Railways Quantitative Aptitude Trains Sample Paper Trains Sample Test Paper-13

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    A goods train leaves a station at a certain time and at a fixed speed. After 6 hours, an express train leaves the same station and moves in the same direction at a uniform speed of 90 kmph. This train catches up the goods train in 4 hours. Find the speed of the goods train.

    A)  36 kmph

    B)  40 kmph

    C)  30 kmph          

    D)  42 kmph

    Correct Answer: A

    Solution :

    [a] Let the speed of the goods train be x kmph. Distance covered by goods train in 10 hours = Distance covered by express train in 4 hours. \[\therefore \] \[10x=4\times 90\] or \[x=36\] So, speed of goods train = 36 kmph.

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