Interface

    D) Graphics User Interface

    E) Graphics User Intelligence

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  • question_answer22) The browser's ____ keeps a list of web pages you have visited during the current session.

    A) History

    B) Cache

    C) Favorites

    D) Trail

    E) Background

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  • question_answer23) Network security system that monitors and controls the incoming and outgoing network traffic based on applied security rules is called

    A) Firmware

    B) Firewall

    C) Shareware

    D) Instruction set

    E) Device net

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  • question_answer24) Linux is

    A) An open source operating system

    B) A graphical design tool by Adobe

    C) Application software suite owned and sold by Microsoft

    D) An access channel for computers to exchange information

    E) An advanced programming language

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  • question_answer25) Which of the following is a computer hardware?

    A) Mouse

    B) Interpreter

    C) Windows 7

    D) Compiler

    E) Assembler

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  • question_answer26) Trackball, mouse, joystick are examples of _________ used in computer system.

    A) Pointing device

    B) Storing device

    C) Data collection device

    D) Multimedia device

    E) Scanning device

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  • question_answer27) Which of the following terms refer to the process of removing a file from a compressed archive?

    A) Decompressing

    B) Extracting

    C) Archiving

    D) Bundling

    E) Zipping

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  • question_answer28) Converting the computer language of 1's and 2's to characters that a person can understand is called

    A) Decoding

    B) Selecting

    C) Generating

    D) Creating clip art

    E) Highlighting

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  • question_answer29) Storage that retains its data after the power is turned off is referred to as

    A) Volatile storage

    B) Non-volatile storage

    C) Sequential storage

    D) Direct storage

    E) Cache storage

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  • question_answer30) Windows explorer is the name of_____ in computing.

    A) File manager

    B) Web browser

    C) Taskbar

    D) Drive

    E) Network

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  • question_answer31) C++ is a

    A) Low level language

    B) High level language

    C) Midlevel language

    D) High Level Language with some low level features

    E) Low level language with some high level features

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  • question_answer32) Changing to newer usually more powerful or sophisticated versions of hardware components is termed as

    A) Expansion

    B) Plug and play

    C) Upgrading

    D) Upsizing

    E) None of the above

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  • question_answer33) When any files are deleted from computer hard disk, Microsoft Windows places it in

    A) Recycle Bin

    B) Directory

    C) Root command

    D) Control Panel

    E) Kernel

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  • question_answer34) What does VOIP stand for?

    A) Voice over IP

    B) Video over IP

    C) Viruses over IP

    D) Virtual over IP

    E) None of these

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  • question_answer35) What does RAM stand for?

    A) Read Accessed and Maintain

    B) Readable Access Memory

    C) Random Active Memory

    D) Random Access memory

    E) Read Active Memory

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  • question_answer36) Specialized program that assist users in locating information of the web are called

    A) Information engines

    B) Spoilers

    C) Web browsers

    D) Resource locators

    E) Search engines

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  • question_answer37) Which of the following is used for manufacturing computer chips?

    A) Control bus

    B) Semiconductor

    C) Control unit

    D) Parity unit

    E) Interpreter

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  • question_answer38) What does USB stand for?

    A) United Serial Bus

    B) Universal Serial By-Pass

    C) Universal System Bus

    D) Universal Serial Bus

    E) United System Bus

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  • question_answer39) The most significant system software program in a computer system

    A) Interpreter

    B) Operating system

    C) ALU

    D) Compiler

    E) Firewall

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  • question_answer40) Safari, Google Chrome. Internet explorer, etc are known as

    A) Browser

    B) Extension

    C) Protocol

    D) Domain

    E) URL

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