Solved papers for 10th Class Mathematics Solved Paper - Mathematics-2016 Delhi Term-II Set-II

done Solved Paper - Mathematics-2016 Delhi Term-II Set-II

  • question_answer1) How many terms of the A.P. 27, 24, 21,... should be taken so that their sum is zero?

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  • question_answer2) Solve for x: \[\frac{x+1}{x+1}+\frac{x-2}{x+2}=4-\frac{2x+3}{x-2};x\ne 1,-2,2\]

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  • question_answer3)

    Two different dice are thrown together. Find the probability of:
    (i) getting a number greater than 3 on each die
    (ii) getting a total of 6 or 7 of the numbers on two dice

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  • question_answer4) A right circular cone of radius 3 cm, has a curved surface area of \[47.1\text{ }c{{m}^{2}}\]. Find the volume of the cone. (use\[\pi =3.14\])

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  • question_answer5) The angles of elevation of the top of a tower from two points at a distance of 4 m and 9 m from the base of the tower and in the same straight line with it are \[60{}^\circ \] and \[30{}^\circ \] respectively. Find the height of the tower.

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  • question_answer6)

    Construct a triangle ABC in which \[BC=6\text{ }cm,\text{ }AB=5\text{ }cm\] and \[\angle ABC=60{}^\circ \].
    Then construct another triangle whose sides are \[\frac{3}{4}\] times the corresponding sides of \[\Delta \text{ }ABC\]

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  • question_answer7) The perimeter of a right triangle is 60 cm. Its hypotenuse is 25 cm. Find the area of the triangle.

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  • question_answer8) A thief, after committing a theft, runs at a uniform speed of 50 m/ minute. After 2 minutes, a policeman runs to catch him. He goes 60 m in first minute and increases his speed by 5 m/minute every succeeding minute. After how many minutes, the policeman will catch the thief?

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Solved Paper - Mathematics-2016 Delhi Term-II Set-II
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