Solved papers for 12th Class Economics Solved Paper - Economics 2011 Outside Delhi Set-II

done Solved Paper - Economics 2011 Outside Delhi Set-II Total Questions - 5

  • question_answer1) Explain any three properties of Indifference Curves.

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  • question_answer2) List the transactions of Current Account of the Balance of Payments Account.

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  • question_answer3) In an economy the marginal properity to save is 0.4. National income in the economy increases by Rs. 200 crore as a result of change in investment. Calculate the change in investment.

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  • question_answer4) 
    Giving reasons and explain the treatment assigned to the following while estimating national income:
    (i) Social security contributions by employees.
    (ii) Pension paid after retirement.

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  • question_answer5) 
    Calculate (a) 'Net National Product at Market Price' from the following:
    S. No. Items (Rs. in Crore)
    (i) Net current transfers to abroad 30
    (ii) Mixed income  600
    (iii) Subsidies 20
    (iv) Operating surplus 200
    (v) National debt interest 70
    (vi) Net factor income to abroad     10
    (vii) Compensation of employees 1400
    (viii) Indirect tax 100
    (ix) Domestic product accruing to 350
    (x) Current transfers by govern 50

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Solved Paper - Economics 2011 Outside Delhi Set-II


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